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  • Title: A Holiday of Love
  • Author: Judith McNaught
  • ISBN: 9780786204090
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In New York City in the late 1800s, a beautiful but clumsy angel turns a lonely man s life around In medieval Scotland, the intrigues of a Christmas Mass imperil two Highland lovers.In Regency London, a world weary lord receives an outrageous proposal.And in modern day Colorado, a clever twelve year old plays matchmaker for his bighearted but impractical mother.
    Judith McNaught
    You can find Judith McNaught in facebook facebook authorjudithJudith McNaught is a 1 New York Times Best Selling Author, with than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.


    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    This review is based solely on Judith McNaught's story, Miracles, in this anthology. I have to say, I'm rather disappointed. I really think Nicki deserved a much better story than this. It was short, of course, but I've read short stories with excellent storyline and character relationships. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of them.He played such an important role in Whitney, My Love and Until You that what he was given in Miracles just seemed insulting. He deserved a full length novel with a true [...]

    I have started a new tag since I bought this book. 'Anthologies that are worth purchasing for one story.' And that is the reason for my five stars. Recently I picked this book up at a used book store that was going out of business. Everything was a bargain. I noticed that Jill Barnett's name was on the cover and I have enjoyed several full-length stories by her so I said to myself, go for it! And I am so glad I did.First off, I have not read the other stories but DANIEL AND THE ANGEL is a little [...]

    Vivone Os
    KUMSKI BOOK CLUB READING CHALLENGE 2017 - 14(a collection of short stories)Pročitala sam samo prve dvije priče (Miracles od Judith McNaught i Change of Heart od Jude Deveraux) jer ove druge dvije nisam mogla nigdje pronaći. A i iskreno, sasvim mi je dovoljno bilo pročitati ove dvije. Znači, priče su tako blesave i besmislene. Recimo da su kraće verzije nekih knjiga koje sam već pročitala od McNaughtice i Deveraux. Prva, Miracles je smještena u viktorijansku Englesku, a druga u suvremen [...]

    I originally bought this book for Judith McNaught's short story about Nicholas DuVille. It's actually one of my least favorites, but I don't mind because it led me to two of the most delightful stories I've ever read. The first story is Jude Deveraux's story, Change of Heart. It's was my first Jude Deveraux book, and my introduction to the Taggert family. It's just a beautiful, heartwarming story. I'll agree with other reviewers that it wasn't long enough. This could have been a great book, but [...]

    I've reread Change of Heart by Jude Devereaux today. I just finished it. I wish the story was longer and more develope. It's not to say that Jude didn't do a good job with this story. It was a little rushed, but a quick fun read. The story starts off with us finding out that a 12 year old boy named Eli is offered a scholarship to go to Princeton. The boy has a best friend named Chelsea - she's six months older than he is. She's smart, but not as smart as him and she's rich. The two of them talk [...]

    Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book.This review is solely based on Judith McNaught's novella "Miracles", the story of Nicki DuVille from "Whitney, My Love" and Julianna Skeffington from "Until You". Nicki was also featured in UY. I have to mention that I don't always enjoy novellas due to some reasons such as the story, most of the times, ends even before I take some breath, sit back and relax. But, even though novellas are short, the satisfaction l [...]

    Zeta Dina
    miraclesklasicna prica gdje su ciljevi majki bili dobro udati kceri za bogatog mladica, dobru priliku, raskosni balovi I neobicno ustogljeni maniri drustva. za razliku od romana koji obiluju raskosima prostora, prici nedostaju detalji koji bi citatelja uveli u doba I prostor radnje. sama ljubavna prica je jednako nevjerojatna I predvidiva kao I njen rasplet.2/5change of heartzali boze tinte I papira na kojem je tiskana. nekako mi I lici na ljubavne romane koje I sama junakinja Randy cita. toliko [...]

