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  • Title: Budapest Noir
  • Author: Vilmos Kondor Paul Olchvary
  • ISBN: 9780061859397
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback

  • The passing of the Hungarian prime minister before he could realize his dream of a fascist state has little effect on crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon Life and death go on in the bustling old city, and a late night tip soon leads him to a crime scene where a young woman lies dead, a Jewish prayer book in her purse Disturbed by the bizarre circumstances the corpse of a bThe passing of the Hungarian prime minister before he could realize his dream of a fascist state has little effect on crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon Life and death go on in the bustling old city, and a late night tip soon leads him to a crime scene where a young woman lies dead, a Jewish prayer book in her purse Disturbed by the bizarre circumstances the corpse of a beautiful, well groomed, religious victim abandoned in one of Budapest s seedier neighborhoods Gordon is determined to unravel the mystery of her demise, especially after her shocking identity is revealed The investigation will lead him deep into the city s dark underbelly a shadow world of pornographers, crime syndicates, and Communist cells and to the highest echelons of power, where one of Hungary s most influential executives plans to make an economic killing through his strong political ties to Germany s leadersif he can somehow keep secret the fact that he was, at one time, Jewish.A gripping and evocative thriller, brimming with suspense and breathtaking political intrigue, Vilmos Kondor s Budapest Noir is a richly atmospheric tale of murder and betrayal from a remarkable new voice in noir detective fiction.
    Vilmos Kondor Paul Olchvary
    Vilmos Kondor was born in 1954 in Hungary, he attended university in Szeged and completed his studies in Paris He graduated in chemical engineering from Sorbonne, then returned to Hungary Currently he teaches mathematics and physics at a high school His first novel, Budapest Noir, originally was published in Hungary in 2008 His protagonist, the journalist Zsigmond Gordon appears in five novels altogether He lives with his wife, two daughters and dog in a small village near Sopron He rarely gives interviews and loves baking.


    Jeffrey Keeten
    ”Maids drank ground-up match heads to poison themselves and flung themselves in front of trams. Barbers dismembered their lovers. Divorcees slashed their veins with razors. Tradesmen’s apprentices leaped off the Franz Joseph Bridge. Jealous civil servants cut their wives to shreds with butcher knives. Businessmen shot their rivals with revolvers. The possibilities were endless, and yet they were oppressively the same, for the end was always identical.”Budapest 1930sThis book is set in the [...]

    In 1930's Budapest, a young woman dressed as a prostitute, is found dead in an alley. In her purse is a Jewish prayer bookBudapest, in 1936, was no place for a Jew, or an inquisitive newspaper editor, as Zsigmund Gordon soon discovers, once he begins his own investigation of the "non crime"A knowledge of Hungarian history isn't necessary, to understand the story herein, but it helps.e narrative itself fills a lot of blanksbut the story itself is pretty basic. A coffee factor's daughter blows the [...]

    Will Byrnes
    Budapest Noir is a fun, engaging mystery set you-know-where. The time is 1930s, so there have to be some whiffs of things German and Italian in the air. Our hero is an intrepid crime reporter who is intrigued by the death of a young woman, a death the police, including his detective friend, are eager to ignore. Pull the thread and see how much unravels. I read this front to back on a flight to Vegas. It is a wonderful way to help pass those hours in which one's knees do battle with the seat ahea [...]

    Lakis Fourouklas
    I guess the title tells it all, as in this book we do indeed have a Budapest Noir. However it’s not a modern day noir, since the events it describes take place in the famous city in 1936, just after the death of a populist leader who wanted to impose a fascist regime. The good Hungarian author, who was born in 1954, gives us a bleak view of the city, whose people seem to constantly walk on a tightrope between dream and desperation. On the one hand we have the politicians with their big words a [...]

    Καλογραμμένο έτσι ώστε δημιουργεί και συντηρεί μία ατμόσφαιρα εποχής κι επίσης ο συγγραφέας περνάει στον αναγνώστη την απαξίωση του για τη μελάνη στάση που κράτησε η χώρα του στα χρόνια ανόδου του ναζισμού.Ωστόσο, οι χαρακτήρες είναι αβαθείς και η πλοκή απογοητευτική, ενώ [...]

    Ever since I read Embers by Sándor Márai in 2009 (which I loved), and since I traveled to Budapest last year, I have been intrigued by Budapest and Hungarian literature. I also happen to loved mysteries that are set around the world, and this book did not disappoint, in fact it has inspired me to keep reading anything I can get my hands on, set in Hungary. I will definitely keep my out for more books by this author.

