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  • Title: A Dillon Sandwich
  • Author: Joyee Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781610342469
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

  • Menage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, M M M, Paranormal, demons Shane O Hagan has never seen a warrior before When one comes to the family farm, he s shocked at how sexy the large warrior is But not as shocked as he is by the knowledge that this gorgeous man is his mate Well, his and his twin Sean s mate, that is When Dillon Dragos is sent Menage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, M M M, Paranormal, demons Shane O Hagan has never seen a warrior before When one comes to the family farm, he s shocked at how sexy the large warrior is But not as shocked as he is by the knowledge that this gorgeous man is his mate Well, his and his twin Sean s mate, that is When Dillon Dragos is sent to Ireland by the council to help with a suspected demon nest, he s in for the ride of his life Dillon is thrilled to find out he has sexy little twins as his mates But will they be willing to leave their family and Ireland to come back with Dillon to America Or will he have to leave them behind A Siren Erotic Romance
    Joyee Flynn
    Also writes under Flynn Eire


    Huge Cock Lover
    So, in a nutshell - Dillon is American and in less than 8 hours has picked up the twins Irish accent (like, really?). Been drugged unconscious for 4 hours. Met twin mates, had sex twice, came in his pants once and fell to his knees crying when Shane said he wanted to take it slow because he thought Shane wouldn't want him. Yeah, a 'supposed' macho guy crying throughout the book? Not my thing.

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    Wow way to butcher an entire dialect and write a shit story (It was my understanding that not everyone in Ireland spoke like an ignorant, uneducated, inbred hillbilly) here is a link for how to be Irish Maybe Joyee should watch it and take notesyoutu/osFTAMDkVQc

    Serena Yates
    I really enjoyed this story. It takes place a few weeks after Stefan (Marius Brothers, #3) and tells Dillon's story. At the same time it is the beginning of a new series, this one set in Ireland.Dillon is a man in conflict and looking for a home. He struggles with being heir to a bigoted a-hole of a man, Abraham Dragos (who appeared as villain in previous books). Two of his younger brothers are gay and mated to a different Marius brother, and have already faced their father's wrath. When Dillon [...]

    Holy shit. Where do I start? I don't even know how this book found its way on to my Kindle. This book was horrendous. Seriously, I don't know where to start. First, it's about gay vampires but no sort of vampire I recognize. Then the vampire comes to Ireland from the USA and meets his soul mates, a set of twins. And the written Irish dialect is laughable. There's more but I'd like to forget I wasted my brain power on this book.

    Cole Riann
    Wow that was some interesting Irish dialect. Don't know that I've ever heard anyone speak that way before.

    Don Bradshaw
    Ms Flynn has another winner on her hands with this book. There aren't any holes or jumping around except for the reason the Marius Brothers are there. That seemed to lay as a loose end until the very end. The other problem is what happened with Caleb? I can only imagine that a Caleb book is in the works.

    Очень примитивный язык и картонные персонажи. Читаешь как детский спектакль: я сказал, он ответил, я подумал и т.д. На Дилона внезапно свалились миллионы долларов, он отказывается от фамилии и права на главенство семьи (кстати, в прошлых книгах первым сыном был Исаак, теперь [...]

    Lol! I gave this book a 3.75* but when I got to this books page it has a 3.75stars rating!

    Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    There's just nothing quite as sexy to me as a hot vampire with an accent. I was completely charmed by the Irish twins introduced in A Dillon Sandwich. While this is the first in The O'Hagan Way series, it is an extension of the beloved Marius Brothers books. If you've not had the occasion to check these books out, you really have missed out on a fantastic series and will want to rectify that as soon as you can. The beginning demonstrates in a humorous way that Dillon Dragos is completely out of [...]

    Nerine Petros
    3.5 stars. I liked this story, actually a bit more than the Marius Brothers stories so far. I don't know if that says more for the fact that the more hot men involved, the better for me, or for the fact that Joyee just writes good stories ;). Either way, if you plan to read this story, you can read it on its own, but let me tell you, it is best if you read the first three Marius Brothers stories first because there are things mentioned that will have more context if you have the full background. [...]

    Let me start by saying that I have already read the majority of the books in this series and was following it for a long time. I lost track of it and realized recently that I had about 4 new books in the Marius World Series to read. But it has been a long time since I read some of them, and I couldn't really remember much of the overarching plot. I also hadn't read much of the "Beyond the Marius Brothers" stories and never even added the ones I read onto . I decided to take up the challenge of r [...]

