[PDF] ó Unlimited ✓ Be My Moon : by Mechele Armstrong ✓

  • Title: Be My Moon
  • Author: Mechele Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9781607379454
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook

  • Rourke has been looking for another Moon Person for years and can t resist Hilary s scent They are alike and the power release when they have sex is out of this world Now if only she believed him.
    Mechele Armstrong
    Growing up, I had a vivid imagination with lots of imaginary playmates and stuffed animals to keep me company I even had crayon box adventures where the colors had a kingdom and tales to tell And who says pink is a girl color In my world, he was a prince.From the time I could form my letters, this translated into fanciful writings from poems on eye shadow I was six to a story about an Island world I created with animals and people Writing was something I always did.But it never clicked I drifted in and out of genres, mystery, animal stories, thrillers, toying with it, playing at it I would finish some projects and store them away It never occurred to me that this pastime could be my life s passion if I let it Until my world collided with rediscovery.As a teenager, I devoured books, especially romances but drifted out of the genre as an adult On a weekend trip to the beach, I read four romance novels I had a flash of inspiration I could write these Romance was where my heart lay Within six weeks I had written my first romance novel.I went back and revamped a thriller that I had written a few years before, making it a romance And I became serious about my craft, trying to soak in all I could about writing I began to write on a roleplay loop and the practice has been invaluable I ve cut my teeth there and learned what works in writing and what doesn t And I ve finally accepted who I am A storyteller at heart, be it tales told to my children, an erotic piece about lovers or about a vampire looking for love.So come with me and take a journey where, just like in my crayon box, things aren t always what they seem.


    Deviant Divas
    This book was full on and exciting. Imagine finding out that all the strange things about you are because you are different and that there are only a few of you lef tin the world. This book was tantalizing and the imagination ran wild. I loved this book and the thought that having intercourse could recharge my batteries has some sound merit, let alone it would save a fortune on batteries. The bluntness of Rourke with what he wants is to put it politely a huge turn on what female would walk away [...]

    • [PDF] ó Unlimited ✓ Be My Moon : by Mechele Armstrong ✓
      421 Mechele Armstrong
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