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  • Title: Saddled and Spurred
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • This beauty is no greenhorn and she s about to rope the man of her dreams Cattleman Bran Turner is left shorthanded during busy calving season when a bull tramples his hired hand Rural Wyoming isn t exactly a hotbed of qualified candidates, and the only applicant for the position is the pampered town beauty, Harper Masterson The curvy cowgirl gets under Bran s skin atThis beauty is no greenhorn and she s about to rope the man of her dreams Cattleman Bran Turner is left shorthanded during busy calving season when a bull tramples his hired hand Rural Wyoming isn t exactly a hotbed of qualified candidates, and the only applicant for the position is the pampered town beauty, Harper Masterson The curvy cowgirl gets under Bran s skin at every turn, but with no other options, he reluctantly hires her When sexual sparks ignite, down on her luck Harper enjoys convincing Bran that not only is she capable of pulling calves, feeding livestock, and handling backbreaking ranch chores, but she doesn t mind getting down and dirty, either Harper also discovers the hot bodied cowboy isn t all work and no horseplayd he s got than a few tricks up his sleeve Bran will learn quickly that Harper is no country mouse and that she might just have what it takes to stick around for the long haul.
    Lorelei James
    Lorelei James is New York Times USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances She lives in western South Dakota.

    Saddled and Spurred Blacktop Cowboys Novel Lorelei Saddled and Spurred Blacktop Cowboys Novel Lorelei James on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This beauty is no greenhorn and she s about to rope in the man of her dreams Cattleman Bran Turner has been left shorthanded Saddled and Spurred Blacktop Cowboys Novel Book Saddled and Spurred Blacktop Cowboys Novel Book Kindle edition by Lorelei James Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Saddled and Spurred Blacktop Cowboys Novel Book . Saddle Define Saddle at Dictionary a part of a harness laid across the back of an animal and girded under the belly, to which the terrets and checkhook are attached. About Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park In a hollow, beside a wet weather stream that would forever after be known as Furnace Branch, a group of men calling themselves the Bibb County Iron Company built a furnace in . Mind Over Medicine Are You at the Top of Your Game When It Comes to Your Health If not, sign up here to receive your FREE Self Healing Kit a value This companion guide to Mind Over Medicine is meant to facilitate your self healing journey and deepen your experience of the book if you ve already read it and give you a taste of what it s about if you haven t. LOADED crossword answers, clues, definition, synonyms LOADED LOADED is a letter word starting with L and ending with D Crossword clues for LOADED Civil War Cavalry Horse Novum Scriptorium The Civil War cavalry horse Keeping the Troops Mounted Blacksmiths Doing Their Best to Equip Horses for the Demands of War Verbs that start with s Verbs Here is a list of verbs that start with S.Verbs may appear in the below word list in a variety of tense such as past and present, and many types of S verbs are included in this online resource such as action verbs. Beyond borders Biotech deals EY United States Deals The same sector optimism that spurred biotech s financing renaissance from through has also lifted alliance and acquisition activity. MORN Stock Price Morningstar Inc Stock Quote U.S Active stock funds see outflows in November, but inflows increase into passive funds Morningstar Morningstar Inc said Friday that outflows from active U.S mutual funds and exchange traded


    I really liked this one! A welcome improvement over the first book in the series (Corralled), mainly because I liked the heroine, 24 year-old Harper Masterson, so much.Former pageant queen and 'girly-girl' Harper, the middle of three sisters, is the family's caretaker. Her older sister is overseas serving in the military, her bad-rep Mom flew the coop with her boyfriend and left Harper to tend to her younger (and self-centered) teenage sister. Responsible Harper has put her education and her dre [...]

    ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    Dear Lorelei James,Today I finished your erotic masterpiece ‘Saddled and Spurred’. Ms. James there is something special about your stories. I have a bad habit of forgetting I have two small children needing my upmost attention and a hubby waiting for dinner when Im reading your books. I think im in need of a dirty spanking. Well in my defence I only think this way because you seem to always include spanking in your books and all the chic’s love it. I was so excited when your second in this [...]

    4.25 stars. Enjoyed most of this story but the ending (although sweet enough) fell kinda flat for me. Sex scenes were hotter and more detailed than expected.

    Now I see the potential in this series!! I am a diehard fan of Lorelei James'. I love her Rough Rider series and thought the first book of Blacktop Cowboys was good, but lacking compared to Rough Riders. Saddle and Spurred has made the turn back to what I love about Lorelei James; hot, hot adventuresome sex with characters you love and good stories. When I am finished with a LJ book, I can't wait for the next one to come out because the potential characters and story lines are alluring and entic [...]

    Robin *loves sexy books*
    Loved it. Harper was sweet and strong and Bran was so delicious. I really loved them together. I also liked that she wasn't so hung up on not wanting to be her mom that she put Bran off over and over. I hate when a character is too stubborn. This flowed a lot better than the first book for me. I think with the first book of a series there is so much set up and character introductions that sometimes the story between the main characters isn't as prominent as I think it should be.Having said that, [...]

