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  • Title: Darkened
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • PLEASE NOTE DARKENED was originally published as DEADWORLD in 2011 Bryan Smith s DEADWORLD is a full throttle pedal to the metal ride straight into the heart of the apocalypse Deeply disturbing and absolutely riveting Highly recommended Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of THE KING OF PLAGUES and PATIENT ZEROHorror writer Bryan Smith, author of Depraved,PLEASE NOTE DARKENED was originally published as DEADWORLD in 2011 Bryan Smith s DEADWORLD is a full throttle pedal to the metal ride straight into the heart of the apocalypse Deeply disturbing and absolutely riveting Highly recommended Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of THE KING OF PLAGUES and PATIENT ZEROHorror writer Bryan Smith, author of Depraved, The Killing Kind, and The Freakshow unleashes an epic work of apocalyptic horror In DARKENED, a full length novel of approximately 90,000 words, an infinitude of alternate realities exist side by side From the dawn of time, each of these alternate realities has been beyond the reach of the others.UNTIL NOW.The wall separating earth and another of the realities crumbles The fabric of existence itself unravels Soon an army of winged creatures tears its way into our world, laying waste to the entire planet But this is only the beginning of the human race s nightmare A strange rot begins to infect our world, causing inorganic matter to decay at an accelerated rate Gleaming modern skyscrapers fall to ruin in a matter of weeks Cars become rusted hulks.Two other creatures from the alien realm, each far powerful than the winged warriors who decimated the planet, have also slipped into our world One exists only to kill and destroy The other is its ancient enemy and has come to earth in a final attempt to vanquish The Dark One.Some of the surviving humans find themselves used as helpless puppets by the opposing forces They are pawns in a larger game destined to end in a final showdown that will determine the ultimate fate of the world.Emily Sinclair, a Nashville singer songwriter, is no puppet She survives through a combination of guts and sheer luck She and Jake Dunham soon find themselves caring for an orphaned little girl named Abby But there is to Abby than meets the eye.Warren Hatcher is Emily s ex On the day the world dies, he and his current girlfriend, Amanda, begin a journey south to reach her family But things go awry and Warren is soon propelled in another direction back to his former hometown of Nashville.Jeff Wheeler is an ordinary man, a mechanic who also lives in Nashville Something strange happens to him in the wake of the alien invasion He is now Captain Flash Wheeler, the One True God And he has a new purpose.To walk down Salvation Road on Judgment Day.
    Bryan Smith
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    This hardcover edition is copy 14 of 52 signed numbered editions signed by Bryan Smith.

    Ever since I discovered the work of Bryan Smith with DEPRAVED in 2009 Ieaze-factor/2017

    Kimberly Raiser
    I am currently reading this, about 75% through, and just loving it. Though the first edition on Kindle needs some editing, the story is awesome!!

    It was alright but im really not a big fan of post apocalyptic tales. This was one of the better one's that I have read though and the ending was quite good.

    11811 (Eleven)
    Not bad but far from my favorite Bryan Smith book.

    Very depressing story. It lacked the action/suspense of previous Smith books.

    From my blog Rediscovering Horror Fiction.This is a first for me. Between the time I purchased this book last week and the time I finished it last night, Bryan Smith’s latest novel, self-published as an ebook only, has undergone a title change. Smith gives the lowdown here, but apparently someone with a similarly titled project took issue with the use of the title Deadworld, even though it is impossible to copyright a title. So the book is now called Darkened, which doesn’t matter much to th [...]

    Christa Watkins
    Because of the projects I've had going on the last several days, I couldn't give this book the full attention it deserved. Under other circumstances, this would have been one of those books I couldn't put down. Every evening when I had to do other things at the time I would normally be reading, I actually missed this book and yearned to get back to it.The majority of the action in this novel takes place right here in Nashville. That was a big draw for me, plus I've made it a goal to check out mo [...]

    Rafael Marmol
    After reading through "Slowly We Rot" and "Depraved" I think I found my favorite Bryan Smith book. Not as balls-to-the-wall out of its mind like "Depraved" or as slow as "Slowly We Rot", this book has a good balance of action, character, and deviance I've come to expect from Smith's writing. The premise is simple. A creature of darkness decides to pass into our world and insanity ensues. There is death and destruction everywhere and the world has pretty much ended. The darkness is corrupting peo [...]

    Brian Mcclain
    This is a hard one for me, because I did devour the book and read it fast and it kept me riveted throughout despite the fact that some portions of it seemed oddly normal for the situations that were occurring. There was nothing too over the top for me to handle and honestly I kind of wish there was more in it. It was a pretty cool setting and some pretty interesting people and I wouldn't have minded this being 400 pages instead with more meat on its bones. I also gotta say that I wasn't super ha [...]

    The agenda seemed to be to take Stephen King's The Stand and rehash it into a splatter punk version with the end of the world and good vs evil elements. Rape was explored enough times that I began to worry about the author. Sometimes the thing I love about King is also the thing that wears on me, the constant exploration of the inner motivations and experience of the character. In this book I enjoyed the characters and though they were occasionally two dimensional, still I cared about them just [...]

    DeadworldDarkenedme book, different names. Apparently the author had to change the name, but whatever. This is an end of the world story told with some skill and imagination, about a group of survivors headed toward a date with destiny after other-dimensional forces effectively hit the stop button on the world. If you're into these kinds of books you've probably read this story several times over. Smith adds a lot more gore, and a lot more rape. He's a very capable writer but this kind of subjec [...]

    Joe Stamber
    As far as apocalyptic tales go, I found Darkened/Dead World to occupy the middle ground. I've read some great apocalyptic novels, most notably The Stand and Darkened isn't one of them. That's not to say it's bad. Like most books of this genre, we are introduced to a variety of people and follow them to the climax (or their grisly ends) and this process of introduction can make for a slow start. The plot is okay, the characters are okay (although we won't be keeping in touch) and in the end every [...]

    This is an intriguing take on the apocalyptic end of the world. A rip is torn in the fabric of time and dimension, releasing an evil that destroys the world as we know it and all human life, except for an unfortunate few.The survivors struggle to accept and adapt to the resulting wasteland, only to be used as puppets by the entity that created it, turning them on each other and themselves. Until one man walks down Salvation Road.A chilling story that grabs your attention from the start and holds [...]

    ♥ Marlene♥
    Wow. What a book. This is the first book I've read by this author and I did like it. I am used to reading Stephen King,or Robert McCammon. Bryan Smith's writing reminds me a bit of them but he adds much more violence and sex. (I don't mind ;) ) I am going to check out his other books on amazon. I want to read more by this author and I recommend it if you like a bit of , okay a lot of violence, sex and horror.

    This was a good rendition of an end of the world story. The presentation held my interest, I enjoyed the characters, and the denouement despite my trepidation about this being ANOTHER end of the world story. It was well done.

    Brendan Howard
    A decent end-of-the-world book.

    Bryan's version of "The Stand". Intense, shocking, and impossible to put down. Great, fast paced read!

    I've tried reading other apocalyptic stories and they're mostly all ripoffs of The Stand but this one was better. It did remind me of Swan Song but not a copy. A good but brutal last few chapters.

    • Free Read [Manga Book] ↠ Darkened - by Bryan Smith ✓
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