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  • Title: Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes
  • Author: Tony Kushner
  • ISBN: 9781559360982
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

  • Book by Kushner, Tony
    Tony Kushner
    Tony Kushner is an award winning American playwright most famous for his play Angels in America, for which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize He is also co author, along with Eric Roth, of the screenplay of the 2005 film Munich, which was directed by Steven Spielberg and earned Kushner along with Roth an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.


    "Night flight to San Francisco; chase the moon across America. God, it’s been years since I was on a plane. When we hit 35,000 feet we’ll have reached the tropopause, the great belt of calm air, as close as I’ll ever get to the ozone. I dreamed we were there. The plane leapt the tropopause, the safe air, and attained the outer rim, the ozone, which was ragged and torn, patches of it threadbare as old cheesecloth, and that was frightening. But I saw something that only I could see because o [...]

    Reading these plays aloud in a high school class created more than a few awkward moments.

    I don't know if this play had its intended effects on me; because I was born in the 90s, HIV/AIDS has always been a reality permanently etched in the back of my mind. Because my political views lean heavily to the left, I find the recent trend of Reagan worshipping revolting. Because I live in the epicenter of Mormondom, I can poke holes in the "Mormons are the new Jews" motif that Kushner loves exploring so much. The sudden shifts Kushner is trying to articulate and rationalize have been a part [...]

    نقد روز
    نمایشنامه فرشتگان در آمریکا در دهه ۱۹۸۰ در دوران رئیس جمهوری رونالد ریگان می گذرد. ریگان همیشه به عنوان یکی از محبوب ترین رئیس جمهورهای محافظه کار تاریخ آمریکا در نظر گرفته می شود. او نقشی مهم در شکل گیری آمریکای فعلی داشت. همان طور که در نمایشنامه هم می بینیم، ریگان به یک شخصی [...]

    I begin this review with a quote: "Things fall apart / the center cannot hold." A colleague pointed out the resonances of Yeats' poem 'The Second Coming' in Kushner's 'Angels,' and I had to agree with his fantastic observation. This is a drama set in Reaganite America that images a world seemingly coming to an implosive and horrifying end. God has literally abandoned us (evidently, during the great San Francisco earthquake), and the national and historical crises alluded to--the onset of the AID [...]

    I absolutely love this play. It explores the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, particularly its effect on the gay community. But you don’t have to be a gay man with AIDS living in 1985 to relate to it. This play reaches out on a very basic human level. It’s about dealing with loss, love, sickness, regret, hope, politics, betrayal, sex, religion, death, confusion, hate…it’s about facing yourself and trying to deal with what you find there.Angels is hands down my favorite play. It [...]

    Emma Getz
    "This disease will be the end of many of us, but not nearly all, and the dead will be commemorated and will struggle on with the living, and we are not going away. We won't die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come." Angels in America is my favorite and absolutely the most beautiful play I have ever read for many, many reasons. First and foremost, it is a real look at a historical era and crisis so often erased in popular media. The inclusion [...]

    Loved this! The Roy Cohn thing was fascinating.But I'm a fan of the Aristotelian unities in my theatre so it wasn't perfect. Wouldn't it have worked with fewer scenes, longer scenes, more dialogue? In the notes, the playwright talks about how the Angel only works with good SFX can you say a play is working if it needs good SFX? And why can you write scenes that directors can remove?Loved Belize. And Meryl is fantastic in the TV show. Really it's through her that Part 2 works.Joe at the end! W [...]

    Dusty Myers
    Angels in America is seven hours long. You need to break the two parts up over the course of a weekend, probably. And it might be the first and it might be the only gay epic ever written. And this is why it's one of the most important books I've read. Luckily it's also one of the best.Its project is a tough one: look at the rise of AIDS in the culture of Reagan-era New York City as experienced by three men who identify as gay, one Mormon who's oriented sexually toward other men, and Roy Cohn—w [...]

    Avery (Book Deviant)
    See more of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantBecause this is written as a screenplay, I wasn't really sure how I would like it. It sounded really interesting, and so I decided that if I liked it, I would check out the HBO performance of it just so I can see it. I struggled with the beginning, being unfamiliar with the simplicity that a screenplay can give. But after a while, I felt more connected with the characters, despite not being able to hear their thoughts.Kushner was able to convey [...]

    I find it exceptionally challenging to write about this play. Partly because I've never read anything like it before (a "Gay Fantasia on National Themes") and partly because I feel like the play is dealing with so many themes at once in such a short space that it becomes overwhelming. The most explicit theme is sexuality. There are two characters in the play who are struggling to deal with the fact that they are gay. One married (with a woman) Mormon man, and another ruthless lawyer who refuses [...]