    The reviews for this book are great and I'd like to read it, BUT Penguin is asking $12.99 for the ebook. No way! I'll wait until February when (hopefully) the wrongs in the publishing industry are righted and the outrageous pricing will drop.

    Ellen at Book Bellas
    GOOD LORD!!! I picked this book up on a whim and it was fabulous! Hot, Alpha rancher who has a very kinky side meets down-on-her-luck former beauty queen and sparks fly. The banter between Bran and Harper was genuine and real and witty and the sex is TOTALLY off-the-charts naughty. I was completely engrossed in small-town Wyoming life while reading this story, and it was perfect for a few hours of escape. I haven't read Book #1 and these characters all stood on their own, but I feel a binge-read [...]

    Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳

    Hot, sweaty, sticky and sweetjust how I love my cowboy stories. And this one had it allal, ranching, raunchy cowboysart, sassy, sweet women and a whole lot of "gettin' to know ya" smexing. Just a little thought on Bran: Here's his photoHarper is the middle child labelled with her mamma's whore tag. Harper moved back to Muddy Gap during her third year of college to take care of her baby sister, while her older sister was in the Army. Bailey, the younger sister, takes her sister's money, kindness, [...]

    I'm conflicted about this book. Objectively, I'm pretty sure it's a good example of erotic romance and a couple exploring beyond "vanilla" sex. My ratings are subjective, though, and I can't say it was more than just "okay" for me. I found myself skim-reading the sexytimes to get back to the plot. Unfortunately, I thought the plot itself was rather bare-bones and couldn't hold my interest enough. I initially liked the characters a lot. Harper, the surprisingly down to earth and friendly beauty q [...]

    Saddled and Spurred3 StarsDesperate for a job, Harper Masterson, former beauty queen and nail technician, finds herself working as a hired hand on Bran Turner's cattle ranch. With her strong work ethic and willingness to learn, Harper impresses the skeptical Bran who soon finds himself incapable of resisting Harper's many charms. An intriguing premise that has the potential to develop into an entertaining office type romance with numerous conflicts based on Harper's inexperience, Bran's bias and [...]

    I've read a large majority of Lorelei James's book and enjoyed them - some I loved - but the first book in this series was a total dud for me. So I was wary of this second book but I knew I had to give it a chance because LJ had proven time and again before that she can write a good erotic romance. And I'm so glad I gave this book a chance. I really enjoyed it, so much more than the first book.Series Note:Second book in Lorelei James's series "Blacktop Cowboys" about rodeo cowboys. I wouldn't sa [...]

    Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei JamesWestern Romance -March 1st, 20114 ½ starsThis is the second in Lorelei James’s contemporary western series called Blacktop Cowboys. The first was Corralled and some of the characters are featured in Saddled and Spurred. However, Saddled and Spurred can easily be read by itself.In this enjoyable western, Bran Turner is a rancher down on his luck in a depressed area of Wyoming. His only ranch hand suffered an injury during the busiest time of the year and hel [...]

    5 stars.Best LJ book ever, even beating my favourite of her Rough Riders series - Cowgirl Up and Ride. I can't put my finger on every little thing that made Saddled and Spurred spectacular except to say that each aspect of it was quite simply perfect. The hero - Bran - was hot, hard-working, gruff but not rude, caring but not sickly sweet. He wasn't overly Alpha but still permeated a strong, silent type of vibe.Harper, our heroine, was fantastic. YES! FANTASTIC HEROINE AT LAST! She was a former [...]

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    4.5 StarsThis review was posted at Under The CoversWords that can best describe this book for me:Rough, Hot, Dirty, Fast, Dominant, WildDon't let the inspirational cover look-a-like fool you! =) This book is hawt! After finishing Corralled, and even though I liked it, there was something missing. I think that something was the family and community bond that is now present in Saddled and Spurred.Hank and Kyle, the men of book one, are actually all part of a group of friends that we learn more abo [...]

    I had read the first in the series a little while ago but was a little disappointed with it so decided it best to leave them. I was in the mood for an ER last night and this one was close to the top of the pile so decided to give it a go.I have to say that this was much better and although I enjoyed it a lot more, I still don't think this series is as good as the Rough Riders series.

    Ivana Azap Feješ
    Hot, Alpha rancher who has a very kinky side meets down-on-her-luck former beauty queen and sparks fly. The banter between Bran and Harper was genuine and real and witty and the sex is TOTALLY off-the-charts naughty. In this enjoyable western, Bran Turner is a rancher down on his luck in a depressed area of Wyoming. Reserved, calm, cool Bran. This was the story of ranch owner, Bran and his inexperienced new ranch hand - and former beauty queen - Harper. They dance around one another for a while, [...]

