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  • Title: Dawn
  • Author: Octavia E. Butler
  • ISBN: 9780445205161
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Oankali had healed dying Earth and saved its survivors, choosing Lilith Iyapo to lead their return But the Oankali demanded a price and, with their expertise in DNA manipulation, planned to alter humans for interbreeding First in the Xenogenesis series.
    Octavia E. Butler
    octaviabutler Octavia Estelle Butler was an American science fiction writer, one of the best known among the few African American women in the field She won both Hugo and Nebula awards In 1995, she became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.


    Kevin Kelsey
    I've never really read anything like this before. It had some of the most alien aliens I've ever come across, and it spends a lot of time exporing their physiology, gender, sexuality, and society, all parts that I really enjoyed.The whole thing is very unnerving, blunt, and extremely uncomfortable in places. This novel very much felt like the first third of a larger story, so I'll definitely be finishing this series.

    I was utterly compelled. When I got to the end, I was so hungry for the next book I was actually frustrated not to have it to hand. The last book I enjoyed nearly this much was The Lathe of Heaven so I guess I need to give in and accept that speculative fiction with feminist consciouness is my true love.I love that Lilith is angry with her captors, that she doesn't lose her drive to be free, ever. In many ways I felt the book was about consent - what does consent really mean when your options ar [...]

    As one of the earliest African-American female science fiction writers, Octavia Butler is a must for anyone who reads sci-fi. Fourteen of her works were nominated for the Locus Award during her career, including each book in the Xenogenesis series, but she only had one win, the novelette “Bloodchild.” Dawn is the first book in the Xenogenesis series, published in 1987, and is a science fiction classic. It achieves what the best in science fiction has to offer: by looking at humanity’s inte [...]

    Aliens save the human race from themselves.Octavia Butler’s 1987 novel Dawn begins her Xenogenesis trilogy (the series was titled Lilith's Brood in the Omnibus that was published in 2000). She would continue the story with Adulthood Rites in 1988 and complete the set with Imago in 1989.Essentially, the world has been devastated by a nuclear war and all that remains of humanity are a few straggler survivors who are picked up by an alien race who has been observing us. Butler spends little time [...]

    Richard Derus
    Rating: 5* of fiveI'm wore out, wrung out, and tuckered out. I'll get a review up before long.Meantime, look at the notes I've left.And leave us not to forget that, in this troubled passage in US and world history, the present Golden Age of Sci Fi on Screen will gift us with the first-ever adaptation of a Butler novel, this one, by no less a new voice than Ava DuVernay. She is the talent behind the good-buzzed adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time!The Publisher Says: Lilith Iyapo has just lost her hus [...]

    I loved the almost elegant and unrelenting unfolding of a most unusual alien apocalypse. The Oankali are the saviors of humankind after a nuclear war, preserving a population of survivors in a form of suspension while working to facilitate recovery of planetary ecology. But at what a cost. Their agenda is to merge genetically with humans to make a new species. That plot overview is certainly a spoiler, but that is what is rendered for a draw on the book’s cover. It’s really okay because we a [...]

    Christina White
    I have such conflicted feelings about this book. I found it both brilliant and disturbing in equal measure. The beginning introduces the reader to a strange and terrifying situation that sucks you in right away. The horror at some revelations is delivered so realistically that I found myself clenching my teeth and trying to hide in the pillows I was reading on. I was very impressed. The more I read on though, the more unsettling things became. Near the last quarter of the book Octavia crossed a [...]

    Dawn: Aliens grant humans a second chance — at a priceOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureDawn (1987) is the first book in Octavia Butler’s XENOGENESIS trilogy, written after her PATTERNIST series. By this point she had been writing challenging science fiction novels for a decade, and her writing craft and ideas had reached a high level. Dawn is a very impressive book. Imagine that mankind has largely destroyed itself and the planet — it’s a fairly common doomsday scenario. But instea [...]

