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  • Title: Shadow Souls
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780061990267
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback

  • Elena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagining And this time, Stefan isn t there to help Elena is forced to trust her life to Damon, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena, body and soul They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension, a world where vampires and demons roam free, but humans must live as slaves of their sElena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagining And this time, Stefan isn t there to help Elena is forced to trust her life to Damon, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena, body and soul They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension, a world where vampires and demons roam free, but humans must live as slaves of their supernatural masters Damon s brother, the brooding vampire Stefan whom Elena loves, is imprisoned here, and Elena can only free him by finding the two hidden halves of the key to his cell.Meanwhile, the tension between Elena and Damon mounts until Elena is faced with a terrible decision which brother does she really want to be with The drama, danger and star crossed love that fills each Vampire Diaries book is in full effect here, with Elena Gilbert once again filled with supernatural powers.
    L.J. Smith
    I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic author_blogL.J SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times 1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses.She loves to visit a friend s little cabin in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, which has lots of trees, lots of animals, lots of beaches to walk on, and lots of places to hike Once, while hiking, she saw a snow white buck which allowed her to follow it nearly half a mile She also likes to collect things angels they remind her of her late mother , tiny boxes from different countries or of fanciful shape, nineteenth century children s literature, and books about quantum physics especially about the mystery of the dark energy in the universe A militant optimist, she is also part of the Velociraptor Sisterhood a fancy way of saying that she likes to read, write and discuss books with strong female characters , and she has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East The two countries she loves to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery.Her favorite current writer is Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, for its wild and witty satires on life, death, war, love, assassins, coppers, and Australia Her favorite classical writer is Jane Austen Her favorite poets are Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson Her favorite movies are The Seven Samurai and Avatar analyze that She doesn t have a favorite TV show, because she doesn t have time to watch TV and only owns one for playing movies.Her favorite people are her readers, each of whom she cherishes with deep and lasting affection.Note L J Smith wrote books 1 7 of The Vampire Diaries series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J wrote books 1 3 of The Secret Circle series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J did not write any of the Originals or Stefan s Diaries These were written by Kevin Williamson and or various ghostwritters.


    Hated Nightfall. (Seriously- have read fan fiction that was better.) But I'm curious to see if the author redeems herself. And the answer is . . . NO. This book is bad, so very bad.I'm kicking myself for buying this book and putting the emotional investment into reading it. Shadow Souls is truly awful, and I thought nothing could be worse than Nightfall. I am embarrassed for LJ Smith and all of the readers (including myself) who held out hope that the story of the Vampire Diaries could be redeem [...]

    Oh my God. I completely loved this book! It was all about Damon and Elena, and that's what I loved about it. It shows a softer, more vulnerable side to Damon he only shows around her, and she begins to realize that maybe Stefan isn't her only world. The Dark Dimension story plot with the kitsune keys was fascinating.What I do have to complain about is everything that's happening in Fell's Church. The book is mainly about Damon and Elena getting Stefan back from Shi no Shi, right? So why add the [...]

    Savannah Garcia
    If it weren't for the fact that this book was much much better than 'Nightfall', then I would've given it only one star. However, there were parts of this book which were mildly interesting and I did not feel the need to slit my wrists just to have something to occupy myself with as much as I felt the need to in the last one.What has happened to you, L.J? I used to love your books with the unsociable, unfathomable Stefan and the totally badass sexy Damon, but all that has happened now is that St [...]

    Dear L.J.: Here's how this should work. Elena and Meredith stay in Fells Church to battle Caroline and the increasingly creepy Exorcist remake going on there. (Meredith so we can get a little more of her and Alaric, Elena because - well - her story's freaking over, and you just need to damn well accept that.) Bonnie and Matt travel with Damon to a hellish underworld, with Bonnie narrating and increasing tension building amongst the three as they try to stay alive long enough to free Stefan. View [...]

    Anastasia シ
    This is a great book!Edit: August 7th, 2012I've Literally Been TYRING to read this novel for 2 freaking years! ITs sooo boring!Edit: August 9th, 2012actually its not that bad, just lazy i guess

    I really don't know where to begin with this review. One star seems like too many. This book was atrocious.I cannot comprehend how my favorite author has gone from such a tight, concise, intelligent writing style to one that reads like the worst kind of adolescent fan fiction. I do not believe the same person who wrote the original quartet is the person who is writing the new trilogy. You cannot convince me otherwise. Is no one editing these books? The first half was easy enough to read, but the [...]

    I just finished Shadow Souls. Elena sounds so beutiful. but, i guess that the book and show are very different. Elena is not a brunett! Caroline is not a blonde! THe books are so much better than the show. sry but that is the truth.