    Opening line:"You're firing me?"Cattleman Bran Turner (Bran, really!?) is left shorthanded during calving season and since rural Wyoming and in particular the sleepy town of Muddy Gap doesn’t have an overabundance of qualified help he reluctantly hires Harper Masterson for the job. Now while this down on her luck, former beauty queen may not look the part of your typical ranch hand (the gem encrusted sunglasses and leopard print gloves are a dead giveaway) Harper proves to be a quick study and [...]

    5 Stars!Wonderful…LJ does it again with this second installment in the Blacktop series! This book had it all, a sweet, fun, steamy, sexy, heart-warming love story. Bran is the gruff, charming cattle rancher who hires the loveable, strong-willed Harper as his helper. It was fun to see their working relationship evolve into something more and watch Bran turn inside out with his desire for Harper. She was gutsy and funny, everything I love in a female character. Laugh out loud moments, terrific d [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, so much more than the first one, I knew that Corralled was a fluke for me because I am a great lover of Lorelei James and this book was more of what I love from her. This story felt more real to me, the love, the emotion, everything was so much easier to relate to!! Bran was the kind of hard ass Alpha that I love and even though Harper was 'technically' a beauty queen, she was one kick ass chick and I loved her!! Together they detonated off the pages!! Of course there [...]

    I really liked this book A LOT, but I can't say that it amazed me.The story was good, the characters very likable. It took a while for the heat to turn up but when it did, I think it blazed too much too fast and too often and the story lag a bit at that point. If your a fan of Lorelei's then I highly recommend you give this book a try. It was well worth reading and I look forwards to the next book.

    Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile"
    One of my favorites by this author. I like the fainting goats. 4.5 stars (because I re-read.)

    One of the things that I like most about Lorelei James' books is that she is such an adept world builder that I actually enjoy how she weaves characters arcs throughout a series and that the introduction of numerous new characters and plots does not overshadow the excitement of the central romantic relationship. She excelled at this skill in Saddled and Spurred.Feeling much more like a contemporary romance than her previous books, Harper and Bran take a bit of time to get to know each other befo [...]

    YeeHaw!I just love Lorelei James and I love that she's creating a whole new town of cowboys for us to play in. The first book in the Blacktop Cowboys series, Corralled, was good. This one is bettah.Harper is raising her sister and as soon as her sister graduates in a few months they are both out of the small town of Muddy Gap. The town has judged this beauty queen by her mother's whoring faults for too long and she is ready to be done with them.Unfortunately the business she clerked for has gone [...]

    Riverina Romantics
    4.5 StarsLorelei James is one fantastic, sizzling hot blooded, truly talented lady and I would love the opportunity to buy her a drink, but alas, I live on the other side of the world.I haven’t read a Lorelei James novel in a while. Mainly because she popped my erotica cherry and whilst immersed in the Rough Riders series my husband refused to keep up with my sexual demands and declined taking time off work to “meet my needs” whilst reading said series. It was sooo god damn hot that I had [...]

    Cyn Mistress Kitty
    I loved this book. LJ came through with another great story and in my opinion much better than Corralled. I really liked Bran and Harper and felt they were perfect together. I loved that Harper was such a strong woman and didn't take crap. She was a girly-girl but could get get down in the cow poop with the best of them. She was a hard worker and took care of her bratty, self centered sister. There were so many times I laughed out loud such as with the goat incident and the bunnies. These two ha [...]

    I'm really enjoying the blacktop cowboys series. This was the story of ranch owner, Bran and his inexperienced new ranch hand - and former beauty queen - Harper. They dance around one another for a while, building the sexual tension nicely, but what completely took me by surprise was that the sex between them didn't begin that well at all. When does that ever happen?There was some low level angst and, once they discovered where each other's buttons were, some sizzling smut along with lots of inf [...]

    This story takes place in the town of Muddy Gap, Wyoming. Sound quaint? Not really. No B & B’s for this little place. Former local beauty queen Harper Masterson (love the Name) has a drunken skank for a mother that ran off and left her to look out for her younger sister, Bailey, who is a Senior in high school. The oldest sister, Liberty, is enlisted in the Army and currently stationed in Afghanistan. Momma Masterson ran off with some local putz, pissed off everyone in town, leaving Harper [...]

    Kim O
    Goshwhat can I say about this book that I haven't said many, many times already? This was a re-read for me because I love their story so much. I laughed (fainting goats) and cried both times I read it. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it. Bran and Harper are one of my ALL TIME favorite couples. Bran epitomizes the strong, sexy, gen-u-ine cowboy!! He's stubborn and pig-headed and half the time I wanted to strangle him, but he has soooo many redeeming qualities it's hard not to fall for him. [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Do NOT pass on reading Saddled and Spurred if you did not like Corralled as much as you thought you would. Saddled and Spurred is an AWESOME READ!!! I didn't want it to end!!!! LJ has a way of penning emotions so clear, it puts you right there in her books, and not just from the woman's point of view, she clearly gives us what the man is feeling as well. And she always has an ACTUAL story to go along with all the hot sex. This book has it all steam, hot sex, drama, laughs, oh the laughs. LJ has [...]

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