    This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm This is a spin off from The Marius Brother's series and I have to say Yum. If you can get past the hockey accent she has tried to write it, and believe me when I say it is hockey and then some, the story is really hot. we met Dillon in book 2 of the Marius Brothers series and so we already know he has an ass for a father so it comes as no surprise when his father shows just what an ass he is. This is a really sweet story about family and is a grea [...]

    CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    Wow! Ms. Flynn has done it again! Why am I not surprised? When I first read the blurb for this book, I almost waited to read it just because I was not sure how being mated to twins was going to work since in all of her other books, none of the mates were related to each other. I am happy to say my concerns were totally put to rest, this book is just as hot, and the world building is just as spectacular as all of her other books. I loved Dillon’s secret gift and how he was able to use it to hel [...]

    Lexi Ander
    Dillon Dragos is sent to Ireland to investigate disappearances and meets his mate, oh wait, mates. Identical twin mates. Off the bat there were so many things that they had to consider. IF (big if) the mated Dillon would they go back to America away from their large family who really couldn't afford to lose two hands from the farm? How would Dragos's father handle the news that another of his sons was mated to a man? Did Dillon really want to subject his mates to his father's hatred and tendency [...]

    Ale Rivero
    Me ha gustado el tipo de vampiros que ha utilizado la autora en esta historia, y aunque al principio me costó engancharme con los personajes, al final me terminaron gustando.Dillon es el típico hombre que ha sido obligado desde pequeño a hacer las cosas que sus padres querían, sin poder disfrutar de la vida o tener la posibilidad de ser amado.Shane y Sean son totalmente lo opuesto, su familia es lo más cariñoso y tierno que puede existir.Dillon llega a Irlanda solo pensando que debe realiz [...]

    typical joyee flynn serial romance. nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can't be finished. what is typical joyee flynn? imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no t&a (see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah.). out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all books by :joyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted. i'd apologize, but i'm not sorry. i figure it's about as much time as the [...]

    I haven't completely finished reading this book. My problem? Well it's well written with an intresting plot so it's not that. It's that I can't connect with the characters and that I personally feel the story is so rushed that it doesn't flow. I hate saying this because I've read a lot of Joyee Flynn's work and have really enjoyed it but this time it didn't work for me. What really bothers me is that I just don't get the heart of the characters. I wonder if this is because I haven't read the fir [...]

    Owen Creed
    A fun read and not going to rip it into shreds over some of the content choices, still had a huh moment when Dillon says at the very start of the story, that he and his brothers were unaware that Noah was missing At a point where there was only him Isaac and Noah who were brothers. Again as the first book of a spinoff there is some foundation building for the books that follow and some fallback on established characters from previous storied to help this one fly.

    WOW ye be me like it!!!Apart from the Irish / pirate dialect I thought it was cute, it was nice to see this story come to like in a completely different light that most people would see twins in and really it worked together. I was rooting for Dillon all the way and his father was a fucktard, but really is was cute with the boys and a nice fluffy read

    This is a series set in Ireland. The family has sets of twins. So when a mate is found he has two mates. This is not like three mates. The twins are just mates with the same man. There are lots of funny scenes and other great scenes. Love this series. Joyee Flynn is a great author. I love reading all the books.

    I very much enjoyed the start of this series. The guys from Ireland just draw you in. The thought of their accents and looks was just yummy. I looked forward to seeing more in this series. I am currently reading the second and look forward to more please!

    I really liked this story. Very Good I see more twins in the future of this series (lots of brothers) I hope Caleb's story is next?? I'm very curious about him now and what his story will be.

    Jenniffer Donaldson
    1 problem i had was that Dillon was the 2nd child in the Remus and Noah story and that's why his father didn't bother with him much, but in this story he is the oldest child or am i really wrong in what i remember

    2016 Re-read

    Review of (rant about) all related books in "Victor" (Marius brothers #4).

    I love Joyee Flynn's work she always delivers a hot read and this three way is no different, loved it

    The only thing I found annoying is the author writing in an irish accent.

    It's not a MMM, it's a M/MM. One man being mated with two other (brothers).

    Funny, sweet, and at times heart breaking with a smidgen of action.

    I really like Joyee Flynn but I barely managed to finish this one. Even for ~shiter romance style insta-love this one was so underdeveloped it took the pleasure out of the reading utterly.

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