    I couldn't make it past page 283. There's nothing significantly bad about page 283, in case you're worried about spoilers, but I realized after reading 17 chapters that I simply couldn't take it anymore.I'm too old for this series.I bought the original series--the trilogy--when they were first published. I love them still, even though my tastes have gotten much more demanding as I've grown. Reading the Return series for the first time as an adult, I don't have that rosy affection for it that I h [...]

    Marija Simić
    What the I was considering several times, the idea of simply abandoning this book! But, oh my God, the last 10 pages were just amazing! Like, although I'm NOT looking forward to see characters back in Dark Dimension AGAIN, I MUST read the next book. Inevitable.

    After The Return: Nightfall, Stefan was captured and took as a prisoner to the demonic world called The Dark Dimension, and all wasn't well in the town of Fell's Church. Elena and Daman set themselves on a quest to rescue Stefan, along came Bonnie and Meredith, Elena's loyal friends; the three girls must pretend to be Daman's slaves in order to pass the gate to the demonic world, here came yet another episode of dark adventure. *sighs* after reading Shadow Souls, all I can say is that I wish upo [...]

    Oh no! I can't believe the ending of Shadow Souls! *breathe breathe breathe* Oh no Damon!!! Rawr, I just can't get over it @_@Okay So now, after several more breaths, I think I'm coherent enough to proceed with my review. I liked Shadow Souls. I'm really really glad that after Nightfall, LJ Smith has been able to recover Vampire Diaries. I simply hated Nightfall! What I love most about Shadow Souls is that the spotlight has been put to Damon. Yes, Damon has been given a lot of "exposure" in Nigh [...]

    I really, really tried to finish this series. I don't usually like to rate books unless I've read the rest of the series. But after this book I just CAN NOT subject myself to this kind of torture again!! I really can't. I think the only characters I still like are Bonnie and whatever character(s) is/are trying to kill them all. No one can say I didn't try but these books are just too horrible to continue. What is/was L.J Smith thinking?? Was she thinking?? Seriously?? Vampires and werewolves I u [...]

    It's really not my fault that I have to read these horribly written books. It's my 11 year old self reaching through the space-time continuum to make me read these sequels. What this book desperately needs is a fierce editor. It could easily be cut in half and not lose one moment of plot. The whole first half of the book is rehashing of everything that's ever happened in the previous 5 books, along with detailed descriptions of ridiculous mystical powers. It's like L.J. Smith went and read a lot [...]

    WowI started as a huge fan of the show which lead me to the books. Totally loved the first few books until I got to the Shadow Souls. No offensebut hated them sooo much! Shadow Souls #2-- it was stupid, boring, and I felt pitiful taking time from my life to read them. So why did I continue reading? Two reasons! 1. I loveee Damon and Elena together! It's like forbidden love and it is always steamy between them plus they are a match made in heaven. I wanted to see if they would end up together but [...]

    Wanda Hartzenberg
    Shadow Souls, the one too many a book in the Vampire Diaries. Where to start with this book and this review, maybe at the end. By far the best part of the book, not the ending itself, the fact that it ends. I've heard many things regarding ghost writers in this series. And this is most assuredly what was going on here. Why, this author had an idea about pacing, about building plot, and suspense. But, yes the inevitable but, but the plot fell flat, like grand ma's cake if you open the over door, [...]

    Mrs. Missive
    Thank Goddess that LJ Smith returned from the invasion of the body snatchers that wrote her previous book. Shadow souls brought back the Elena we loved in the first four books, smart, brave, selfless, and just a smidgen shallowowed us how her new existance worked for her, and brought us deep into Damon's mind and let us fall in love with him again. The Kitsune take a back seat as Elena, Damon, Bonnie, and Meredith enter the Dark Dimension to rescue Stefan. Even though a lot of the action takes p [...]

    I feel so awful that I didn't finish this book. I love "The Vampire Diaries" TV Show. I love it so much and the other books before this one aren't that bad. So, like I said, I feel awful that I couldn't finish it. I just got so confused. I couldn't understand what was going on and got lost in so many parts. I loved that Damon was the main focus on this and the beginning is pretty good. It's when they go to that place with Bonnie and Meredith that I get lost. I went ahead and skipped to the end a [...]

    ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡

    Hasta aquí llego con esta saga, con mi saga favorita de la adolescencia. La saga original me encantó y el primero de la continuacion de Damon no estaba mal pero esto ya es infumable.Prefiero quedarme con el recuerdo de todo lo anterior que seguir leyendo esto a disgusto. He llegado a la página 280 y ya no puedo más.