    I have been squirreling away Octavia Butler books. I consider myself an avid fan of her works yet I have only read two of her novels so far (Wild Seed and Kindred), and the last one was sometime last year. My rationale is that there are only a finite number of Butler books available to read as the lady is no longer with us. If I binge on them now there will not be any more new Butler books to read and I will only have rereads to look forward to. As I love both Wild Seed and Kindred very much her [...]

    My god, what did I just readI don’t think I was ever so aware of my body and my safety and my breathing space as I am now. One’s body is perceived as a temple; defile it and you’ll break that person for life. This book is not about humanity being self-obliterated, or close encounter of 5th kind or more. It doesn’t even have action. So, if you expect battles and how we prevail in the face of bad aliens, don’t.It's all about the interaction between the two species, or better said, races. [...]

    Like zombie-lit does with undead hordes (but seriously, done waaayyy better), Butler uses ETs as the mirror held to humanity to show us our strengths and (mostly) our weaknesses. This is a compelling narrative with a rich, well crafted female protagonist and science-fiction elements interesting to both veterans of the genre and initiates alike. I read this aloud to my wife - a reader not particularly interested in SciFi - and as soon as I finished the book she asked me to start the next one in t [...]

    What an unsettling little book! I stayed up late last night to finish it and I awoke this morning with it still on my mind (and I think I dreamed about it too). Octavia Butler is skilled at making me re-examine my beliefs about humanity.The Oankali are interesting and somewhat threatening aliens. Their evolutionary history seems to have come from the echinoderm or cnidarian branches of the tree of life and their appearance is initially terrifying to any human. Our protagonist, Lilith, has to be [...]

    Jennifer Theriault
    This started out awesome! Lilith wakes up from a long sleep in some kind of prison, and must cooperate with her grotesque alien captors, the Oankali, and figure out what they want from her. Turns out they want to repopulate the newly-rebuilt Earth with human alien hybrids! It had the stuff I personally love: gripping conversation between fascinating characters who are learning about each other. Despite their being no real action in the first half of Dawn, it was carried quite nicely by these con [...]

    Dawn begins with Lilith Iyapo awakening in solitary confinement. She later learns she's on a living space ship, held as a captive by the oankali, an alien race. There had been a war several years ago on Earth that destroyed the planet and almost wiped out the human race. A few survivors were rescued and brought to the ship. All were healed but left sedated for the time being; a select few will be awoken, like Lilith, once it’s time to return to Earth and resettle the planet.There’s a catch t [...]

    Butler is an author I’ve been meaning to read forever and this was an intriguing place to start. The dilemma of Lillith, deciding the fate of humanity and resigning herself to be the betrayer, was tense and well thought out. The characters themselves were nuanced and made me seriously look at how I thought about prejudice, human-ness, and my attitude to the new and unknown. I look forward to seeing how she moves the world forward in the next book. A reflective and meditative, yet dramatic, rea [...]

    Lilia Ford
    I sought this out deliberately as the best way I could think of to protest this year's Hugo Award debacle, though I wasn't sure I'd like it since it definitely falls closer to the "speculative" end of the sci-fi spectrum than what I usually read--or enjoy. Well, so much for that worry. I couldn't put it down. I mean that literally: I was supposed to go out to dinner and I ended up cancelling so I could finish it. I totally get why it's so acclaimed: the set up is bracingly original, and the look [...]

    Okay. So how do I describe this really weird sci-fi book that masquerades as horror. Not hunt you down alone on a ship Alien horror, more like subtly psychologically really disturbing (to me anyway) sci-fi.The basic situation is a girl, Lilith, (for mythology fans, please note the symbolism) is the lone survivor of a nuclear holocaust and is left with the responsibilities of awakening the other humans from a deep sleep, telling them they are on an alien ship, leading them to earth, and, of cours [...]

