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  • Title: Ominous
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9780857071491
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

  • After the shocking revelations made in the Private prequel, The Book of Spells , Noelle and Reed know they are descendants of the original Billings Girls and their legacy includes a mysterious coven of witches Has Reed unknowingly recreated their magic and what will the consequences be once the others find out what they come from
    Kate Brian
    Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name Kieran Scott.


    Alyssa Calloway
    OminousBy Kate BrianPages: 212Read: once on March 19, 2011Series: Private, # 13As always, possible spoilers, so beware.First Line: I couldn’t move.If you have not read the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, you will be so lost. So, for the purposes of this review I will assume everyone reading this has read The Book of Spells. At first I was a little skeptical of magic in this series. Not because I don’t like magic, in fact I love magic. Harry Potter and Charmed are two of my favorite thin [...]

    Angelia Fransisca Rusli
    Okay. I should admit that every time Kate Brian's adding something about witchcraft stuff here, I started to roll my eyes. Not that it's bad, it's just it reminds me a lot of Indonesian soap opera where the heroine was all so powerful, a great descendant of the most powerful clan, was never accused wrong even if she's actually wrong + when the market's response to the products is very good, they'll produce more and more of it, even when some things should just ended there. As a result, the story [...]

    In typical Brian fashion the story is a series of unexpected twists and turns before finally endingy to leave you with more questions. As much as I have absolutely loved this series, I'm afraid that its changing. The first books were about academics, fashion, and the wonder and mystery behind the fabulous Billings Girls. But now, a prequel featuring "A Book of Spells"? This isn't Harry Potter or any of the fantasy mythologically-based books that I've also been reading! It better not turn into so [...]

    Virginia Mae
    Utterly preposterous, ridiculous, absurd, unbelievable, nonsensical, fabulous, unputdownable, and amazing. Combining the noir suspense and posh girl warfare of a regular Private book with the feel of The Craft crossed bizarrely with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ominous continues the exceedingly entertaining shark jump that is the introduction of the supernatural into a previously "secular" series.I love the way this book finally summed up, repeatedly, all of the insane shenanigans that [...]

    Sooooo disappointed. All that witchcraft and wizardry plot was just unnecessary and not to forget stupid. I did not expect this series to hit such an all-time low after a roller-coaster ride it had been from book 2nd to 8th. The idea of a being descendants of witches and Billings being a Coven was utterly ridiculous. I was waiting for an explanation that someone was just messing with Reed but it never came up. The ending was filmy too, with Noelle's dad dying while saving Reed from getting stabb [...]

    ***Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWorm***I didn't know a thing about this series going into it. My boyfriend (now husband) would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book, thinking I would enjoy it. /// Well he was right lol. /// I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours. /// This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol , but it's lots of fun and it was the first time I'd e [...]

    Typical YA - following all the Private-esque juicy twists! I don't know what it is about these boarding school princess books but I love them! I love how Kate Brian has tied everything together while continuing to make this series work. I think these books are little mature and would only recommend them to ages 15 and up.

    Asiyah Ayaan
    Hopefully worth my five stars!!!!!!!!! Usually Kate's writing is good, so I think it will be. And I don't want the series to end!!!!!!! Ms. Brian/Scott, if you are reading this, please don't make this series finish! they are the one things I lean on when life gets hectic!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya frvr!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved loved loved the penultimate installment in the Private series! I can't believe 1. that I actually said "penultimate" and 2. that there's only one book left till the end of the series :( :(Book Of Spells led the path for Ominous, as it's full of magic, witches, dreams of the future. Ominous went to a totally different direction than the rest of the Private books, because a small, tiny little piece of paranormal was added in it. I know that rubbed some people the wrong way, and it's understa [...]

    Erica Alyson
    I don't want to write about what happens because it is so GREAT! Everyone should read this series.I loved Reed, Josh, Noelle, Ivy, and Mr. Lange in this book! Reed and Noelle are the best main characters.This is my favorite series and I don't want the next book to be the last :o( I thought the witch storyline could be hard to follow this far into the series but it tied together to all events in the series very well!

    These books are just getting more and more ridiculous as the series goes on. Honestly they should have ended it at book 9. Books 9-present just show that "Kate Brian" (real name Kieran Scott) has completely run out of ideas and is just writing random crap to add a little drama.

    Fauzia Rajani
    So far so good.

    Don't like the direction this series has taken. Preppy rich girls was one thing, but preppy rich girls reading studying witchcraft is another.

    it was better than the last few but not as great as the books before Paradise lost.

    After finding out Reed is half sisters with Noelle by sharing the same father. Noelle's and now Reed's grandmother explains to Reed she took Noelle as a plan to test Reed to see how strong she was to be the one to find the Book of Spells and to lead the new coven of witches. They follow their grandmother's advice and look back into the Billings Literary Society. By locating an area with the key their grandmother gives them they find the Book of Spells. (The first prequel to this series was about [...]

    If this wasn’t an ebook, I would throw it across the room. Bullshit! Bullshit! So now Reed is like a rich girl. The whole point of this story was that she was supposed to be the underdog. And there's stupid witches or something. You also want to make me believe that sweethearts Josh “I Hate Him With Burning Passion” Hollis and Reed “Mary Sue” Brennan are some kind of dream soulmates. 1 more book and salvation is upon us.Bring us a basin! We’re going to be sick!-Roald Dahl, Matilda

    I’m a big fan of this series and this book was horrible and just didn’t fit at all.

