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  • Title: The Diviner's Tale
  • Author: Bradford Morrow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Walking a lonely forested valley on a spring morning in upstate New York, having been hired by a developer to dowse the land, Cassandra Brooks comes upon the shocking vision of a young girl hanged from a tree When she returns with authorities to the site, the body has vanished, leaving in question Cassandra s credibility if not her sanity The next day, on a return visitWalking a lonely forested valley on a spring morning in upstate New York, having been hired by a developer to dowse the land, Cassandra Brooks comes upon the shocking vision of a young girl hanged from a tree When she returns with authorities to the site, the body has vanished, leaving in question Cassandra s credibility if not her sanity The next day, on a return visit with the sheriff to have another look, a dazed, mute missing girl emerges from the woods, alive and the very picture of Cassandra s hanged girl.What follows is the narrative of ever deepening and increasingly bizarre divinations that will lead this gifted young woman, the struggling single mother of twin boys, hurtling toward a past she d long since thought was behind her The Diviner s Tale is at once a journey of self discovery and an unorthodox murder mystery, a tale of the fantastic and a family chronicle told by an otherwise ordinary woman.When Cassandra s dark forebodings take on tangible form, she is forced to confront a life spiraling out of control And soon she is locked in a mortal chess match with a real life killer who has haunted her since before she can remember.
    Bradford Morrow
    Bradford Morrow has lived for the past thirty years in New York City and rural upstate New York, though he grew up in Colorado and lived and worked in a variety of places in between While in his mid teens, he traveled through rural Honduras as a member of the Amigos de las Americas program, serving as a medical volunteer in the summer of 1967 The following year he was awarded an American Field Service scholarship to finish his last year of high school as a foreign exchange student at a Liceo Scientifico in Cuneo, Italy In 1973, he took time off from studying at the University of Colorado to live in Paris for a year After doing graduate work on a Danforth Fellowship at Yale University, he moved to Santa Barbara, California, to work as a rare book dealer In 1981 he relocated to New York City to the literary journal Conjunctions, which he founded with the poet Kenneth Rexroth, and to write novels He and his two cats divide their time between NYC and upstate New York.Visit his website at bradfordmorrow.


    I am highly offended by terrible writing and I make no secret of that fact. This book does not have terrible writing; it is probably the best-written god-awful story I've ever read and in a way, that is even more offensive than a bad story poorly written.I wish I were one of those amazing f-finding people because I suddenly, due to this book, completely understand the need to write a review in nothing but memes and gifs to properly express my emotions. Sadly, however, my technical skills are lac [...]

    Wendy Darling
    Dear authors:I prefer books that consistently use quotation marks, break up long blocks of text, and allow me to get to know the main characters before spinning off into tangential anecdotes and history. Oh, and it'd be nice if we cared about the people who get killed off, too. Thanks!MG

    Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner)
    Cassandra Brooks, a diviner by trade and a single mother of two boys, is hired to dowse the land for a developer in search of a water source. She finds much more than that as she sees a young girl hanging from a tree. She rushes to call the police and returns to show them the body only to find it has disappeared or been removed. Known for being an outcast because of her trade, it is speculated that she just had a weird vision. The police bring her back to revisit the scene when a girl, identical [...]

    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    A lot of interesting and dramatic stuff happens in this book. Which is why it's amazing how incredibly boring it managed to be. I had to force myself through pretty much every page. The only characters I liked at all were the twins, as they felt the most like real people. I never related to Cass, who felt strangely withdrawn despite the story being told from her perspective. She felt more like a man than a woman too.The book jumps around in time frequently. Although the different snatches of Cas [...]

    Derby Jones
    This was an enjoyable read, although with a few caveats. The heroine is one who persistently and illogically puts herself in harms way over and over again. She receives repeated threats, ands sees a strange man watching her house in the middle of the night, yet doesn't inform the chief of police, who also happens to be her best childhood friend. She rejects her psychic gifts at a time when she has the greatest need of them to protect herself and her family. She goes for a walk in the woods where [...]

    Considering I think I got this one at Christmas for £1, I wouldn't say it was a waste of money, but it certainly wasn't the greatest read. It was billed as a mystery, but after the first couple of chapters, it really wasn't grabbing my attention well at all. The narrator's meandering story, the constant intrusion of anecdotes that may or may not be relevant but certainly don't feel it I liked the idea, but the execution let it down, and the story had very little impact on me.The little things, [...]

