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  • Title: The Lieutenants
  • Author: W.E.B. Griffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

  • They were the young ones, the bright ones, the ones with the dreams From the Nazi prowled wastes of North Africa to the bloody corridors of Europe, they answered the call gladly It was their duty, their job, their life They marched off as boys, and they came back those who made it as soldiers and professionals forged in the heat of battle
    W.E.B. Griffin
    W.E.B Griffin is one of several pseudonyms for William E Butterworth III.From the Authors Website W.E.B Griffin is the 1 best selling author of than fifty epic novels in seven series, all of which have made The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and other best seller lists More than fifty million of the books are in print in than ten languages, including Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Hungarian Mr Griffin grew up in the suburbs of New York City and Philadelphia He enlisted in the United States Army in 1946 After basic training, he received counterintelligence training at Fort Holabird, Maryland He was assigned to the Army of Occupation in Germany, and ultimately to the staff of then Major General I.D White, commander of the U.S Constabulary.In 1951, Mr Griffin was recalled to active duty for the Korean War, interrupting his education at Phillips University, Marburg an der Lahn, Germany In Korea he earned the Combat Infantry Badge as a combat correspondent and later served as acting X Corps Group information officer under Lieutenant General White.On his release from active duty in 1953, Mr Griffin was appointed Chief of the Publications Division of the U.S Army Signal Aviation Test Support Activity at Fort Rucker, Alabama.Mr Griffin is a member of the Special Operations Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Army Aviation Association, the Armor Association, and the Office of Strategic Services OSS Society.He was the 1991 recipient of the Brigadier General Robert L Dening Memorial Distinguished Service Award of the U.S Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, and the August 1999 recipient of the Veterans of Foreign Wars News Media Award, presented at the 100th National Convention in Kansas City.He has been vested into the Order of St George of the U.S Armor Association, and the Order of St Andrew of the U.S Army Aviation Association, and been awarded Honorary Doctoral degrees by Norwich University, the nation s first and oldest private military college, and by Troy State University Ala He was the graduation dinner speaker for the class of 1988 at the U.S Military Academy at West Point.He has been awarded honorary membership in the Special Forces Association, the Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, the Marine Raiders Association, and the U.S Army Otter Caribou Association In January 2003, he was made a life member of the Police Chiefs Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and the State of Delaware.He is the co founder, with historian Colonel Carlo D Este, of the William E Colby Seminar on Intelligence, Military, and Diplomatic Affairs Details here and here He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association And he belongs to the Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Pensacola, Florida, chapters of the Flat Earth Society.Mr Griffin s novels, known for their historical accuracy, have been praised by The Philadelphia Inquirer for their fierce, stop for nothing scenes Nothing honors me than a serviceman, veteran, or cop telling me he enjoys reading my books, Mr Griffin says.Mr Griffin divides his time between the Gulf Coast and Buenos Aires.Notes Other Pseudonyms Alex Baldwin Webb Beech Walker E Blake W.E Butterworth James McM Douglas Eden Hughes Edmund O Scholefield Patrick J Williams W E Butterworth John Kevin Dugan Jack Dug


    What a fantastic ending. This book was amazing and what a cast of characters set in the WWII time era. I was so happy for the ending, it almost made me cry. The book takes the reader all over Europe and of course the United States and what it might have been like for lieutenants in the U.S. Army during WWII and after the war while still in the military. What they had to deal with and how they helped each other out during hard assignments. The dialogue was superb and this book rivals the book Ban [...]

    When Joe recommended this book, I didn't want to read it because I thought it was another historical fiction book about war. This book is not about war at all, but about the characters Griffin masterfully creates. This book made me laugh nightly because of how it pokes fun of the military. If you've ever served, you've met people like these guys in the military, and you've been in similar situations as what they face. My favorite character is Lowell, a snot-nosed rich kid who gets kicked out of [...]

    Johnny Williams
    Captivating-- This book -the first in the series- grabbed me like a narcotic--I knew I was hooked in the closing chapters and now own the entire series- to work my way through- I had just finished reading the Badge of Honor series-- so was lured to see if like most authors Griffin has spent himself and was now just making money -- Heck no-- this book's characters are as deep, as unique and interesting as the last series-- Griffin gives you a little of each but deep enough to interest you-- this [...]

