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  • Title: A Hard Death
  • Author: Jonathan Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780062079053
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook

  • Forensic pathologist Edward Jenner survived the horrific ordeal of the Inquisitor serial slayings in New York, but not the political fallout With his state medical license suspended, he hopes to repair his shattered life while working as a medical examiner in Douglas County, Florida But evil is not confined to big cities alone.Two corpses pulled from a sunken car followeForensic pathologist Edward Jenner survived the horrific ordeal of the Inquisitor serial slayings in New York, but not the political fallout With his state medical license suspended, he hopes to repair his shattered life while working as a medical examiner in Douglas County, Florida But evil is not confined to big cities alone.Two corpses pulled from a sunken car followed by the grisly discovery of four bodies hanging in the Everglades are evidence of an insidious rot infecting this quiet coastal resort community Suddenly Jenner s investigation is turning up grim traces of a nightmarish conspiracy and with no one to trust and nowhere to turn, his only hope of survival is to walk away something Jenner could never do.
    Jonathan Hayes
    British born Jonathan Hayes is a senior forensic pathologist in New York City He has lectured internationally in his field, and teaches at New York University School of Medicine he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A prolific and eclectic freelance writer, Hayes writes regularly for the New York Times, New York magazine, GQ, Food and Wine, Martha Stewart Living and many other magazines In Precious Blood , Hayes s first novel, a forensic pathologist burnt out after 9 11 hunts a serial killer on the streets of New York.


    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    Murder. Killers. The Everglades.This book was very well written and had me on the edge of my seat, can't quite turn the page fast enough read.

    Phil James
    This is a great book and the second (and last) in the series by Jonathan Hayes. Book 1 was about a disgraced medical examiner who was somewhat burnt out after being involved in the recovery of bodies at ground zero following 9/11. This book sees him taking on a job in Florida for a few months to fill in for a colleague who is on leave. Let's just say bodies start piling up so he's kept busy. It is very well paced and somewhat different. Well worth a read.

    Monday, April 4, 2011A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes Article first published as Book Review: A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes on Blogcritics. Helping an old friend in Florida after losing his job and reputation in New York gives Edward Jenner time and space to make decisions. Of course, it would have to be soon, money was running out. A forensic pathologist by trade, and brilliant in his field, he is in the area helping as a medical examiner.Working second fiddle to his friend Doc Roburn his life i [...]

    In A Hard Death, Edward Jenner moves to Florida and works as a medical examiner after having his medical license suspended in New York, where a terrible incident has left his career and life in tatters. He needs a break but he's not about to find it here. First, he finds the bodies of his boss and the man's wife in a car, then a phone call leads to more bodies in the swamp. This forensic pathologist, turned medical examiner, must navigate new ground in order to solve these murders. This was such [...]

    Jonathan Hayes, a veteran forensic pathologist, has been a New York City medical examiner, performing autopsies and testifying in murder trials, since 1990. A former contributing editor at Martha Stewart Living, Hayes has written for the New York Times, GQ, and Food & Wine. A Hard Death is his latest novel, a sequel to Precious Blood.A Brief Summary:Forensic pathologist Edward Jenner, the main character of the forensic driven series by Hayes, is in a small-town coastal community in Florida n [...]

    A Hard DeathBy Jonathan HayesPublished by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishersMexican drug cartels, corruption, child sex trade, and heinous fear evoking murder, all play a part in this gritty crime thriller played out in the Everglades of Florida. When Edward Jenner agrees to stand in as Douglas County Medical Examiner for his long time mentor and friend, he has no idea what he’s in for. Almost as soon as he arrives, bodies begin to stack up⎯including those of the resident Medical [...]

    The Sunday Book Review
    In this book I follow Dr. Jenner as he moves to a new town and immediately finds himself in the middle of murder and drama. It starts out fun enough. He moves in and the former M.E. has been found murdered and he has to perform the autopsy. Then bodies start popping up hanging from trees and being run over. Love it.And then I find out that all the murders are connected and I feel a bit deflated. I don’t want everything to be connected. I want different story lines where the lead character, in [...]

    A Hard Death is a sequel to an earlier novel by the author (Precious Blood) and follows forensic pathologist Edward Jenner as he becomes immersed in a series of mysteries in southern Florida. I do think having read the prior novel would give the reader a head start in understanding Jenner and his past (involving a serial killer in NYC and related personal background), but I was able to catch up. I'm not a huge thriller/mystery girl but enjoyed watching the threads tie together and think Hayes ha [...]

    I didn’t read the first book in this series. Despite there obviously being a lot that happened, you get the gist of it through this book. Jenner took things into his own hands while in New York, and as a result he is now working in Florida, trying to lay low and just do his job. But when the man who hired him is found dead, just the first in a chain of strange events, laying low is no longer an option.This isn’t a happy book. Hayes does a nice job of maintaining the noir feel, even when ther [...]

    A Hard Death: A Novel, by Jonathan Hayes. It's a good book and well written, 3.5 stars actually. But it's just too, too much. Evil on top of evil, greed on top of greed and no rules to moderate methods which were pretty ghastly. The richest of the rich and totally depraved and his daughter and her daughter. A dog picked up, rescued from some real cruel ninnies led by their bad sorry excuse for a father, then part of a bombing by those involved in the "safe" illegal profit making. Another set of [...]