    Jenn Mather Nessen
    The Diviner's Tale-by Bradford Morrow Let me first start off by saying, this review is unlike most of my reviews. It is more, for lack of better words, “mushy,” maybe. This is because, very rarely do I come across a book I read that I see a great future for. When I chose this book, a mystery-suspense novel, I thought that was exactly what I was going to get. Maybe a story about a woman who helps solves crimes or something with her psychic abilities, not exactly original material, but could b [...]

    Like the two-star rating indicates: It was an OK read. No more, no less.In short, I was fascinated enough to want to read the story from cover to cover -- but too often the style and, well, "loose" storytelling annoyed me. I don't have a problem with stream-of-consciousness-like elements in a story, but they have to work seamlessly in a story; and that demand failed in this story. Now, don't get the wrong idea here -- I am not saying we have a stream-of-consciousness style á la Proust or Joyce, [...]

    Colleen Turner
    I received an advance copy of The Diviner's Tale from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.The Diviner's Tale is, quite simply, like nothing I have read before. It is part mystery, part thriller and part personal discovery. It seems impossible that a writer could combine the mystical and ordinary into one plausible plot, but somehow Bradford Morrow has.Cassandra "Cass" Brooks is a part time teacher (a tradition following her mother) and a part time "diviner" (a tradition following her father and a long lin [...]

    A complex, intricate story told with such skill that it was a quick, engaging read. The prose was, at times, utterly beautiful. As a mystery, there wasn't ever really doubt as to who the bad guy was but I think the bigger story (and the more poignant mystery) was what happened in Cassandra's past. I really enjoyed watching it all unfold.

    Wait what?!?Up until the last 5 pages this book was - well, pretty bad, but at least had one potential for redemption: The Last Minute Twist™. The classic moment in mysteries when a foregone conclusion sometimes shifts radically at the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE (and I mean literally once you're already thinking about your next book) just for the chance for a Grand A-Ha Moment™. The minute Charley showed back up at the game, I thought - aha. That's the Twist. There's still hope. And then final pag [...]

    I finished the unproofed eGalley of The Diviner's Tale by Bradford Morrow last night, having read it on my new Kindle over the course of a few days. Before I talk about the novel itself, let me just say that the experience of reading unproofed galleys on an eReader is just the slightest bit unwieldy. For starters, the formatting can be nonexistent in places, with paragraphs running into each other, lack of double spaces between paragraphs, and the like. Nothing too daunting, justunwieldy. I didn [...]

    Ana Mardoll
    The Diviner's Tale / 978-0-547-38263-0I'd not heard of Bradford Morrow before this book came available on Vine and NetGalley, but I will definitely have to check out his other novels after this exquisite tale. Equal parts an ambiguous tale of madness and magic (for we're never sure where the diviner's talents actually come from), a heart-warming tale of coming to terms with family disaster at all stages of life, and a terrifying tale of mystery and suspense, it's impossible to set down "The Divi [...]

    I'm a huge fan of Bradford Morrow's and I've been waiting for this book, The Diviners Tale, for a long time. Not only is it worth the wait, it's one of the best contemporary novels I've read in years. When the novel opens the narrator, Cassandra Brooks, describes her first "forevision," a premonition of her brother's death. It got me hooked right away and set up story lines which enrich the book throughout: Cassandra's strong yet complicated relationships with her family; the unique gifts that m [...]

    I am a librarian, and my job is to catalog U.S. government publications. A year or two ago I cataloged a little pamphlet by the U.S. Geological Survey called Water Witching. This little book was published in 1966, and it was the Geological Survey's brief examination into the history and validity of the practice of using Y-shaped sticks and/or dowsing rods to locate hidden sources of ground water. The pamphlet was quaint, a glimpse back into the past, and it did declare that the practice of water [...]

    Laura Lulu
    I really enjoyed this. It's a paranormal suspense, which I have to say, I'm a fan. The main character, Cass, is psychic, but basically denies it her entire life. She calls it her "monster", and everyone in her life thinks she's a bit crazy and needs professional help. By the end, she starts to learn to accept herself and her gift, and to realize that "normal" ain't all it's cracked up to be. So it's kind of a coming of age story for a 36 year old. It's never too late, is it? But what I liked mos [...]