    Ira Livingston
    When I started this book, I was hoping along the lines of a Shaara historical fiction, but found it more along the lines of the epic scope and multiple characters of a Michener or Clavell novel. I thought the verbiage was too technical. However, the farther I got into the book I found that Griffin's characters were so multifaceted and deep that I got wrapped up in the story, technical jargon just enhancing the story.The story begins in World War II and takes you through the post years of German [...]

    Justin Roberts
    This is the very first book that I've read by W.E.B. Griffin and I think it's the best one. I actually like the characters of Craig and Sandy and how they bonded. After this book, all the other books of Griffin has almost exactly the same romance theme. It felt as though the main protagonists always seemed to be adored or followed around by virgins, prostitutes, young widows, or cougars.

    Mike (the Paladin)
    I'll start by sating these are in general very well written books that paint day to day life for the central characters in the militaryor maybe that should be, life in the military for the central characters. Sorry grammarians.Anyway I like them. While I'm not big on books that concentrate on the "emotional" and "personal" lives of the characters (who loved who, how did they meet, what problems did they overcome, etc.) But in this case it doesn't ruin the book for me (and I know some of you will [...]

    Thom Swennes
    The armed forces, especially the army, isn’t a profession, it is a calling. Its members are treated like the favorite sons of the nation as the country covets peace and glorifies war. Tom Clancy labels the Brotherhood of War as an American epic. At this time I can only speak of the first volume, The Lieutenants. This story begins in the North African theater of operations and soon concentrates on a post-war army. When five thousand Polish officers and cadets are discovered massacred and dumped [...]

    Matthew Esham
    I think I read this the first time when I was twelve or thirteen. I remembered bits and pieces and was glad to find it again.It starts during World War II and spans the end of the war.There are actually multiple stories in the book, each moving off in different direction and occasionally bumping back into each other. My favorite is the story of Isle and Craig Lowell. I guess I am a romantic at heart. ***Spoilers***When he thinks he has lost her after being sent to Greece and then ends up back in [...]

    Fred Lombardo
    This entire series allows the reader to live through such telling events in american history in way that few books can deliver, as it is seen through the eyes of characters that (though fictional) live those events. It starts in World War II, then to the communist attempt to take over Greece, the Belgian Congo, Korea, Vietnam and beyond. Actual history mixed with plausible character interaction make for an incredible journey for the reader.The series follows the same characters through their liv [...]

    Theophilus (Theo)
    Loved it and the whole series (1 through 8 so far). Does the Army really operate this way? It's a combination of "M-A-S-H", "Blacksheep Squadron", and "Winds of War" for a visual analogy. The series follows a group of soldiers from World War II to Vietnam. Their heroics and their failures in their military and personal lives. A West Point graduate, a clerk who is promoted to lieutenant because he can play polo, an enlisted Medal of Honor awardee who gets a battlefield promotion, and others. Exce [...]

    Read like a glorified version of the West Point Stepford Wives. Polo playing Academy grads is what we all think of in the years following the end of WWII, right? My most favorite was the complete dismissal of Airborne forces in favor of Armor. Clearly, the author is envious. Legs: So dirty. So nasty.

    Jim A
    This was a reread for me. First read this back in the early 80's. The series, The Brotherhood of War, is more about the brotherhood than it is about war. While some of the novel does take place during WW II and immediately after, it really is more about the developing relationships between the warriors.

    One of the best books I have read!One of the biggest contributors to this is the character development. Yes, there may be a handful but their relationships and connections to each other all lead to an ending I could not have been happier with.

    Excellent book! The characters were unique and believable. The plot had several surprising twists. And despite the serious nature of most situations in the book, it was really funny. The only negative is that there was a lot of military abbreviations, which you had to get used to.

    This is a below average soap opera. The author has written oodles of books in at least two series, and they have high ratings so i thought I would try it. Felt strung along because the book ends as a chapter would, not a novel. Equivalent to an average romance novel, but for boys.

