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  • Title: Sanctuary
  • Author: Jenny Carroll Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback

  • SanctuaryJess is in the biggest troubleSixteen year old Jess Mastriani knew she couldn t hide her psychic powers from the U.S Government forever Now they want her to join a unit of specially gifted crime solvers headed up by one of their agents.However much Jess wants to use her visions to find missing people, she s not prepared to go missing herself while on some SanctuaryJess is in the biggest troubleSixteen year old Jess Mastriani knew she couldn t hide her psychic powers from the U.S Government forever Now they want her to join a unit of specially gifted crime solvers headed up by one of their agents.However much Jess wants to use her visions to find missing people, she s not prepared to go missing herself while on some classified FBI project But when a local boy disappears, Jess decides it s better the devil you know anthing to help find him Can she and her would be boyfriend Rob help unite a community and save a life without losing their own
    Jenny Carroll Meg Cabot
    A pseudonym of Meg Cabot, under which she wrote the first 4 1 800 Where R You books When Lightning Strikes, Code Name Cassandra, Safe House, and Sanctuary and the first 4 Mediator books Shadowland, Ninth Key, Reunion, and Darkest Hour These 8 books have been re released under her her real name.


    Nasty Lady MJ
    To see full review click here.And this is where the shit hits the fan.Man, this book is so outrageously unrealistic it’s sort of laughable. But at the same reason, that’s why I love this particular installment. Honestly, I could see it as a midseason finale if this was ever to get a proper TV show (not one that simply uses its premises then has the main character regulated to background character and has a guy played by Mateo Santos be Not Rob to Vivica Fox who’s just randomly in the TV sh [...]

    The beginning was kinda boring. Though I have to say it was a good book. My favorite part was where she jumped over the collapsed bridge with the truck. I was bursting out laughing. Then how she describes the way to the hospital and crashing through the glass windows. I had to bite my lip to stop laughing. It was a good book but the ending wanted me to read the fifth and last book right away. Over all it was a good book.

    Jessica "Jess" Mastriani was never what anyone would call a normal girl, but ever since she was hit by lightning, she can find anyone if she sees a picture of them. Since getting this new talent, Jess' life was made miserable by the media and the military, so Jess pretended that she can't find anyone anymore and so is officially without powers. However, there are a few people that know she can find people and most of the people in town, as well as the FBI, are pretty sure that she is faking. So [...]

    Re-read book 4It's Thanksgiving! and like the Gilmores Jess has found her self invited to more than one Thanksgiving diner. Ok only two, she's not quite the over achiever the Gilmore are. But one is Rob's house, that has got to count for something right? Wait what! Rob has actually invited her to a date like situation!?! Is this progress? Yes, Yes it is. and we are rewarded with a pretty awesome scene after dinner. But before we get to that Jess has to endure dinner with her family, including cr [...]

    I probably should've read the first three books first, but this book was the only one in the shop. So sue me.16 y/o Jess has been constantly stalked by the FBI ever since a freak lightning bolt gave her psychic powers. Disliking her ability, Jess lies and says she has lost the power. But when (view spoiler)[the body of a local boy turns up in a cornfield, with a possible gang symbol on his chest (hide spoiler)], Jess knows she has to come out of 'hibernation' and save a kidnapped Jewish boy, wit [...]

    This. Book. Was. So. Intense. From the first page, it had me hooked, and I finished this in a day and a half. Jess was especially witty, Rob seemed especially hot, and the entire thing fit into one action-packed book. Filled with angry motorcycle gangs, evil backwoods militia groups, and creepy FBI agents, this book will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.I love Jess. She's a great female lead, telling the story with sarcasm that has me wanting to roll on the floor laughing. She's inde [...]

    Michelle. D.
    I just want to sayFINALLYYYYYYYYYYY!Fine. A. Leee!Rob admits his feelings, Jess just spits out what she is thinking when it comes to Rob and his family.And when that scene ended I was, like, at peace.Which makes you think that the ending was my favourite part(it was :P)But Jess kinda gets everything she wants in this one. No more pissy FBI stalking her (though she is now kind of a member of their team), she gets a boyfriend that isn't ashamed of her, she tells her parents about Rob, her brothers [...]

    Alida Arabelle
    A really cool and jolly book. Really missed meg cabot never knew such a book existed it was funI just loved jess and rob romance really sweet m psychic to find missing people pretty cool. Really love her carefree writing totally enjoyable.