    Nathalie Fytrou
    Δεν με κέρδισε. Δεν κατάφερα ποτέ να μπω στο πνεύμα του, σίγουρα ευθύνεται και η μετάφραση που με αποξένωνε από το κείμενο. Το τέλειωσα μόνο και μόνο επειδή εκτυλισσόταν στη Βουδαπέστη προπολεμικά και αυτό το πλαίσιο είχε πιο πολύ ενδιαφέρον από την ίδια την ιστορία.

    Голяма част от източноевропейската литература засяга вече станалите банални теми за безкрайни преходи, комунизъм, икономически и социално-битови кризи. Еднообразието започва да замества жанровото богатство, както в киното, така и в литературата. Вилмош Кондор е жанров ав [...]

    Πάνος Τουρλής
    Βουδαπέστη, Οκτώβριος 1936. Το πτώμα μιας ωραίας, κομψοντυμένης εβραιοπούλας εντοπίζεται στην πιο κακόφημη γειτονιά της πόλης. Ο αστυνομικός ρεπόρτερ Ζίγκμοντ Γκόρντον σπεύδει εκεί για το ρεπορτάζ του. Καθώς μαζεύει τις πρώτες πληροφορίες νιώθει ότι πολλά πράγματα δεν «κολ [...]

    Olvasás közben egyaránt barangoltam mai és az akkori utcákon. Láttam magam előtt a macskaköves utakat, a Köröndöt, a felkapott kávézókat, ahol a társadalmi élet zajlott. Koptattam a lábam az Andrássy utat róva, és felkapaszkodtam a zötyögő villamosok egyikére. Kellemes, ugyanakkor ismerős volt ez a világ, hála érte néhány irodalom és történelemtanáromnakpifalat/2017/07/

    “And aren’t you curious even now about what a Jewish streetwalker would have been doing here?” Krisztina fixed her eyes on Gordon. “And as long as we’re on the subject, have you ever seen a Jewish prostitute? If you want my opinion, the question is not how she died, but how a Jewish girl—probably from a respectable, bourgeois family—ended up becoming a prostitute in the first place.”This passage summarizes the main mystery in the book and sets up the reader for a richly engrossin [...]

    Balazs Almasi
    Nem könnyű olvasmány, főleg az első fele nem Az író remekül hozza a címben is szereplő sötét, fekete hangulatot, olyannyira nyomasztó a könyv első fele, hogy nem sokon múlott, hogy letegyem. A két világháború között játszódó történet akár napjainkra is átültethető lenne, pár történelmi adatot átírva a mai reménytelenül korrupt világot kapnánk visszaEgyik nagy érdeme a könyvnek, hogy megismertet jópár akkori (kevéssé ismert) eseménnyel a történelem [...]

    We were staying in a lovely little studio apartment in Budapest with a floor to ceiling bookshelf when I found this. I had read a recommendation for this on some blog about reading books from different countries. So I finished up September Society which I had been reading so that I could , uh, trade. I suppose that is okay. There was another book I wanted from their bookshelf but I didn't think it honorable to trade 1 for 2.As I said, I was staying in 2017 Budapest. The book is 1936 Budapest. Pl [...]

    1.5Hű, hogy ezt én mennyire nem értékelem Bocs.

    Budapest, 1936. The prime minister's death makes it unremarkable and unnoticed that the body of a prostitute is found in the red light district a few nights later. When journalist Zsigmond Gordon happens to the scene of her death (or at least body), he can't rest until he's unearthed what happened and who the dead girl is.The atmosphere is classic noir. And it's probably also part of the noir that the characters leave you cold.There are some odd and funny pieces in the story. One of them is that [...]

    I found this book in the hotel where I stayed in Budapest in December and read it shortly after I returned home. I supposed my view is biased by the fact that I love the city and could easily follow the action through the various locales (I have visited there five times). The story is set in the 1930s, between the two wars but with the threat of Hitler looming to the west. The main character is a newspaper reporter who is intrigued by the death of a young woman found in the street of a questiona [...]

    Let me start by saying that mysteries aren't my favorite genre and a rating of 3 is my "go to" for them. This was an interesting story. Gordon, a journalist, knows all the ins & outs in Budapest, he's got the connections and he knows how to get the information. There is a lot of description of Budapest as he takes the tram from place to place and walks along the streets. As for the mystery, it's fairly typical, I think: chunky, violent bad guys, scared victims and people caught up in circums [...]

    Budapest Noir begins as an even-paced crime thriller with our heronewspaper reporter employing his sidekicks; ever doubtinggirlfriend (most men are familiar with those), and kindly Opa,to untangle the web of activities he falls into in thebackstreets of 1936 Budapest. I liked the background history taking place and it added tothe ambiance when after a chapter or two I looked up someof the various Hungarian political figures and events mentioned. Usually mysteries don't have this effect on me, bu [...]