    Jim Dooley
    I keep coming back to ANGELS IN AMERICA. I first saw it on tour after its Broadway opening. Originally intended to be presented on two consecutive nights, I saw the first part on a Sunday afternoon matinee, and the second part that Sunday evening. I was mesmerized.Is there a play that has been tinkered with more than this one? Having seen three productions and the HBO movie, none of them were exactly the same. Scenes were dropped, lines were added, and Angel acrobatics came and went. It is almos [...]

    Jay Shelat
    Kushner manages to capture the tension, fear, and tragedy of the AIDS epidemic with nuance, intelligence, imagination, and magic. Angels in America is an astonishingly good read.

    Plunged me back into 1980s NY and it was interesting to think of the parallels between then and now in politics and society's general feeling of insecurity. I'm now watching the mini series which seems very true to the script. Excellent and very moving read which I'd recommend everyone to read or go see.

    Revolutionary writing about the start of the AIDs epidemic, but I wonder whether because it aims so hard, it becomes a little lost within itself. I was thinking whether this deserved 5 stars, but feel that I would need to watch this play. It is a play that needs to be performed, but is so difficult to perform.

    Paloma Meir
    I love this play so much, I can't even talk about it. Words, words, so many beautiful words. I'm a Tony Kushner fan girl for life.

    Pieter-Jan Ombelet
    Classic for a reason. Can't wait to see it in the National Theater this weekend. 4,5/5*

    so good, guys, SO GOOD. this was pretty much the most compelling thing i've read in a while, from plot to themes to characters (i haven't read something in so long where i've just loved every single character, every single distinct person. i especially love louis, even though or maybe because he's such a shithead, or rather a guilt-wracked neurotic jew. which makes him sound like a type, but he's not just a type, that's just his personality as advertised). i'm talking generalities here and i thi [...]

    “This disease will be the end of many of us, but not nearly all, and the dead will be commemorated and will struggle on with the living, and we are not going away. We won't die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come.”I read this in April of 2015 as a way to break up the rather lengthy read of Sophie's Choice because I wanted something that wouldn't take me long to read. I had previously viewed the six-hours and something minutes 2003 HBO t [...]

    EDIT: I read this book again for another class and I appreciated it much more the second time. I picked up much more of what Kushner was trying to communicate. We also had the opportunity to meet Tony Kushner as a part of this class. Being able to speak with him about the play's themes and what he was trying to accomplish gave me a new appreciation for what the play was trying to accomplish. FIRST REVIEW: I know this play won the Pulitzer, but I just don't get it. It gets a lot of hype, and ever [...]

    The ending bummed me out.So much so that I actively sought some happy fluffy gay stories online where there are unicorns and rainbows and they eat a lot of cupcakes. The setting of this play contributes substantially to the story line; be it the neThw era, the 80s where America had successfully embraced "Stayin' alive" mentality, post cold war and where religion was back on the political debate. Also AIDS. The epidemic that started out as what was believed to be the disease of the homosexuals, h [...]

    [EDIT: half a month later, I am bumping this up to a 4.5 stars. I can't get quite shake this book, I still feel like it's clinging on to me. The characters, their stories. I miss them. This is the sign of a quality book. Never know, it might some day get bumped up to a round 5 stars. I guess we'll see.]4.25 stars. This gave me a good ride. Absolutely tore into my heartstrings at times Oh, PriorWe had an awesome discussion in my tutorial about it; I feel as if we could talk for hours and hours - [...]

    This will be my first negative review. I am unsure what my strongest point of contentment is. I do not feel that reading this is playwright form does this great work any justice.Having witnessed this beautiful work of art in living form, this book failed on almost all levels to achieve what the live version conquered. So my advice, burn the book. Do not waist your time reading these pages. Instead rent the movie. or even better still see it live. I will have to research if it is still being perf [...]

    Jest to absolutnie i niezaprzeczalnie jeden z najlepszych dramatów (jedna z najlepszych książek, jedna z najlepszych rzeczy, jedno z najlepszych dzieł), jaki przeczytałam w życiu. Jaki widziałam w teatrze. Jaki oglądałam dzięki HBO. To jest rzecz kompletna i doskonała i wzgardzam każdym, kto wzgardza "Aniołami". Te historie, ten język, ten humor, ten styl, ten nastrój, te główne motywy i to powierzchowne oderwanie od rzeczywistości, które tak naprawdę jest totalnym jej przeni [...]

    Wonderful. Witty and politically charged, fantasmagorical and yet has its feet firmly planted on the ground.I saw the HBO movie with mary louise parker and Al pacino and couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

    A powerful and important play dealing with many relevant social issues as (homo)sexuality, politics, religion and personal prejudices while coping with the AIDS pandemic in the 80s.

    Oooohhhhh Christ what a play. Expect me back in a few hours after I devour Part II.

    This play is utterly gutwrenching. I've never felt more conflicted, sick and in love with a bunch of characters before.

    Rambling Reader
    maybe 5 stars?

    One of the best books I've had the pleasure to read.

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