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  • Title: Slade
  • Author: Sarah McCarty
  • ISBN: 9780425241394
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

  • Slade needs a cure, but what he finds is a savior in the latest paranormal romance from the national bestselling author As the backbone of The Renegades defense, vampire technological genius Slade Johnson hasn t met a problem he couldn t solve But when Slade is tasked with saving the life of his nephew, he must get in bed with the one woman who has the power to destSlade needs a cure, but what he finds is a savior in the latest paranormal romance from the national bestselling author As the backbone of The Renegades defense, vampire technological genius Slade Johnson hasn t met a problem he couldn t solve But when Slade is tasked with saving the life of his nephew, he must get in bed with the one woman who has the power to destroy them all his enemyhis mate.
    Sarah McCarty
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name 1 romance authorSarah has traveled extensively throughout her life, living in other cultures, sometimes in areas where electricity was a concept awaiting fruition and a book was an extreme luxury While she could easily adjust to the lack of electricity, living without the comfort of a good book was intolerable To fill the void, she bought pencil and paper and sketched out her own story In the process, Sarah discovered the joy of writing Sarah writes what she loves to read fast paced stories with vivid dialogue, intense emotion and well developed characters Her attention to detail in her stories has earned her multiple awards and a reserved spot on Keeper shelves everywhere Sarah writes for Ellora s Cave, Harlequin HQN, Harlequin SPICE, Berkley HEAT and Berkley SENSATION.


    NisyKitty VA
    I just love the Johnson brothers!! We need more books!! I don't care if they continue with the weres, KEEP GOING!!

    3.5-4 StarsFelt like there were too many side stories left untold so can only assume Ms McCarty was intending to continue with the series, but it's been a few years since this was released so not entirely sure that will still happen :(

    I was really disappointed with this book. After the last 2, which I thought were really good, I had high hopes for Slade. I looked forward to seeing the alpha outshine the scientist, and for me, it just didn't happen. The sentences were choppy and half the time I couldn't tell which character was speaking, or I'd have to go back a page to see which question was being answered. Jane was a pain in the ass, and I really didn't feel much of a romantic connection between Jane and Slade, just a scient [...]

    Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    I am so happy SLADE found his mate. I love him! Great book NEED MORE

    I'm a bit late in getting my review inHowever I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The only other book I've read in the series is "Caleb" and I definitely have to read more. I was hooked from the first book. What these powerful, loving men won't do for their women.Sigh. Where can I get one????

    great book. Exciting, vampires and werewolves, you can not wish for more

    I was okay.

    Final book in series and I loved it. It was exciting. It closed up the stories of the 4 Johnson brother.Hope author writes some more in this series because she left a lot of things open with some of the lesser characters. I really liked everything about this series and the characters and just don't want it to end. If you like paranormal romance you will like this series

    I've really enjoyed this sereis and I was looking forward to Slade's book. I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed - especially since Slade had the potential to be my favorite of the 4 brothers. That said, i really enjoyed the by-play between Slade and all the other characters. He is a quick witted character and i really enjoyed seeing him paired up with a female who was equally quick. I had several places where I laughed, giggled or snickered and it was very nice to have that levity in the [...]

    “Slade” by Sara McCarty is the tale of the scientist of the Johnson clan, Slade Johnson, who is struggling to solve the problem of his nephew Joseph’s inability to absorb nutrition even as he tries to supply adequate weapons to his brothers and their werewolf allies to fight against the vampires from Sanctuary. Jane Frederickson has been attempting to refine her research into optimizing the utilization of nutrition because she wants to end world hunger. Unfortunately, she has realized that [...]

    Rounding the Johnson quartet and wrapping the series is reliable, methodical, genius brother Slade starting his tale in an exciting chase and rescue scene. Researcher, Jane Fredrickson, doesn't believe vampires exist despite proof standing in front of her. But he says he is and looks like the vampires on TV and he's on her side from the things chasing them, so okay. Stumped by his nephew's eating habits, Slade struck up a computer friendship with Jane when he saw she was attempting to solve hung [...]

    Why oh why doesn't have half stars?Hmmm… unlike previous books, this one didn't have a whole lot to annoy me about - other than the non-ending that is.I am a bit puzzled about the cover - that animal face alluded to in the corner - why does it look vaguely catlike? There are no cat shifters here.So the h is one of those research scientists writers like to write about - the ones so singleminded that it's not until they've made some grand breakthrough that the ramifications of their research ac [...]

    Unfortunately 1.5 stars. There were just too many things that annoyed me and they far outweighed the good. Annoyingly stubborn heroine who would not believe what was right in front of her for a majority of the book. A hero who went overboard every time another male came within 3 feet of her. Too many conflicts that could have been easily solved if the characters would just talk to each other. Too much repetition. Too much name calling ("Slade", "Jane") during one of the sex scenes. Staccato dial [...]

    I picked this book up at the library because of the cover. (I know. I know.) I didn't read the back but I'd wanted to try this author, so I grabbed it. Now, I haven't bitten (sorry) into the whole vampire/werewolf paranormal genre. I'm sorry, I know that's 'IT' right now, but I just have no interest. No Twilight, no True Blood. I really like author Lora Leigh but her popular Breed series? Nope, can't read it.Having said that, imagine my disappointment when I start reading what I think is gonna b [...]

    I liked it, I'm not sure that I loved it as much as the others in this series. Although I really like Slade, because I really like a smart guy, and he has grown on me during this series. I do like the way he is so protective of his nephew, but because he has met his mate and she may have the breakthrough to his health, he must find a way to kidnap her or convince her to come with him.Jane is a scientist who works for the company who has hurt the women that Slade's brothers are married too. They [...]