    Naomi Blackburn
    I have really mixed feelings regarding this book. Although, I enjoyed the storyline of the book, I almost felt that it was written with a superficialness that didn't allow the reader to connect with the characters in it.

    I enjoyed this novel, though it's a slow-build and drops you right into the deep-end of murky Hungarian politics in 1936. I found the historical background, politics and culture fascinating and well done, not showy, no unnecessary detail put in just to show off the writer's research skills. The 'noir' atmosphere is definitely there, all my mental images while reading in shadowy B&W, following the streets of 30s Budapest by tram/bus/automobile/on foot, its grand public buildings, local cafes, [...]

    Charles Kerns
    Another fascist-era detective a la Bernie Gunther. (Bernie even gets a mention on page 80.) But the villain is not--oops, don't want to spoil anything.Our hero, a newspaper reporter called Mr. Editor by the underlings of the world, is not an antifa; he just wants a little justice for a nice, well-educated, middle-class jewish woman, a young pregnant one. Who is dead, dead, dead. Mr Editor is not a smart-ass Bernie Gunther/Sam Spade/Marlowe, but more of a straight shooter. He does follow the norm [...]

    Ali B.
    This was an unexpectedly enjoyable read! Unexpected because, to me, "noir" implies seedy, sexist, and trite storylines with plenty of dames, either sharp-witted or damaged or both (there is always a prostitute with a heart of gold) but helpless when faced with the charms of the lead male savior, himself a somewhat damaged soul, and written in a choppy, snappy style that personally doesn't appeal. Oh, and cigarettes. Lots of cigarettes! The plot of Budapest Noir is certainly seedy, and there are [...]

    I had seen a trailer of the movie which piqued my interest and I was fortunate enough to find the book in the library not long after. The novel was surprisingly good – I didn't think it would entertain me as much as it did. My faith in modern crime novels and Hungarian writers is quite low, so the book was actually refreshing. The plot itself isn't really original: men with power do things everyone considers sinful, a well-off girl becomes a prostitute, a journalist sticks his nose in everythi [...]

    C’è Budapest, così come era nel 1936: affascinata dalle ideologie nazionalsocialiste di Hitler, pronta a stringere amicizia con Mussolini e in lutto per la morte del Primo Ministro Gömbös. E c’è il noir: una prostituta picchiata a morte in un quartiere malfamato su cui nessuno vuole indagare. Muovendosi tra Buda e Pest, tra ambienti politici e quartieri malfamati, il cronista Gordon indaga sulla morte di una ragazza con un amore impossibile, ostacolato da interessi economici e pregiudiz [...]

    Àkos Györkei
    Meh. Kicsit elvesz az akciobol/impactbol, hogy nem nyomozo a foszereplo, hanem ujsagiro. Vegul a lezaras sem olyan amit varna az ember, kicsit semmilyen. Ha a sztorit kivesszuk, akkor akar egy korabeli utcanevsort olvasna az ember, olyan neha a folyamatos "Gordon a Blaha Lujza Terrol a NagyDiofa utcan at erkezett a Nagymezore. Innen a 11es villamosra szallva a Hitler teren at blablablabla". Ertjuk. mas neve volt az utcaknak, de soknak ugyanaz. Osszeszegeben viszont jol szorakoztam, es a magazas [...]

    Donald Schopflocher
    Notable for its descriptions (and route descriptions) of Budapest and environs (especially for me because I will visit later this year). Some interesting characters and situations but a strange squeamishness (for a noir novel) about sex, and a puzzling relationship between the protagonist and his girl friend.

    Nagyon szerettem a hangulatát, a helyszíneket, ahogyan megelevenedett a városom egykori valósága. Izgalmas volt a történet is, és a történelmi háttérből is éppen annyit adagolt Kondor, amennyi érdekessé teszi a könyvet, de nem nehezíti el. Remek olvasmány.

    Ez most jól esett. Igazán jól. Már el is felejtettem, hogy milyen az, ha kizárólag szórakozás céljából olvas az ember. A Budapest Noir irodalmilag nem túl komplex, nincs túlgondolva vagy túlcifrázva. Habkönnyű, üdítő olvasmány, és - az én mércém szerint - méghozzá a jobb fajtából való. Asszem a következő részeket elteszem jövő nyárra, persze csak ha nem lesz szükségem addig újabb "adásszünetre"!

    Noir isn't really my genre, it seems. I prefer details, a little more discription.But the story was quite intriguing, and walking the streets of 1936 Budapest was indeed fascinating.3.5 stars

    Marcy Skala
    Noir is not really my thing. I enjoyed the many mentions of places around Budapest that we visited in our few days there. The story line was okay, but I probably wouldn't read another by him.

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