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  • Title: A Different Breed
  • Author: AngelMartinez
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  • Josh hunts vampires with relentless, cold precision until the night he confronts a gorgeous hunk of vamp in the woods outside Ithaca Richard destroys all of Josh s prejudices about vampires in the first few moments of conversation, and the sexual sparks between them ignite almost as quickly Richard offers the stability Josh never had, while Josh offers the healing RicharJosh hunts vampires with relentless, cold precision until the night he confronts a gorgeous hunk of vamp in the woods outside Ithaca Richard destroys all of Josh s prejudices about vampires in the first few moments of conversation, and the sexual sparks between them ignite almost as quickly Richard offers the stability Josh never had, while Josh offers the healing Richard needs so desperately.But it s nearly impossible just to walk away from a life of violence An attack one evening leaves a friend in the hospital, Richard with a bullet through his chest, muttering about strange creatures, and Josh fighting to piece together what really happened Are Richard s nightmare attackers real, or is Josh s favorite vamp losing his mind Is there a reasonable explanation or has the hunter now become prey Genres Gay Dark Fantasy Vampire Witchcraft Magic
    Angel Martinez currently lives part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware and full time inside her head She has one husband, one son, two cats, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate Angel s alter ego writes the all ages science fiction Sandra Stixrude.


    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Well, there goes my Angel Martinez winning streak. I'm actually surprised by how much I truly disliked this book. But I really, really didn't enjoy this one, and the only reason that I finished it is because I wanted to review it properly. First of all, if you are anti-instalust followed by instalove, don't even think about buying this book. I hate instalove, and I was absolutely gobsmacked by how fast the relationship between Josh and Richard moved. Josh was supposedly this big bad vampire hunt [...]

    Why I think this book is must get my 5 stars?Let's start talking about the most interesting aspect the romanceBoth men will narrate the story. Richard is a 900 years vampire, while Josh is a vampire hunter. Nope, do not think (as I did, and is was my big mistake!!!) it's the same old tale nothing can be new about this old enemies falling in love theme NO!The characters are PERFECT to a romantic story. Differently of what you may think the vampire is not the reluctant of the couple, trying to avo [...]

    Damon Suede
    The power of this book is in the robust worldbuilding that unfolds in the later sections of the book What seems to be an unfortunately bland vampire/hunter setup explodes into 3D technicolor near the midpoint when Martinez takes the entire story somewhere fresh and exciting. I only wish the first 100 pages had shown the invention and subtlety of the second. Or that the familiarity of the tropes had been trotted out ironically. There was AMPLE room for metaficitonal fun in a book that is so self- [...]

    Vampire and the hunter that is just one of the themes I like and A Different Breed gives me the right combination of likeable characters, action, angst, and romance. I love how the story is told from Richard's (the vampire) and Josh's (the hunter) point of view. Thus, as reader, I know what happens in both their mind. Richard and Josh are engaging characters. They both share a pain of losing someone close to them. Richard loses his lover of twenty years to vicious hunter. Josh loses his twin si [...]

    Oh, what to say! Awesome read. The story comes across so vividly. For once in a "vampire" book the vampire is such a MAN. Richard is a warrior with a "gentleman" attitude. Oh, soooo good. The hunter, Josh, is a bit of a confused jerk but you really feel for him. There are so many twists and turns some are so easy to see and otherst so much. I REALLY hope there is more! I really fell for Richard. Richard just makes you want to see so much more and better for him!

    ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
    I loved Finn so I was psyched when I came across A Different Breed. I'm kind of soured on vamp books right now but this is Angel Martinez so the book could have been about a bloodsucking garden gnome and I would have bought it.The way we meet Josh and Richard is cute. A vampire hunter stalking a vampire looking through gay fantasy novels. Josh is flummoxed by a vampire who loves a good gay fantasy but our man Josh is still all "I will END you!" when it comes to any vampire. It doesn't matter if [...]