    The book started off with humor, suspense, and great potential for both Jane and Slade, but by the end, I felt frustration because we never really get a satisfying answer to Jane's past, and the romance between Jane and Slade seemedoff. Throughout the book, Jane was contrary to the point of annoyance, and answers; such as what happened to her mother, why she hasn't dealt with the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather, what she planned as revenge for her stepfather, and her powers of [...]

    Becky Condit
    Ms McCarty writes thrilling battle scenes, emotional decision-making scenes, characters to love, villains to hate, and a book you simply cannot put down. There is limited sex in this book but it isn’t missed because of the exciting plot that takes you well beyond the bedroom. Because Slade is around 150 years old the science and research almost veers into steampunk or something like it. Slade has always been ahead of his time with his research and weapons and he still his at present day. Call [...]

    This series disappointed me, the only book I really liked was Jared's he was the only one of the brothers I connected with, and even then it was lacking and not as good as it could have been. On plenty of occasions I found myself drifting and losing parts of the story because it just wasn't engaging. I felt the werewolves had more intensity to them, that they were more solid characters. And I felt the fact that the series wasn't properly concluded and she's gone off and started a completely new [...]

    The war with Sanctuary seems to be going full blast ahead with this book and Jane seems to be at the center of it. They want her because they think she can help them decimate their enemies, while the Johnson clan wants her because they think she can save baby Joesph. What Jane wants doesn't seem to matter to anyone.The attraction between Jane and Slade was funny, at it's heart was a lot of geekiness, as both of them are super smart and love the lab. I thought the family and were's were quite cru [...]

    Whispers From
    Slade is the scientist of the family. Jane is his mate and also a scientist who has developed a formula that could be used to kill people but also save lives. Slade's nephew is dying and they believe Jane's formula can save him. She is a scientist and she doesn't believe in a mate or vampires or wolves. As she tries to find the right chemicals to save Joseph, she must also face the fact that there is other species besides just human. I loved this one!!! It is my favorite. You have it alla hunky [...]

    The ending was anticlimactic, for the end of the series it left off with more questions then answers. Great story baby brother Slade has met his match in Jane, even smarter then he. His mate but the one woman that is allergic to his bit, so she is the mate that will he will have difficulties with. Poor Joseph all his little body couldn't change on long when his savior Jane found the right protein to save that little boy and all Spade really needed.was Calebs blood. If there was more books with t [...]

    3.5 stars*I have finally finished this book. Oh, the cliff hanger that suggests more books of this series to come. I HOPE SO! Sarah McCarty's book usually never disappoints, but in this case, this book wasn't up to par with her usual work. There was just not enough character chemistry and character relationship building to make Slade and Jane's relationship believable. That's why I gave it such a low score. But I have hope! I am not giving up on Ms. Sarah McCarty! She is still my go to author an [...]

    Leave it tot his man to show up and sweep a girl of her feet. Not in the way you want a man to do it with romance, no he's too busy trying to save her life. From the time he meets her it takes someone to point out they were made for each other. She has secrets, the keys and the destrcution of their lives depend on this one woman. She finds it hard to believe that someone wants her for her research and another just wants her for her and her mind. Strong characters, humorous and inspiring. Great r [...]

    Taria Reed
    Pet Peeve #513 - I HATE when an author uses the word "p*ssy" during a sex scene. ESPECIALLY when it seems out of place with the characters and the story. Even the wonderful Tavia Gilbert delivering the "P" bomb can't make it any better.The story kinda drags on a bit. The beginning was great with all the action then it sorta slips into a boring lull.The heroine, Jane, was extremely annoying at times. story - 3 (more like a 2.5)narrator - 4

    This was the fourth in the Shadow Wranglers series. Slade Johnson is part of the Renegade, a group of vampires that fight to keep humans safe. Jane is a scientist and has been doing research that others would kill to get their hands on. Slade comes to Jane's rescue just as her lab is broken into. Slade is determined to save his nephew's life and thinks that Jane is has the answer. He takes her hostage and soon Jane has to decide if she will stay with Slade to help save his people.

    Melissa Vasquez
    The stuborness that runs through Slade and Jane is great. The do I or dont I that runs through Jane's mind makes you wonder what you would do in that situation. I have been hooked into this series since I picked up the first one. I cannot wait until more come out and I hope soon. Sarah McCarty writes a great story line and and keep it going. Just like her Hell's Eight series. Never have been disappointed in her stories.

    Daphne Marzana
    I miss the old days when reading McCarty meant reading about characters that I actually cared about, about alpha males who were actually alpha. And characters/dialogue weren't so flat and one dimensional. Reading this book was more like reading for the sake of getting it over with bc it's part of the series.

    Typical alpha vampire male, nerdy female scientist with low self esteem as a woman, and lots of other alpha vampires and werewolves. Throw in a very sick vampire/wolf hybrid baby, an evil group intent on capturing the female scientist, and there you have it. Slightly different twist on the same old vampire who finds his human mate story.

    Finally Slade's story! My Hero behind the scenes in the previous books. How could anyone not love a brainiac? I finished Jace and had to wait for Slade. why? because my library did not have it AT ALL! I was dying. Thankfully, I have some friends in high places and when it came I actually did the dance so worth wait

    This was a great book! I only read this one instead of following the series. It took a little while to catch up. Only thing I found difficult was that there was so much talking that I wasn't sure who was really saying what unless I back tracked a little. Otherwise great book, makes me want to read more of her books.

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