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  • Title: Survivor
  • Author: JamesPhelan
  • ISBN: 1907410686
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback

  • Jesse is alone His friends are gone His supplies are gone And the chasers, the zombies, are getting bolder So when he starts to see signs of life, of other humans, he can t believe his luck But in post incident New York, the only thing dangerous than the chasers are the survivors.
    James Phelan is the award winning author of twenty four novels and one work of non fiction He first studied and worked in architecture before turning to English Lit, working five years at The Age newspaper, obtaining an MA Writing and PhD Young Adult Literature Hachette has published his five geo political thrillers FOX HUNT, PATRIOT ACT, BLOOD OIL, LIQUID GOLD and RED ICE.From 2010 2011, Hachette published the widely acclaimed ALONE trilogy of Young Adult post apocalyptic dystopian novels.In 2013 2014, published James thirteen book adventure series about the dream work THE LAST THIRTEEN The multi award winning series 2014 YABBA, COOL, KOALA awards has been highly successful around the world, selling over a million copies in 18 monthsE SPY Hachette, 2013 , was the first instalment in a new series of suspense thrillers with the protagonist Jed Walker, and is followed by THE HUNTED 2015 , and KILL SWITCH 2015.James is currently working on a follow up trilogy to THE LAST THIRTEEN, thrillers, and an illustrated middle grade series titled GRANDPA SPIES.James has taught writing at post graduate level and regularly talks at schools, libraries and universities around the world Since 2006 he has sold over 4 million copies of his books.


    Charlie Lewis
    Personal responseI thought that this book was a very intriguing. This book had a lot of suspenseful moments.PlotJesse was still in the same building as he was in the last book when he was hiding from the chasers. He was in an apartment that had a video recorder that said someone was there that survived the attack but she went out. He left a message to meet him at 30 Rock at 10:00am on the video recorder and then left. He found a group of USAMRIID and only one will talk to him. Starkey tells him [...]

    Bree T
    I read the first book in this trilogy, Chasers, last year as it was part of the 50 Books You Can’t Put Down for the Get Reading 2010 campaign. In the first novel, 16yo Australian Jesse was on a leadership camp in New York being run by the United Nations when a catastrophic event occurred while he was riding the subway. Crawling out of the wreckage, he saw chaos everywhere and anyone it seemed who had survived had developed an insatiable thirst. Most were content to drink from puddles, fire hyd [...]

    Maximillian Meyerhofer
    Personal Response:I like this book because it flowed really well from the last book to this one. In this book, there was a lot more action. Which is what I look for in a book because that's the kind of material I like to read. The second book contained a lot more mystery than the first one. It also explained in greater detail what happened to the city and the world and why there are zombies.Plot Summary:In the beginning of the book, there were soldiers that started shooting at Jesse because they [...]

    When I finish a book that I’m going to review, I usually try to write about it straight after so my thoughts are still fresh and I still remember the feeling it left with me, but that wasn’t the case with Survivor. I’m still writing this review within a couple hours of finishing it, but I’m also procrastinating.I finished reading Survivor and opted to potter around the house, do a little housework, and I admit I let out some discontented sighs every now and then because of the book… Th [...]

    andrew looker
    Personal ResponseI think that the book was very good and it had a lot of action and tense moments. I love to read books that are like this with a lot of action and a lot of tense moments. The author did an amazing job I would say in making the book. I have some questions. 1. Why did a plane shoot at their own truck? Why was the truck carrying a biological missile?PlotWhat happens first is that Jesse finds signs of life and then running from the infected ends up seeing another survivor that is hi [...]

    I read book one in this series over five years ago, so it took me a little while to pick up where I left off. In fact, I enjoyed this book more than the first (apparently) because I rated it a three and this one a four. Perhaps my appreciation for apocalypse has changed and grown in five years, or perhaps this was genuinely a better book. Who knows?Jesse has lived alone since realizing his friends are gone. He is desperate to find more survivors like himself, but who else has survived the catast [...]

    This book follows on almost immediately after Chasers. I read it in a day. Jesse finds survivors in this one and discovers a few things about the Chasers as well. In all zombie/post apocalyptic books there is a "safe" area. Somewhere where the contagion or problem is less if not completely absent. This is what Jesse wants to find. He wants a way home. The twist in this book wasn't nearly as good as the twist in the first one but still a decent one. The outcome of the book has left me wanting mor [...]