    Okay, the first intro of the title in the book was rather gimmicky and whatever, but w/e.Ignore the cover. The cover is melodramatic and kind of weird.This book. It. Was. Amazing.Ish.I don't know what I expected, but it defied 'em anyways.Actually, I was going to create this whole simile with this book and The Kiss in The Princess Bride (you know, the one that blew the rest of the Record Kisses away?) but idk, man.Richard is, like, the ultimate Woobie. The insta-love thing was a little weird (in [...]

    3.5 StarsI'm not sure how to rate this. I liked the story enough. The world building was terrific but things happened pretty quickly (read: insta-love). Moreover, Josh pissed me the fuck off. I loved, LOVED Richard. He was an incredibly endearing and interesting character. I thought he deserved more than well, Josh. Also, I had a problem with the ending. It felt off. I understand where AM was trying to go with it and I can see that the (view spoiler)[human/vamp/animal mutations, if you will (hi [...]

    This one is a little hard for me to rate. I liked the plot and the twist on the traditional vampire story. Richard is an amazing alpha vampire who is also very gentle, kind and refined. Josh is the vampire hunter who is fierce, crude and non trusting. Together they are great. I don't normally like insta-love stories and was hoping that the "connection" that they had meant something more to explain the insta-love but it didn't. I also wanted to know if there was a real future for them or was Rich [...]

    Just like any other red-blooded woman, I love a sexy vampire story, and Angel Martinez has definitely delivered that in 'A Different Breed'. Not only is Richard a very sexy undead, he's definitely a different type of vampire than Josh is accustomed to dealing with. So, not only is this a hot and sexy paranormal book, but it's a little different from the norm and that makes it even more entertaining.Josh has spent the past three years hunting and killing vampires. His sister, Jenny, was killed by [...]

    Cole Riann
    For days Josh’s inner voice (a sort of vampire sixth sense) calls him to upstate New York. The closer he gets the more excited he becomes, this one is old and powerful, he can feel it. While searching through the stacks at a bookstore in Ithaca, he he surprised when his inner alarm goes off. The vampire is in the same store as him, and most surprisingly of all, he is buying a book by Lynn Flewelling. Wait. Vampires read gay romance? They read, at all?! Intrigued by this vampire who acts so tot [...]

    The first half of the book had me roll my eyes almost the whole time, I'm still amazed I actually finished the book, seeing that my eyes were heavenwards a lot of times. For that part I'd give 2 stars - even though everything is well written, the insta-love was just TOO cheesy for me.The second half though was great with the even more paranormal twist ("even more" as in that it's already paranormal with the vampire-plot).Alas - 3 stars and an enjoyable read once you pass the cheesy-ness :)

    I loved this story. It starts out as a standard vamp-in-love tale but quickly morphs into an m/m romance version of The Island of Dr. Moreau. I recommend it as a quick and entertaining read for paranormal fans.

    Sammy Goode
    Angel Martinez takes the m/m paranormal genre to an all-new height in her fascinating novel, A Different Breed. After watching a vampire rip his sisters throat out, Josh has joining a guild as a hunter. Armed with extreme senses that enable him to flush out the creatures of the night, Josh kills with revenge in his heart. Not once did he ever stop or dream that the undead he hunts may not be the evil demon he has believed all this time. When he comes face to face with an ancient vamp named Richa [...]

    This book was a little surprising for a gay paranormal romance. In a very good way. Vampires in gay romance have become a little trite, but Martinez looks at them with fresh eyes. Though it does lean more toward erotica in that the relationship happened way too love-at-first-sight fast, there was a well-developed plot to support the romance of two very likeable protagonists. Josh has been killing vampires indiscriminately since his sister was murdered by one. Until he meets Richard and learns th [...]

    ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****I usually love Angel Martinez work. While not terrible, A Different Breed was not one of my favourites from her.It suffered from insta-lust and unlikeable characters. I just could not believe that Hunter Josh, who hated vamps, could do such a one eighty in such a short time. It made the resulting relationship feel insincere. Adding to that is I didn’t like Josh much. He was hot tempered and jumped to conclusions.I did like Richard and the care he took. [...]

    Kendra T
    I did enjoy this story. It was a nice story about a vampire hunter who found and fell in love with a vampire. They had an instant connection but that connection was never really discussed. Was there a reason for this connection outside of just being made for each other? Why can they hear each other? What is the magic (or whatever) behind that? I was a little confused by Josh. (view spoiler)[He met Richard (the vamp) and within hours, they were sleeping together and he is agreeing to stay with Ri [...]

    I liked it. I did. Really. I just think it could have been longer, that all the stuff that happens is good stuff, but it all just happens too fast. Josh goes from trying to kill Richard to trying to sleep with him in like a page and a half. We barely meet "Richard's Angels" when suddenly they're thrown into peril, before we really get to know anything about them. Maybe the cast was too big or the plot was too busy . . . something. I like all of the individual elements, I just wanted more glue to [...]

    An interesting story about two damaged men - a vampire and a vampire hunter - who together find themselves leading a rebellion as they reassess their current roles in life. These two men find that if they want a future together, they will need to fight for it - not only from those who intend them harm, but their own pride/egos and their past. I liked the world building that is surprisingly solid for a novel under 200 pages, and the depth of character was good too, particularly for Richard, as he [...]

    A vampire/hunter tale with an added twist. An intriguing action plot develops in the last third of the book and would have benefited from additional expansion. The romance is a rather implausible insta-love. The avenging hunter abruptly falls for one of his vampire targets based on an almost mystical attraction which is never fully explained beyond the crudely sexual. I found Josh’s romantic style rather juvenile, particularly his pet names for Richard. Richard’s character was more fleshed o [...]

    Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    4.5 stars. My review is in spoiler tags because it hasn't been edited yet. It probable has too much negative stuff as that's what I tend to think to write down. If I'm enjoying myself, I don't want to stop reading! There could be actual spoilers, though, so you've been warned.(view spoiler)[This was tough and emotional. There was excellent peril but I cried. I don't like crying. This is one of those vamp novels that doesn't pretend that there's loss when the human dies. I hate that. I want the h [...]

    Really liked one. Two individuals who have suffered great emotional pain are unexpectedly drawn to each other. Both Richard and Josh are fully developed characters and I really liked the fact that both remain strong through out the book. I also like the fact that Richard actually has a career and is not just another Vamp with piles of money and nothing to do all day. Hope we see a sequel soon.

    I didn't really buy how quickly Josh fell for Richard, and I found the beginning to be a bit slow in terms of tempo, but I was fully engaged by the last quarter. I would be interested to read more about Richard and Josh (and the pack).

    I really liked this book and the many details put into it and I completely and utterly loved Richard. Josh threw me off though, it was almost like he was bipolar with how all over the place his character was between emotions. Despite that though, I did like it and I'm glad I read it.

    k reads
    I forgot to review this after I read it and when I went back to do so a few weeks later, I couldn't remember anything about it. Had to skim thru it to remind myself. Which should tell ya something.It's fine. I thought it was trite and kinda dull.

    4.5 stars bumped to 5, because of the entertainment factor. It's my third book by Angel Martinez and I greatly admire her quality of writing and plotting.

    Andrea (Catsos Person) is a Compulsive eBook Hoarder
    See Heather K's review for reason not to buy this or read it.Illogical insta-lust/insta-love. Eww!

    Insta-boinking followed by insta-love. Disappointing for me because I do enjoy the AURA series. :(

    Oh man, what a whopper. The twists and turns kept me turning pages to find out what happens next. I do hope to see a sequel sometime in the near future? Seems like a cliff hanger to me.

    OMG How much did I love this book? Loved. Awesome read, sexy and fast paced.

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