    Arra Abella
    The events in this fourth book were quite intense. There were a lot of action going on--gunfires, injuries, explosions, bumpy rides, etc. I might say it was one hell of an adventure, though it did not really give me the very thrilling feeling or excitement.

    Piyumini Buddhika
    Enjoyed it!

    Really good! Loved Rob and the Grits but poor Sean and Nate. Off to read the last one next

    A good continuation for the series. I like the storyline with the white supremacists and how Jess, Rob and the Grits took them down :)

    I LOVE THIS SERIES I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT! It is an easy read, I read it when I was 12, but I loved it, and still reread it til this day.

    wow this book was amasing DOUGLESS HAS A GIRLFRIEND

    Not Cabot's best work. Predictable, cliche, and somehow the chemistry between Jess and Rob isn't that great. Still, I enjoyed it.

    Heera Shetty
    she finally told her parents,now it's going to get a little more interesting.

    i LOVE this series. now if i could just get the third book

    Tessa Palmeri
    I love this series. It's a good take on being a teenager when weird things happen that change your life.

    I'm in love with Rob. What else.

    MaryBeth Isaac
    I like to read literary fiction and often read YA to take on something lighter between novels. Since this is a series and they are quick reads I have read back to back. I only rated 3 stars because it is not what I consider a "great" work BUT it the books are fun and I cannot deny that Meg Cabot has an incredible skill for capturing teen angst perfectly and humorously. Every sentence she writes is executed with a perfect blend of sarcasm and wit and it is difficult not to appreciate that. These [...]

    This book blends seamlessly with book 3. If they were packaged together in an omnibus, you wouldn't be able to tell where one ended and the other began, it was that smooth of a transition. The series is still fun and quite enjoyable, and it was a nice, quick read. Takes maybe 45 minutes to read the whole thing, with interruptions. The plot was interesting and engaging, and the characters feel familiar, as though they are real people you could know, instead of fictional characters. Very well writ [...]

    I really love this series. It's simple, and funny. It hasn't lost my interest yet. and I feel like that's saying a lot. Spoilers Ahead*****I loved Dr K he was pretty awesome I thought I would like him, in the last book. But no he's cool!! I love Chigger too!!! I so want him in the next book! I am kind of disappointed, we still haven't learned barely anything about Rob! Don't get me wrong, I love his character, there's just no foundation there. I feel like the books are getting darker with every [...]

    Great story line, well written, couldn't stop reading it. The series could (and did for a while) have ended there, but I'm glad she wrote a fifth book.

    That Was so fracking stupid!And it made me mad as hell, when everyone behaved like morons.

    3.5 stars


    **The first four books were put into 2 volumes and at the same time they were given a different series title —Vanished.Let me tell you a story about a girl, maybe even a sort of hero, Jess Mastriani. She's quick with her fists —there is never any doubt about that— and that often leads her to trouble; usually in the form of another week of detention. More than that though, Jess is a loyal, quick witted, kind, just and hardworking girl and even now that I am older than her, I still look up t [...]

    Julie Lectures D'Une Nuit
    Vous l’avez peut être remarqué, mais je poste de moins en moins vu que je suis en pleine phase « phase terminale des lectures obligatoires pour les cours ». Même si je continue à lire des livres qui m’intéressent, je dois avouer que je suis vite lassée ayant déjà 2h de lecture dans les pattes (et la lassitude de ces satanés romantiques qui font trainer l’intrigue en longueur avec leurs descriptions ^^). Comme je ne veux pas laisser tomber le blog, je vais tenter de chroniquer de [...]

    I was going to review books 2-5 individually. I promise I was.But, I could not get through them. I started skimming. Skimming real bad.Why?Well, I didn’t just quit because the premise was interesting – struck by lightning and now she can find missing people. Plus, I have read almost everything else by Meg Cabot.But, I just hate Jess, the main character. She is just TOO sassy. Sincerely. And how the FBI is obsessed by her. And it is very much something written for young adults, but with way t [...]

    Where do you go from high school murderers? White supremacists.But, first, it's Thanksgiving, and Jess is home with her family. The new kid from across the street is missing but he's only been gone for a few hours so nobody is overly worried and Jess thinks nothing of it as she sneaks out to Rob's house for her second Thanksgiving dinner. Rob is a little bit upset that she snuck out and a little bit more upset because she hasn't told her parents about him and his wrong side of the tracks self. T [...]

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