    Whilst not as good as "Chaser" (which actually rendered my speech to as little as "What? What? What?" after the end) I still really enjoyed "Survivor". The new characters really added something special, and the plot definitely thickened throughout. Plenty of action and well, the hunting breed of chasers just gave me the creeps. Definitely a recommended read for those aged 9-12. Where's "Quarantine"???!

    So good I can't believe I have to wait for quarantine !

    Jesse is alone, his friends are gone and he needs to find his own way through this ravaged city. It is quite a sad story in a way but this in no way slows down the pace. It is definitely a teen read.

    3.5 stars

    I thought this book was a very good read because it kept me on the edge of my seat through the book. The main character shows a lot of courage and bravery throughout the book and even though it's a non fiction book it still teaches a lesson. It showed me to be courages and do my best to help others.

    Logan Bartel
    Personal ResponseI liked this book because it wasn't like the normal books about apocalypse sort of situations where zombies killing people. In this book they put a different kind of spin on how the infected act. I found this very interesting.Plot SummaryThis book is about how there was an attack from some unknown organization that released a chemical into the air and made the people that were infected need lots of liquids. That's all the infected wanted, they didn't eat anything. Some of these [...]

    Chapter by Chapter
    Survivor (Alone #2) by James Phelan If you haven’t read the first book in this series, I wouldn’t suggest you continue reading due to potential spoilers!I read the first novel in author James Phelan’s,Alone series about a year ago. What I do remember about the first novel? That there was a major twist involving the main character’s psyche and that there were zombies who weren’t zombies at all. However, after the revelation that came in Chasers I was interested in finding out what wo [...]

    Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)
    Survivor picks up right where Chasers left off. Jesse all alone now is determined to find the girl on the camera Felicity. On his quest to find Felicity, Jesse comes across other survivors all while avoiding the ever evolving Chasers.Survivor is the second book in the Alone Trilogy by James Phelan. I'm going to be honest I went into this book with zero expectations. Chasers the first book in the series was a huge disappointment for me howver the end had me hooked enough where I was determined to [...]

    *** Please note that this review contains spoilers about the first book of this series: Chasers. ***I don't know if I've reached the limit in terms of YA books, if I maybe start being too old for this, but I feel like I'm never satisfied with those I read lately. Well, this one left me with that feeling once again. As said in a previous review (I think it was for Insurgent?), I feel like book #2 of YA trilogies are only fillers, like, for some reason, they need to be trilogies but there's nothin [...]

    Sandra "Jeanz"
    Read in one sitting!MY REVIEWMy daughter received this for review from K-Teen and as I had just recently read Chasers I decided to snag this one as soon as it arrived and read and review it as my daughter is in the process of reading some other titles at the moment.So the cover, fits very well with Bk#1, the guy on the front presumably being Jesse in his hoodie with his head down. There's the New York skyline in the back ground to so the theme continues. The "Alone" series name is again featured [...]

    Survivor is the second book in the Alone series and picks up right where Chasers ended. Still trying to make it in the devastation of the attack on New York, Jesse is now alone but has found hope in a video he found from a young girl who is also a survivor. As Jesse sets out to find other survivors and try to get them all to safety, the Chasers are now posing a new threat. They now seem to no longer be solely opportunist but also hunters. They are becoming smarter and banding together to try to [...]

    Maria Miaoulis
    Summary:In the first book of the Alone trilogy, “Chasers,” we met Jesse and his friends, the only apparent survivors of a vicious attack on New York City - unless you count the undead people who are hunting them down to drink their blood. Now, Jesse is on his own, searching the city for others like himself so he can finally make his way back home. But when help finally arrives in the form of military tanks, the “soldiers” only tell Jesse to leave and head north where he has the best chan [...]

    Book Two of the Alone Series, Survivor by James Phelan continues the story of an Australian teen who, by the luck of timing was safe from whatever has caused the almost complete extinction of humanity, leaving behind death, destruction and mutated monsters in its wake. Young Jesse is alone after the disaster hit New York and is at the mercy of zombie-like creatures who roam its streets. As Jesse fights for survival, he comes across three totally different young people and longs to create a plan [...]