    Fascinating from so many points of view! Beautifully written and deeply insightful. I can't think of any other book I've read that tells a similar story and I found this a very unique tale which was brilliantly told. This was my first Octavia E. Butler and it more than lived up to all the wonderful things I'd heard about her work. The insights into human nature are too plentiful to list, made without seeming to try. The aliens are striking and just so alien. One of the best examples of the insig [...]

    I was afraid to start the Xenogenesis trilogy because I knew there’d be issues with consent. Some reviewers described it as graphic, horrific, disturbing—and they were right on all accounts, but Dawn wasn’t as graphic as I’d initially feared. That’s not to say it was an easy book to read. The Oankali violate personal boundaries, both physical and mental, and genuinely believe their actions service humanity. The Oankali strip Lilith of her right to her mind, her body, and a life of her [...]

    I have many questions. Nothing to do with the book, but with myself. What I mean to say is that the book has created this intense inner dialogue. You know, where suddenly you find yourself speaking out loud to yourself. I love aliens. No, I don't LOVE aliens. I love the idea of aliens. I am terrified of aliens. We have created many images of what we think aliens might look like, and we have also created ideas of how we would react to them. While I love it all, from Arnie and his "Your one ugly s [...]

    Although I have read a lot of science fiction, I had never even heard of Octavia Butler before reading this book. But I am so glad that I read it, and the next two books of the Xenogenesis series. This is an excellent sci-fi novel about Lillith, a young woman in the after-days of a nuclear apocalypse on Earth. She is one of a few survivors, just barely alive, picked up by an alien race in a spacecraft. She is brought back to health, but kept in almost total isolation. She is pretty much clueless [...]

    Female SF authors are very good at making one identify with the characters and connect with their emotions at a level where it becomes as much the story as whatever new technology, space opera and whatever make up the universe of their novel. Marge Piercy and Ursula K. Leguin are good examples of such authors, and now I have the pleasure of having made the acquaintance of Octavia Butler as well. In the story we meet the Oankali, a species that discover an Earth which has almost destroyed itself [...]

    Brilliant characters and complex future world are developed in this first of a 3 part series, Dawn is superb. Why did I stop reading Octavia Butler after my delight in Kindred and The Parable of the Sower?

    A large octupus-alien has a realistic threesome with two-dimensional humanoids. Dreams are made of this--well, but not my dreams. Nor nightmares. "Dawn" remains prime example of the reasoning behind my headstrong, unwavering apathy for most Sci-Fi novels.

    At the moment, undecided between 3 and 4. Disturbing, and well-written. I like how Octavia Butler's work really makes you think.

    Afro Madonna
    Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge .This was a really quick read and I enjoyed it well enough . The premise and plot of the story were really fascinating . Debating whether to pick up the second book though .

    I like the way this book is starting OK , so I'm finished now. I really, really loved this book. It was like the Matrix without a constant war and all that fighting. I saw someone else's review about the book cover. Interestingly, I read the book with the big red letters and the two white women on the cover. I did not know that the main character was black. I assumed she was the white lady on the cover. So, a quarter the way through the book I realize that she is black. Also, realize that all th [...]

    Megan Baxter
    t's a challenging one, in the very best way. It's only my second venture into Octavia Butler's canon, and I'm delighted to be back, after The Parable of the Sower knocked me off my ass a few years ago. And I should be reading all three in this particular trilogy in fairly short order, as they were books my science fiction group picked as the first read in our Women Science Fiction Authors Group Reads. I'm a bit behind, as we've now moved on to Elizabeth Bear's Jenny Casey trilogy.Note: The rest [...]

    Jerry Jose
    According to Jewish apocryphal traditions, Lilith was the first woman created along side Adam, before Eve. When persuaded to be subservient to Adam, she deserted Eden, revolting against God and her husband. This act of defiance has characterized future legends that epitomize her as manifestation of chaos, seduction and everything apostasic. In modern interpretations though, Lilith is an exemplar for feminist movements, for being the very first woman who stood up against dominance and subjugati [...]

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