    Picked this up the other night because I needed something short- so far have only read Jude D.'s entry, Change of Heart, but I of course loved it. (I actually cant remember if I've ever read it before, which is odd because I thought i read all her earlier work!)This is Frank Taggert's story, the older brother to Michael Taggert from Sweet Liar. He's hardnosed, self sufficient and fiercely independent enough to not really want a family and kids until he meets a smarter than average young man by h [...]

    The story makes light of rape. Do not read this trash book.

    I was going through my bookshelves and decided to purge this one because I never finished this and can't say I remember anything about it. I'm not even interested in saving it for later. :-/

    Okay - so everyone knows that I'm an absolute SUCKER for all Xmas collections - but really, a couple of these were so melodramatic I had to drop the book and groan in defeat. The best was Daniel and the Angel - I re-read it ALL THE TIME. It's about a scrooge of a mid-thirties man who falls in love with a literal fallen angel. But she's clumsy and heartfelt, which keeps it from heading into saccharine land. My second favorite was Change of Heart - about a precocious 12 year-old genius (I could be [...]

    This rating is for Jude Deveraux's Change of HeartA different storyline compared to the usual. A lovely little story about a twelve year old boy concerned for his sweet, sucker-for-a-sob-story, devourer-of-romance-books, devoted-to-son, loyal, affectionate, giving, selfless-when-it-comes-to son mother. How he goes about finding a husband to take care of her is what the story is all about.There is also a tantalising connect with the Montgomery-Taggart familye friendship between Frank and Eli was [...]

    Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    I picked up this anthology mainly to read the last Westmoreland story by Judith McNaught, Miracles. Although it was way too short I was glad that Nicki finally got his HEA with Julianna, Sheridan's charge from Until You.I also read the Jude Deveraux Change of Heart. Again a very sweet story but way too short to properly get the hero to fall in love in a realistic way. Oh well, these are Christmas romance stories so I guess we can shelve the realism for a feel good story and a HEA.

    Alexandria Tale
    This review is based only on Nicki and Julianna story by Judith McNaught.It was too short! I think both Nicki and Julianna deserved much better than that. Actually, the idea was pretty interesting and had so much to explore. If only Ms. McNaught decided to make a full novel out of that instead of novella. A bit disappointed.

    too bad the stories were too short ^.^

    Jude Deveraux - Change of Heart = 4 starsJudith McNaught - Miracles = 2 stars

    Baca ulang setelah sekian belas tahun berlalu #eh

    I loved Nicholas Duville and Julianna's story best.

    4 Christmas stories from varying time periods. Copyright 1994 Jude Deveraux - 4 stars. Contemporary, unprotected sex. A favorite re-read, even though it's pretty implausable. Genius boy needs to find his kind hearted nurse mom a husband so he can go off to college early. He chooses his friend, a 40 year old billionaire (!!). Rather contrived in other ways too. I mean, really. I'm a flat lander, & even I know that the snow flies early in the Rockies. No way were the hero & heroine up in a [...]

    Miracles: Judith McNaught finally gives us Nicki DuVille's story. Although a little disappointed that this is a novella and not a full novel, Julianna Skeffington is a perfect match for Nicki. Julianna's mother is determined to see her daughter make an excellent match and she's managed to alienate the entire ton with her antics. But, since Julianna is a friend of Sheridan and Whitney, the ton doesn't want to offend them so invitations arrive at the close of the season. Accepting an invite to a m [...]

    3 stars!!I have only read Miracles by Ms. Judith McNaught and I gotta say I was both elated with it and disappointed!!The way of how Ms. McNaught managed to put up an amazing story that begins and ends only in a few pages is mind-blowing!!It was so beautiful, but really really REALLY short! :( I certainly was hoping for more for Du Ville's story and that's where the disappointment came I loved that Julianna was the Du Ville's love interest :) because I loved her character from "Until You".But se [...]