    Stephanie Pieck
    The first in a long series, this book begins the intertwined stories of a group of men as they rise through the ranks of the United States Army. From the late days of World War II to the height of the Vietnam conflict a quarter century later, the novels aim to portray the development of fighting men and the armed service they are part of.The group of characters includes Lowell, the reluctant young scion of an influential Wall Street investment bank; MacMillan, a working-class man eager to be acc [...]

    My grandfather ended up a general before he retired. Griffin was one of his favorite authors. I picked up one of his books one day to try it out since he always seemed to have one on hand to read. Griffin and, for some reason, Bob Dole's humor books. I didn't try Dole's books.The book description isn't that descriptive. It could be on any book set during any war, well no there's mention of Nazi's. All I really recall is people playing polo and this vague idea that this might have actually been s [...]

    I've read this series several times over the last 20 years or so, and just started it again after a 5+ year layoff. Reading it again I've forgotten how good of a storyteller Griffin was before writing with his son in his last few books. While this one sets the stage for each of his other series (i.e Corps, Vigilantes, Philadelphia police series) with a rich guy who always bucks the system to beat up the bad guy, with this one you have good character developmet and dialogue, and get a history of [...]

    Parker Ortlieb
    Mediocre book Beginning and end are great with lots of action. However the middle is almost all filler. The middle of the book is just the soldiers at base playing polo. A positive is the novel uses great detail and uses this detail to build suspense. The one thing I love about this novel is the historical accuracy. The timeline along with details of alliances at that time were flawless. The items used by each character is historically accurate too. Such as O.D green camouflage uniforms and BAR [...]

    I liked the overall story all the characters lives were intertwined. A lot of the military descriptions and terms were unfamiliar to me and dragged the book down a bit. Lowell’s persona was a little over the top. I wanted to like him but was somewhat turned off by his attitude. Felter was an interesting character. I liked how he seemed to achieve far above the expectations for him.

    Matt Floyd
    Very boring book. I thought I'd be reading a historical fiction book about a company of men and their experience of war and conflict. What I found was a boring book about guys hanging out once the war was pretty much over. I didn't finish the book because I was so bored.

    This novel is chock-full of interesting characters making important, life changing decisions and having a minute amount of fun in the process. I've never been in the military, but this detailed account of these men from WWII allowed me a peek into what it may have been like. Great stuff.

    Story line is simple. Nothing much there. But it is a well written tale of US Army life against the backdrop of World War II last days and thereafter.

    William H Bacon
    Great StoryOutstanding story, great interesting portraits of army life in the days after World War II. Cannot wait to read the next story.

    Erick Lehman
    Each of the series follows a similar path of character development and interconnection. Which is fine with me because I enjoy it.

    Robert Knorr
    After having read more recent books by Griffin, I was captivated in getting back to foundation of so many excellent characters. Can’t wait to continue on the journey with these soldiers.

    Brad T.
    Love this series. I re-read this series about every 5 years.

    Best book I have read in ages. I had forgotten what a brilliant writer W.E.B. Griffin is.Could not put it down, and now, I see I have six more I need to buy to continue the series. However, you can read this book, and not be upset at the end, as you can live with it, it does not leave you hanging, but joy oh joy, when you find you can continue reading about the families.Story, the military as it use to be. These days are gone. WWII until the finish, story involves several families as they progre [...]

    Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)
    I enjoy reading stories about wars whether fiction or non fiction. The World Wars, Civil War, Revolution, Vietnam; I find them all interesting. Needless to say The Lieutenants by W E B Griffin, the first book in his “Brotherhood of War” series caught my eye right away. From the description I read it sounded something like the HBO docu-drama Brothers in Arms by Spielberg and Hanks, which I enjoyed tremendously.The audiobook was definitely not what I expected, however. Rather than an intense s [...]

    This is the first installment of Griffin's "Brotherhood of War" series about Army officers from the end of World War II until the 1980s. In "The Lieutenants", the Brotherhood accept commissions in the US Army and serve in the post-WW II army from 1945 until 1950. One of the brothers is a rick young man who was drafted into the Army in the waning days of WWII and is commissioned as a Lieutenant because he is an expert polo player and needs to be an officer to play on the General's polo team. Anot [...]

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