    A Hard Death is the second in Jonathan Hayes’ Edward Jenner series. Having read the first, Precious Blood, is not a prerequisite for reading A Hard Death. I had no problem following the story without previous knowledge of Dr. Jenner. I will admit though, I’m curious to read the Precious Blood to learn all the details of how Jenner came to be where he is in A Hard Death.Dr. Edward Jenner, a criminal pathologist, has left New York and found temporary work in Florida while his mentor, Doc Robur [...]

    LindaBranham Greenwell
    I didn't read the first book in this series. Even though there obviously was a lot that happened in the first book, you get the gist of it through this book. It seems that in the first book Jenner took things into his own hands while in New York and a policeman was killed, and as a result he is now working in Florida, trying to lay low and just do his job. But when the man ( another pathologist) who hired him is found dead, just the first in a chain of strange events, laying low is no longer an [...]

    Caroline Barker
    After reading the first instalment of Jonathan Hayes' Edward Jenner character in Precious Blood I was very excited to read the sequel. At first, I must admit I found it more difficlut to really get into this one. However, I do think that it was largely due to the setting. New York does appear to be more of a dangerous, dark setting than sunny, holiday-like Miami.It is a good novel and as it goes onit does get better and better and better. The story goes deeper, with references to the last book, [...]

    Te trials of Dr. Edward Jenner, a former New York ME, now disgraced and displaced, continue in this second novel. Jenner is in Port Fontaine, FL, filling in for his friend and mentor as county ME. When that friend and his wife turn up dead and other bodies are found hanging in the Everglades, Jenner finds himself in the middle of what turns out to be a dark and deadly conspiracy, reaching into the upper levels of society. Along the way, his personal troubles return to plague him, and the result [...]

    James Marinero
    Another unputdownable book in my recent reading.I learned a lot about the Everglades and even more about the work of a Medical Examiner. Hayes is an ME and it was interesting to learn from his notes that Patricia Cornwell was an advisor.Plenty of action, twists and a bit of science thrown in. I already knew that cold cures could be used to make methamphetamine - a pharmacist told me that when I asked for a previously available OTC drug for sinus relief.Anyway, plenty to keep you going here. Enti [...]

    Dan Downing
    Hayes sophomore effort almost stretches into 5 star territory. He certainly has the knack for keeping one turning the page, yet this is not a particularly violent or gory book. Not a Cozy by any means but not The Executioner, either.We follow the career path of pathologist Edward Jenner, whom we met in Hayes' first book. Having had his way with wrenching events in NYC, Jenner is in Florida to attract mayhem and suspicion.Peppered with some interesting characters and left with enough loose ends t [...]

    It can't be easy, being a criminal pathologist in exile in Florida. People drop dead like flies around Dr Jenner, unless they're busy trying to kill him. Or unless they're women, who prefer swooning. Jenner seems undaunted though, and efficiently uncovers drug cartels, performs autopsies, charms the ladies and even saves a mangy old dog from mean kids. I'm sure this is an excellent read for those who enjoy fast-paced crime fiction with a righteous hero and don't care much about credibility or ch [...]

    Jennifer Jowsey
    I had put off reading this because I knew it would be a hard read. Jonathan Hayes writes vivid realism, his settings, characters, and situations are very *real*, without sensationalism. While the murders were not explained in extreme graphic detail, the situations themselves were painted so well - again, real - that the brutality was disturbing. I like the character of Jenner and would love to read more in this series.

    A.M.D. Hays
    This is the first Jonathan Hayes novel I have read, but I can tell you now that it won't be the last. A Hard Death is brilliant, suspenseful, and a little grisly at times--but let's face it, the protagonist is a forensic pathologist so one should expect a little blood. I couldn't stop turning the pages!! Highly recommended.

    Chris Stanley
    This book is brutal but real. Jonathan Hayes writes cleverly and the main character Dr Edward Jenner is so likeable flaws and all. You wonder how one person can have so much bad luck. I preferred Precious Blood and recommend that it is read first to understand Jenner's situation better but this still get a 5 star rating from me. More please.

    Total transparency alert: Hayes is a friend of mine. That said, I really loved this book! Jenner is a much more likeable character in this book, and Hayes paints the Florida landscape with steamy brilliance. Enjoy!

    Ron S
    Mostly genre by the numbers thriller set in Florida with a medical examiner protagonist. Graphic violence and scenes or gore galore. Saved somewhat by occasionally realistic characters that behave in unexpected, inconsistent ways, just as real people do.

    Nancy Shepherd
    A lot to like here! The story of a discredited medical examiner, searching for a new place in life, kept my interest through the whole book. I was reminded of Kathy Reichs' Bones series, but the plot here is much darker than Reichs gives us.

    Deb Carlin
    Enjoyed the storyline. Fast paced and addictive. Too many f-words for my tastebut that may be the way these folks talk. I like the main protagonist Dr. Jenner.nwill go back and read the 1 st novel.

    Jonathan Hayes brings back disgraced pathologist Edward Jenner in this brutally realistic south Florida thriller. Jenner tries to solve the grisly murder of his mentor, as the body count keeps rising. A likable hero and truly despicable villians, this one kept me reading long into the night!!

    Novel thriller, detailed pathologist style. Looking forward to other books by Hayes.

    John Purcell
    Got this at B'con, saw the author on an interesting panel. Good forensic book.

    Really enjoyed this book, fast moving and no dull bits.

    Christine bonner
    another great book

    I think I liked this even more than the last Jenner story. There was one particular plot twist I did not see coming. Don't want to give any spoilers but this is a must read.

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