    In the months preceding the release of Shadow Souls, I read the teasers that were available online and was excited by the tension and angst in the interplay between Damon and Elena. In my anticipation, I started creating scenarios in my head of what could possibly happen, so you could say that I had high expectations prior to reading this novel. When I finally got the book and read it, I must admit that I was a bit underwhelmed. I think the book was better than its predecessor, Nightfall; there [...]

    his is the second book of the new series of Vampire Diaries and continues right after Nightfall. With Damon as their guide, Elena sets off to the Dark Dimension with Matt. However, half way through the journey, they have to split up to create a diversion. And Matt secretly goes back to Fells Church. To her surprise, Bonnie and Meredith turn up.They enter the Dark Dimension via one of the gates and end up in a savage world. The Dark Dimension is a world where vampire and demons roam free and huma [...]

    This book was so horrible that I could not even stomach to finish it. I never really liked Elena in the series(oddly enough I like her on the show though) she was just snotty and vain, mostly putting down her friends that made a blood pledge to help her(and really, come on) win the brooding new guy at her school. I just thought this book was poorly done and L.J. Smith was in a hurry to finish. I wanted to see more of Bonnie and Meredeth, who at least had some redeeming quality's, I was hoping th [...]

    If you have read the previous Vampire Diaries and have for some unknown reason not completly been swoon by the charming rogue that is Damon Salvatore, then by the end of Shadow Souls, i grantee you will be. As I turned the last page, i was left completely shocked and laughing in a goofy way. Im not going to give a spoiler but the expected twist in L.J's books, is one that you would of never imagined. From this book, I have learnt that a good book, is cunning but has sublte clues towards the twis [...]

    Miglė Keliotytė
    Bad. Bad. BAD. So bad that I started a drinking game: every time something illogical or ridiculous happens, or Smith starts writing boring stuff, like describing girls dresses and jewelry, I took a shot. That probably was the only reason I finished the book. Though the ending was intriguing, and I'll probably make myself read the last book in the series. Well, what can I say - I'm probably one of those masochistic people that just HAVE to finish series they started, even if they hated the first [...]

    Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    Η αλήθεια, να λέγεται Διαβάζοντας το 5ο βιβλίο της σειράς, "Vampire Diaries" με τίτλο, "Η Επιστροφή 1: Το Σούρουπο", ένιωσα μεγάλη απογοήτευση. Μπορεί τα προηγούμενα τέσσερα βιβλία της σειράς, να μην χαρακτηρίζονταν αριστουργηματικά ωστόσο, αποτελούσαν ένα ενδιαφέρον, ευχάριστο, ανατ [...]

    **Minimal spoilers**The latest instalment in the Vampire Diaries was an alright read. It took a long time for me to get enthralled into the story. It never really grabbed me. The preceding books were better, but that’s only my opinion.Volume 2 of Shadow Souls takes off right where Volume 1 left off. Elena, Damon and Matt are off to find Stefan who is locked away in a prison in some parallel hell like dimension. Demonic spirits trapped him there by tricking him that there was a way of becoming [...]

    Tara M
    Have you ever loved two people at the same time? In the book Vampire Diaries The Return: Shadow Souls by L.J. Smith, you follow Elena Gilbert’s journey to the Dark Dimensions in the search for her true love Stefan as she falls for his older brother Damon.Elena Gilbert is a hardworking teenager with a special aura. Her life is in ruins and she is determined to fix it. Her vampire love, Stefan Salvatore was whisked away to a death prison. Stefan Salvatore only wanted to become human fore Elena, [...]

    My review This book made me so sad. It was hard to even get into it. I had to resist throwing it across the room. I forced myself to finish it because I had to know what happened despite my lack of interest in it (if that makes sense).I absolutely LOVED the first four VD in the series, but these last two, Nightfall and Shadow Souls are completely different. Stefan calls Elena "Lovely love" (LAME), and Matt seems to still be pining after her. Caroline becomes some freaky thing you'd expect to see [...]

    Jenny Couch
    So I really didn't enjoy the last bookally, really didn't. It was Stefan I think, I just can't take him, he is just way too Edward for me (which unlike the majority of women around me is NOT a good thing). The lovely-love b.s. was too much, the non-verbal Elena was too much and there was not enough of Damonahhh Damon haha. I didn't realize this book was out, saw it on the shelf and bought it immediately even though I swore I was done w/ the series. It's that damn Damon! Well my wish came true an [...]

    If I had to use one word to describe Shadow Souls, I would say WEIRD. Just plain ol' weird.I don't feel like I can make accurate judgments as to whether or not the plot good because 1. I stopped paying attention after I got about halfway through, and 2. the way it is written is so freaking weird. I wanna laugh every time I read a scene because the writing is just that bad. I can't take a damn thing in this book seriously.Maybe the plot was fine, maybe it was awful, but I KNOW the writing was.I'm [...]

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