    Single sentence summary: Cassandra's family has always been dowsers and when searching for water on some property, she sees a young women hanging from a tree but when she returns to the spot with the police, the girl is no longer there. I loved parts of this book and other times I had no idea where it was going. The first 70 percent of the novel felt like a meandering stream – beautiful at moments but without a set course. I kept hoping it was going somewhere and eventually it didbut it took o [...]

    Single mom Cassandra Brooks comes from a long line of "diviners", or water dowsers, and her father has taught her the secrets of the craft. Some folks say she's a witch, and she has always felt like an outsider. One day while searching for a source of water on an about-to-be-developed farm, she comes upon the body of a young girl hanging by the neck from a tree. Horrified and saddened, she contacts the police, but when she leads them to the site, the body has disappeared. The Diviner's Tale is t [...]

    I wish I had read the reviews here on first! It would have saved several hours of my listening life, as I had this as an audiobook. After listening up through chapter 11, I wrathfully sent it back through the ether to the library! The story, supposedly, is about a woman diviner who, when she is out divining for water for a developer, sees a dead girl hung by the neck in the woods. She calls the police, but when they go back to investigate, there is no body to be found. The next day, however, a [...]

    Frankly, this was a boring book. I thought the characters were flat and boring, and I never grew to care about any of them much. I also don't care for the author's writing style. Far from being a "Tale" it's mostly just a series of random and mostly meaningless flashbacks mixed with current events that weren't tied very closely together. I think the author depended too heavily on flashbacks to develop the characters, rather than letting their actions build their descriptions. I'm far from needin [...]

    Shirley Jackson - "Our tragic Universe" - "The Girl with Glass Feet" - "The Raising" - "The Beginners" - "Diviner´s Tale"Psychology meets biography meets supernatural meets good storytelling.Dieser Roman gehört in die Reihe der "übernatürlichen" Bücher, aber letztlich wird hier vor allem die Geschichte einer Familie erzählt, die mit etlichen Schicksalsschlägen umgehen muß: Der frühe Unfalltod des Bruders der Protagonistin, die Alzheimererkrankung des Vaters; die Protagonistin ist allein [...]

    Elaine Cramer
    Illogical and idiotic at times, this book conjures good imagery and an intriguing premise, however the thought processes of the main character has me scratching my head more often than not. I'm listening to this, and I really don't appreciate the jumps in time. I'm not sure that's the reason though, why I find myself at times saying outloud, "WTF is she talking about now?" The recording has flaws in it which I found hard to ignore because I was being irritated by the story. Over all though, the [...]

    Lolly K Dandeneau
    Okay the reason I didn't like this:the narrative felt unnatural. I kept thinking 'who talks like that'. The story moved too slowly for me and maybe because of the subject I was expecting a mystical touch and didn't quite get it. I don't want to ruin the novel for other readers, it may well just be that it wasn't a what I expected, hence the poor review rating. Decide for yourself.

    Renita D'Silva
    Combining suspense with beautiful writing, this is a fast paced tale that kept me guessing. Liked Cassandra and the twins a lot. Was rooting for Cass all the way through. Interesting. Different. A good read.

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook
    Book ReviewTitle: The Diviner’s TaleAuthor: Bradford MorrowGenre: Horror/Psychological/ThrillerRating: ****Review: Cassandra Brooks is a single mother-of-two, schoolteacher and water diviner. Deep in the woods as she dowses the land for a property developer, she is confronted by the body of a young girl, swinging from a tree, hanged. When she returns with the authorities, the body has vanished. Already regarded as an eccentric, her story is disbelieved – until a girl turns up in the woods, a [...]

    An interesting story about "divining" and in general, a mystery unfolding in a bizarre tale.

    Listened to the audiobook. Good but the use of too many adjectives was a little silly. It was somewhat suspenseful, I cared enough about the characters to finish it. Not a surprise ending.

    Lori Gibbany
    Finding ones self

    Lorraine Wille
    Very intriguing storyline

    It was okay. For a mystery/supernatural thriller/creeper novel, it just wasn't that thrilling. I was annoyed by the dowsing (weird, I know, since the title tells you it's going to figure pretty prominently) in such a modern setting. I am not eager to try other books by this author

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