    Nathalia Borghi
    Oh god, this is crack addictive. Totally bonkers. But I love it.

    Kathryn CA
    My review is going to be split up into several sections. The first is my thoughts on the cover, the second is my general review, and the third will but under a Spoiler Alert.To start off, I just want to talk about the cover for a moment. Finally they hired some pretty models again. The original books were really pretty and then there was a spell of not so great models or clothes or whatever. It was really disappointing (I know that is really superficial to say but the covers were what initially [...]

    Jessica Lawlor
    *Spoilers ahead if you’re not up-to-date with the Private seriesAfter finally reuniting with Noelle after her mysterious vanishing, Reed is ready to settle down and enjoy the rest of the school year in relative peace. But at Easton Academy, peace is definitely not in Reed’s cards.In the previous book VANISHED, Reed learns that Noelle is her half sister. The girls grandmother tells them that they are special; and that there’s a secret waiting for them to discover back on campus. The girls r [...]

    Reed's "grandmother" Mrs. Lange has sent Reed and her half sister Noelle to find a book. Noelle could not be more furious with her grandmother, but Reed is intreged. The Book of Spells goes right along with the books she found a couple weeks earlier, BLS. Elizabeth Williams is a character coming alive for Reed and she wants to learn more. One night she sneaks off campus with the book and resites one of the spells, the incantation, which should make her a witch. Reed is sceptical, but when she re [...]

    Janelle Dazzlepants
    After seeing the direction in which this series was heading, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading. As such, it took me a while to finally pick this book back up and finish it, because I just can't wrap my head around the change in creative direction. A private school murder mystery series becomes a private school witchy paranormal series, after 12 books and no hints of anything supernatural going on. Once I got over the change I really enjoyed the book, but I know it's going to be a massive [...]

    Kari Anderson
    After the shocking revelations made in the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, Noelle and Reed know they are descendants of the original Billings Girls and their legacy includes a mysterious coven of witches. But it’s nothing compared to what happens next.One by one, Billings Girls go missing from campus.The entire community bands together to find the lost girls, hoping they are still alive. Reed can’t believe tragedy has struck Easton again, and she begins to wonder if the Billings Girls a [...]

    4TH QUARTERSiti H.M. KhairiOminousby Kate Brian212 pagesSimon & Schuster $9.99ISBN 1416984720(Ages 13 and up)The shock has ebbed and the reality becomes clear as day. Reed and Noel are related, Reed and Noel share the same father, Reed and Noel are long lost sisters. What were the odds? After her many traumatic glass-licking phase caused by Noel, Reed becomes overwhelmed even more that just being Noel's sister. Her ancestors created a covenof witches. But who believes in those silly myths? N [...]

    OminousAn imprint of Simon&Schuster Children's Publishing Division 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10020Kate Brian$9.99 Pages.212ISBN: 9781416984726"Of course, promises are made to be broken." Ominous is the 13th novel of the Private series, written by Kate Brian. The novel is categorized under fiction. Kate Brian also wrote many other novels such as, the Privilege series, Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys, Ex-mas, and many more. Most of her books are for young adults a [...]

    I'm suprised Reed is still living and breathing as she seriously gets attacked every five minutes. No wonder the girl is on edge all the time! Yet again this installment of the Private series is jam-packed full of thrilling moments of terror and life threatening moments for Reed. She really does fill each and every day with action, whether she is working on school work, partying, getting murdered or loving it up with Josh, she never has a moment to rest. The one thing which made this books stand [...]

    Ashley - Book Labyrinth
    Pretty much everything I've come to expect from a Private novel (in a good way!) + an interesting (?) paranormal-esque twist.Reed & Josh are lovelies, and I think they just need to run away Easton and be safe together together. Adore that couple so much.Noelle is, well, herself, but you can tell that she actually does care about Reed, especially now that they're family. I love Noelle when she's not stabbing Reed in the back.Also, can I say that I love Amberly? I don't know, the girl just mak [...]

    Ok I won't do a spoilers review on this one.As a HUGE fan of Kate Brian I have loved all her books I've read. Book of Spells was still a good book spite the supernatural element I felt that shouldn't have been there. Well I feel the same about 'Ominous'. As always the story was gripping, well tuned, had a few shocks and a little predictability. But it was true to the other 'Private' series books and even if it had of received a 0 star rating I would still have read it!I am glad we didn't see too [...]

    Ominous is the 13th book in the Private series and takes place after the shocking revelations made in Vanished. Note: It is recommended you read the series’ 2nd prequel, The Book of Spells, before reading Ominous. I was really pleased with how the author played out the paranormal twist - it was totally believable and not cliche at all! In fact, it seemed a little unique compared to a lot of Supernatural YA novels we read today. Although I don’t completely understand why this somewhat change [...]

    Oh, man. This has become a soap opera by now, the amount of ridiculousness is so high. Still, it works as a guilty pleasure that you don't take too seriously. And there were mentions of Charmed and even some nods to it so I was pretty amused by that. Seriously though, I'm kind of undecided with this magic thing. On one hand, it seems totally out of nowhere, and changed the tone of the story considerably. From the Gossip Girl atmosphere to Charmed that's like opposite worlds to me. On the other h [...]

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