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  • Title: The Pocket and the Pendant
  • Author: Mark Jeffrey
  • ISBN: 9780062077141
  • Page: 320
  • Format: ebook

  • Max Quick is a pickpocket, a vagabond, an orphan, and a thief Even so, nothing about him seems particularly special until one day when time mysteriously stops Suddenly, nearly everyone in the world is frozen in time except for Max.Now Max must journey across America to find the source of the Time stop Along the way, he meets others who aren t suspended in time, liMax Quick is a pickpocket, a vagabond, an orphan, and a thief Even so, nothing about him seems particularly special until one day when time mysteriously stops Suddenly, nearly everyone in the world is frozen in time except for Max.Now Max must journey across America to find the source of the Time stop Along the way, he meets others who aren t suspended in time, like Casey, a girl who s never been on her own until now Together, as they search for the cause of this disaster, Max and his companions encounter ancient mysteries, magic books, and clues to the riddle of stopped time But relentless and mysterious villains are hot on Max s heels and will do everything in their power to prevent Max from ending the Time stop And the closer Max gets to the answers, the it seems that his own true identity is not what he once believed.Racing against a clock that no longer ticks, Max must embrace his past to save his future and the world from being altered forever.
    Mark Jeffrey
    Mark Jeffrey is the author of the young adult Max Quick Series maxquickseries He is also the author of the ARMAND PTOLEMY thriller series and AGE OF AETHER, a steampunk adventure romance.His first podiobook, MAX QUICK THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT, has received over 2.4 million downloads to date He has co founded four internet companies and written four novels.Mark has been named as one of Hollywood s 50 Creatives To Watch by Variety magazine, one of the Digital Coast 50 by Silicon Alley Reporter, and was a featured speaker at the very first Harvard Conference on the Internet and Society in 1996 Mark holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire, is a brown belt in tae kwon do, and resides in Santa Monica, California.


    I wrote it, so I kinda like it :) Hope you do as well!!!!

    "On March 14, at exactly 1:59 in the afternoon, the world stopped."From that first sentence, THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT grabs you and barrels you along a story that's fantastic in every sense of the word. It's funny, exciting, and fascinating, with tantalizing dollops of historical detail interwoven in a highly modern sci-fi adventure. While it's riveting and complex, it's also a touching story of friendship and finding one's own capacity in a truly unexpected manner. A real treat.

    My relationship with this book is long and sordid. Reading through the advance copy was not the first time I’ve read the story of orphan Max Quick, his lost memory and the day time stopped.Or, well, technically it was the first time I’d read it.Max Quick – The Pocket and the Pendant was, originally, a self-published book. And, after a set of events that I won’t go into here, it was also a podcast. Or a podiobook. Which is how I first discovered it, two years ago.Max Quick is a middle gra [...]

    Michael Tritter
    Every once in a while we all come across a book that speaks, and speaks to us individually, in a way that goes beyond the characters and events inside the story; when the story becomes more than a story. Like Lord of the Rings, A Wrinkle in Time, even The Da Vinci Code, there are times when the story becomes a vehicle for thinking about who we are, what defines us, where we come from and where we are going, and Max Quick is just such a story. I'm not saying that I now believe exactly what author [...]

    This is not my usual genre, so it was with some hesitation that I picked up this book. A friend had recommended it as being in the vein of Harry Potter and thought I should give it a read. While I am clearly not the target audience for this story, which I think would be pre-teens and teens, I quite enjoyed The Pocket and the Pendant. In fact, it was a lot of fun to step away from all the serious, sober fiction I normally read and escape to the fantastical and energetic world of this book. I tore [...]

    Cognizance LeeLo
    A clever adventure that takes you on a wild and mystical ride! The beginning is a little slow to start, but once you are immersed in the world of The Pocket you will find it hard to put the book down!I enjoyed the creative way Jeffrey connects old tales and new concepts to explain the fundamentals of life itself. It is a story for all ages to enjoy.I look forward to reading the sequel, The Two Travelers.

    Lawrence Leach
    I love everything Mark does.