    Nicholas DuVille is probably my favorite character in the Westmoreland series (even if he keeps getting NTRed). Reading Miracles just made me want to hit my head against the wall until it bled. No offense to Judith Mcnaught or anything but Nicholas, in what I can recall, was inconsistently portrayed in Miracles. He had brown eyes in Whitney, My Love but he was written to have blue eyes in Miracles. This inconsistency really set me off. I felt like Nicholas wasn't even given any dignity to be him [...]

    Review of Judith McNaught's Miracles: Someone should give Nicki the beating he deserves! His behavior towards Julianna was arrogant, aggravating and absolutely loathsome. Despite the circumstances of their marriage, he ought to refrain from publicly humiliating and disgracing her just for the heck of it. Besides he could've said no to the whole marriage thing, since he'd already "ruined" at least half of that decade's socialites, showing not even the slightest hint of respect about decorum or de [...]

    Maria Sanigan
    A HOLIDAY OF LOVE: Change of Heart by Jude DeverauxRATING: 5 over 5 starsThe masterpiece was very light to read, very fast paced but the message and the story that it entails were very meaningful and heartwarming that it was worth the read. Miss Jude Deveraux never failed to impress her readers with another story that is straight to the point which strikes the reality of life. Another beautiful Taggert particularly Mr. Franklin Taggert is portrayed as a hardhearted and cold businessman who is af [...]

    I was going to rate each story separately, but I simply couldn't. The only story shining here is what Mrs McNaught wrote. The other ones aren't worth to be mentioned. Mrs Deveraux, will you ever write something worth a reader's time? I sincerely doubt it. The constant eyerolling I couldn't help while reading lead me to fear I'd stay that way long after finishing it.Mrs Barnett, the story about an angel? For real? Now that's ridiculous. I won't even go further.Mrs Lamb, your story poorly written. [...]

    ✧✦♔ⱮČ♕✦✧ (Michelle)
    MiraclesLord Nicholas Nicki DuVille and Julianna SkeffingtonEarl and Countess of Glenmore2/5 StarsMiracles is the fourth book of Westmoreland series by Judith McNaught. It was also part of the anthology, A Holiday of Love.Favorite Quotes"I beg your pardon?" -Lord DuVille"I asked if you would be willing to ruin me." -Julianna"When you were thinking I was God, and then the devil, would you like to know what I was thinking about you?" Julianna swallowed over a knot of unbearable tension and nodded. [...]

    I only read the story by Jill Barnett because it was recommended to me by my Mom years ago… and of course I’m only now getting around to reading it. I should have read it sooner…“Daniel and the Angel” by Jill Barnett – 5 stars. The most emotional, touching, and sentimental story I have ever read, whether a novella or a full length novel. Lillian is an angel who loses her wings because she can’t perform miracles and constantly causes disasters. She is found by Daniel, a very wealthy [...]

    Carmen Pacheco
    UGHEATED!!!! I LOVE NICKY!!! Granted, he's not a Westmoreland, but McNaught has turned him into a most loved secondary character and I firmly believe she could have stretched his book out! It was rather irrational not to LISTEN to Julianna, to behave so cruelly, but Nicky did it and I was shocked that Julianna clung to hopes of him returning her feelings. I thought Whitney and/or Sheridan would have gotten involved and chastised Nicky for his insipid behavior! As wonderful as McNaught's books ar [...]

    I bought this book only to read Miracles. I was very disappointed in that book to say the least. It was not up to Judith McNaughts normal writing. The other stories were okay. But, not anything I fell in love with personally. This was a lesson in short stories and how some authors are really good at it. For instance Rosamunde Pilcher rocks a short story! This was a miss for me. I feel for the other authors b/c they are getting judged off of other authors in the book. I think a few of the stories [...]

    I only read Miracles by Judith McNaught because I wanted to know what will happen to Nicki. He has been a supporting character in Whitney, My Love and Until You. Then I thought that it was about time that Nicki deserves to be the leading character. After reading his story, I really loved it but at the same time it got me disappointed. Nicki and Julianna are a perfect match but they deserve a longer story than this. I wanted to know more about their blossoming love. I wish Judith McNaught will ma [...]

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