    Reading In Pajamas
    SURVIVOR (Book 2 in the Alone Series) by James PhelanYoung AdultPUBLISH DATE: April 30, 2013REVIEW BY: Reading In Pajamas/DonnaRATED: 4.5 StarsBOOK DESCRIPTION:16 year old Jesse tries to survive a post-apocalyptic New York City.At the end of the world, it's hard to trust anyone--even yourself. Jesse and a ragged band of survivors crawl through the wreckage of New York City. They escaped the Chasers--for now. But the infected zombie freaks are getting bolder, stronger. So when they begin to see s [...]

    Survivor (Alone #2)By James PhelanSummery courtesy of Jesse is alone. His friends are gone. His supplies are gone. And the chasers, the zombies, are getting bolder. So when he starts to see signs of life, of other humans, he can't believe his luck. But in post-incident New York, the only thing more dangerous than the chasers, are the survivors.ReviewJames Phelan once again delivers a fast paced read that captures readers attention with his creative world building and absorbing plot.Jesse is sixt [...]

    Lizbeth Perez
    *Review copy was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*BOOK ABOUT: Jesse is alone. His friends are gone. His supplies are gone. And the chasers, the zombies, are getting bolder. So when he starts to see signs of life, of other humans, he can't believe his luck. But in post-incident New York, the only thing more dangerous than the chasers, are the survivors. You see? That alone was why I wanted to read this book. And boy, James did not disapoint me REVIEW: This book is abo [...]

    12 days later, chaos reigns in New York. Having summoned the courage to leave 30 Rock, Jesse stumbles across three different survivors. Felicity - a girl he meets via a home video; Rachel - marooned in the city's zoo and more concerned with looking after the animals than her own survival and Caleb - living in a bookshop and trying to get by. Every time, Jesse leaves the safety of his shelter, he is under attack from the Chasers. The will not stop at anything. Some chasers appear docile and just [...]

    Ryan Buckby
    I literally just finished this book and this book series has really gotten better as the story has progressed. the ending of the book literally had me screaming 'why did you do this to me again!?!' like i was at the end of the first book!I was honestly hoping for one of the new main characters would accompany jesse on his journey to get out of the city as he faced those days alone after leaving Dave,Anna and Mini but i was also hoping he would find at least one of those three people. i continued [...]

    The first book was such a quick read, I decided to go ahead with book two immediately after. There are some reflections on book 1, which is great for a recap if it's been a while, but it was redundant for me, reading the books back to back.While the story/action was fine for me it was just another post-apocalyptic tale. Not much really to make it stand out others. As the characters talked about how post-apocalyptic movies/books & video games had provided them with some training/background [...]

    Jesse has been alone for 12 days after whatever happened to New York City. Now he has found a video from a girl named Felicity and he is determined to find her. His search takes him to Central Park where he finds Rachel, an intern at the zoo, who is doing her best to care for the animals. He also meets Caleb who has holed up in a bookstore and gives him some pointers on survival. What jesse wants most is to get out of New York and to find out what has happened. Why have people turned into zombie [...]

    Lucas Darathy
    Meh. Meh enough for three stars, so not a bad meh but still a meh, although I will admit that it is (mostly) well written - if you ignore the pace.The characters aren't realistic enough and, to be honest, I kept thinking we'd have the same plot twist from last book. It'd actually make more sense than some of the things that did happen.I feel like it doesn't want to be only an action book, but it never goes deep enough to be more than that. Making the character a bit crazy isn't character develop [...]

    St Stephen's C C
    Jesse's story continues. He is alone in New York, hiding from the infected Chasers in an abandoned skyscraper. He gathers supplies and weapons and starts venturing further out into the city. On the Lower East Side, he runs into a group of military men, most of the group try to kill him, but one drags him into an alley and tells him the virus is the result of a bioterrorist attack. The UN are on their way but have been instructed to cleanse all American cities. The militia man warns Jesse to get [...]

    Grace Jade
    Definitely not as good as Chaser. But still pretty good. Characters where developed a lot better during this one and if course, we had actual dialect. It's nice to read a novel that doesn't have a whole big love story going on. I'm starting to get confused to what has caused the outbreak. It is obviously some sort of biochemical warfare, but it's a techno scifi vampire zombie that is so interesting. I'd love to read more about them and how they work!Let's just see what Quarantine is like.

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