    A great piece of fiction that as a bonus is also young enough to be juvenile fiction (so my kids can read it too). Great world, great plot lines, cool characters. Well done Mark!

    Hillary DePiano
    I read a lot of YA and when you read as much YA as I do everything starts to feel a little stale and familiar even if there is some new twist or gimmick. Familiar isn't a bad thing sometimes, but when I actually find something that shows me something truly new or unexpected, it deserves a special note. I really liked this book. One of the biggest appeals of Max Quick for me was its unpredictability. I'm not talking about twists but instead the way familiar tropes (aliens, time travel, mysterious [...]

    Erik Wittmer
    This book was recommended to me by Mrs. Susan Dee, 5th grade language arts teacher in the snowy state of Maine. Our classes connected on World Read Aloud Day and we both did some book talks. This book came up and I immediately ordered it from . My students are in the middle of PSSAs which gave me time to do nothing but walk around and read and keep an eye on those that need to have eyes on them. I just finished this book because it was mind boggling. Every time I thought I had it figured out, a [...]

    Mohamed Doucore
    I like Max Quick and the Pendant because it deals with aliens and ancient artifacts.For example, on page 189 Max finds out that he's Niburian not human and is 12,000 years old.Another example is on page 264 when Jonny Siren is granted immotality but is taken away.One challenge was that it has hard word that are hard to pronouce like Niburian and a vagabond.One charecter that intersted me was Jonny Siren.He interst me because he was a evil man in search of Niburian artifacts and in the end he end [...]

    This is a book packed full of adventure and neat concepts. Like the hero, the story starts off with a bang and keeps going at a ripping pace. I finished this book at the same speed because I couldn't wait to see what happened next.Jeffrey is not afraid to think big, and the scope of the Pocket and the Pendant certainly gives him lots of room to explore in the sequels.

    Loved it! It's so refreshing to see new ideas in children's science fiction. The plot is somewhat based on science, and the mini-societies and alliances that come into existence when time stops are exactly in line with human behavior. This book offers lots of fast-paced action and a solid plot for any sci fi lover, and I can't wait for the sequel!

    I feel like I put this on my list to read forever ago! But, our library just barely got it in. It was a fun read - even with all of the "yup, I saw that comin'"! Marissa liked it too, and I love to talk books with her.

    this was a the best book i have ever read and i reccomended this book for the maine student book award. it was by far the greatest book and anybody into time stops and ancient teleporters should drop whatever there reading and pick this one up from your liberary.

    I have no opinion on the book yet, but the ubiquitous ad is creeping me out. Max Quick Journeys to the Uncanny Valley is what they should call that picture. Those faces on the cover are horribly wrong in some way.

    I listened to the podiobook version of this book -- my favorite to date!!!! Then I bought the hardcopy on and re-read it recently. Both are different experiences but each great in their own way. Except now I hear Mr. Jeffery's voice in my head whenever i read the book ;)

    Ronald Schoedel
    This was a great audio book. I listened to it while biking to and from work and it kept me captivated the entire time.

    Noel Romey
    I read this book when it came out as a podcast audiobook. I don't remember much about it, perhaps I should read it again, but I do remember I liked it.

    I really love this book. He had a lot of interesting concepts in the plot of the story. I love the characters.

    Barbara Monk
    This book I would recommend to anyone. It's fantastic. Me and my son devoured it in under a day! I want more by this author.

    I hardly ever give anything 5 stars. This was an awesome book about time stopping. It possibly has my vote for this year's MSBA book.

    Oh, wow! What a great book to start off the series! I can't wait to read the second book.

    Great Book has funny terms that make you want to read it all. It goes by in a Woosh. A very good read. With very good charecters.

    I can't wait to read this book by Mark Jeffrey!!!

    It was great. I mean who wouldnt like this?

    Clever, fun. Nice for intermediate reader (and beyond) who like fantasy but are not ready to tackle the 800 page books yet.

    Allison Armstrong
    I think fifth grade boys will really like this book. It has a lot of action and the whole time thing is interesting to think about.

    That is a great book

    Fun and adventurous

    • [PDF] Download ✓ The Pocket and the Pendant | by ↠ Mark Jeffrey
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