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  • Title: My Boyfriend's Back
  • Author: Chrissy Olinger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The nerdy guy from Hammond High has returned for his twentieth reunion He s rich, successful, and ready to re claim the girl who got away Rori McLeary.There s just one small problem Jack is also dead But with the help of an angel in training, his mom, and the rockin body of his former arch nemesis, Jack is still going to get the girl He has three days what couldThe nerdy guy from Hammond High has returned for his twentieth reunion He s rich, successful, and ready to re claim the girl who got away Rori McLeary.There s just one small problem Jack is also dead But with the help of an angel in training, his mom, and the rockin body of his former arch nemesis, Jack is still going to get the girl He has three days what could possibly go wrong
    Chrissy Olinger
    Chrissy Olinger is a writer who lives in New England In 1967 she was lost on a family picnic Always resourceful, she made her way to a den, where she was reared in the wild by black footed ferrets Her mustelid name, Chklgglrgchkchk, roughly translates as large one who squashes our young Discovered by park rangers in the mid 80s, Chrissy was reintegrated into society through television and reading This is why she is weird It is also why she can quote massive passages from sitcom dialogue and knows all the words to The Banana Splits theme song.She also works as a language, literary, and verbal forensics specialist and writes books to stay out of trouble Whether this is successful is open for debate.Learn and join the debate on her website, where there is a blog, links to twitter and facebook pages, and lots of other ways to interact chrissyolinger


    Don't we all dread our High School Reunions? Who has changed for the better? Who for the worse? Who has the better job? Who married who? Well, for Jack, Rori, and John this will be a reunion they will never forget. Jack, the picked on school nerd has made it big in the business world. Worth millions he has only accepted the offer to speak at the reunion so that he can have a second chance with his one true love. Rori, her curves are now in, was the "fat" girl on the cheerleading squad. She has b [...]

    Kimberly Mauldin
    What a twist and totally different read from most romance stories! Taking about 1 1/2 hours to read, the story begins with an angel and a botched mission. Two high school rivals are returning to their hometown for a class reunion when they are involved in an automobile accident. The good guy, Jack, is given a second chance, but is put into John's body on accident and only has 48 hours to convince the girl of his dreams who he truly is. I have got to admit though, it was not always easy keeping J [...]

    I LOVED this book. The Angel Norman was crazy and hilarious. He actually made me laugh out LOUD. A little too loud at times.The story is about this guy named John that wants his girlfriend back. There's this rich snobby guy named Jack also.Well, anyway John is placed into a Coma and John's body is placed into Jack's body so that he can win the girl back. That's where Norman comes in.Does it sound appealing to you? I can't answer that. I do STRONGLY suggest if this sound like your "cup of tea" or [...]

    Elaine Hoffer
    This was a really short read. It was good. It was about three people going to their 10th class reunion. The guys (one rich nerd in high school and the other an athletic jerk) and the girl who was going with the athlectic but now realizes she made a mistake in high school. The guys end up in a car wreak and their spirits get switched, because the guardian angel (I think trying to get his wings) was not paying attention. Anyway the nice guy ends up on life support with his spirit in the jerks body [...]

    Sheila Seabrook
    My Boyfriend's Back by Chrissy Olinger is a fun, humorous tale. The story blurb intrigued me, so I picked up the book on a whim. The bumbling angel in training is adorable, and the Freaky Friday twist makes for a fast and entertaining read. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story with unique characters. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

    Debra Crosby
    Cute, short read

    This was a cute little short story!

    An even more romantic Heaven Can Wait. I loved it!

    celticminx (aka: kristi or "k")
    Great humorous s/s about a man who is given a second chance at life and love but with a twist thanks to a very sweet but incompetent newbie angel.

    Janet Miller
    A quick short read that I really enjoyed.

    3.5 starsIt was a good story with an interesting 'What if?' plot. My only problem with the story was that I didn't like the ending too much.

    Kimberly Jackson
    This was a good read before bed. Nothing to heavy but had you rooting for a happy ending all the same :)

    Karina Kantas
    Great quirky well written novella. Filled in the gap between two epic novels perfectly. Great free Kindle story, if you're looking for a fun read.

    A thoroughly enjoyable little book, with a plotline that makes me think "hmmm, what if? perhaps I could write something similar"

    Book was a fast read and very cute. I enjoyed the book book

    This book was really good, and made you anticipate things that weren't nessicarilly going to happen. At the beginning of the book there is a 10 year reunion for a class of students. One of the kids who got bullied a lot in high school was now a multi-millionaire, and the other main characters are Rori, who knew Jack the multi-millionaire since he was a kid, and ended up falling in love with him but she never told him that. The last main character is John, he is the guy that was the team captain [...]

    Good story about the strength of love.

    Read for Fun!Challenges: Why Buy The Cow?Overall Rating: 2.50Story Rating: 2.50Character Rating: 2.50First thought when finishing: The end totally blew the whole story for me *sigh*What I Loved: The writing in this story was done really well and the plotting/pacing moved at a great pace. For a short read, I felt like it was a complete story.What I Liked: I really liked the angels and specifically poor well-meaning Norman. He reminded me of a cross between the angel from It's a Wonderful Life wit [...]

    "I bring you tidings of DAMMIT!"With those few words, Jack Lynch's world would change forever. The nerdy guy from Hammond High has returned for his twentieth reunion. He's rich, successful, and ready to re-claim the girl who got away: Rori McLeary.There's just one small problem Jack is also dead. But with the help of an angel in training, his mom, and the rockin' body of his former arch-nemesis, Jack is still going to get the girl.He has three days to convince Rori to love him. He's got the body [...]

    Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic)
    Published: 11/02/2011Author: Chrissy OlingerRecommended for : fans of contemporary novels.Edition: KindleI saw this short novella on the Kindle Store for free and I thought I would give it a try. I thought this was a rather humorous short story to read, the characters that featured were likeable, realistic and funny. In this book the main character Jack is looking to reclaim the girl he lost however he has one major problem.he is dead, an angel in training is on his side to try help him out. His [...]

    Two and a half stars. I couldn't give it three due to predictability and poor editing (How does one wave a blind woman into a chair? How can someone treat the ladies to a simple dinner when he's broke?).I also had a problem with the millions versus perfect body and face choice. Seasonal with Valentine's Day coming up. Sort of fun. It was short and moved right alongI was looking for something quick to read. I'm #4 on the list to get The Orphan Master's Son from the library and I don't want to be [...]

    Joanna Brocklehurst smith
    This book made me laugh. At the 20th reunion Jack (the former geek turned successful businessman) turns up with the intention of winning back 'the one that got away' Lori. The only problem is, he's dead!! Yeah big problem. After the car crash trainee angel Norman puts Jacks soul into the body of his high school nemesis John (who incidentally everyone hates especially Lori. Jack in Johns body has 3 days to convince her that he's the man for her without revealing the truth behind the body switch. [...]

    I am SO sick of epilogues, but at least this one was done correctly. This was a cute story and it wasn't painful to read. I only found two errors--the angel's name is "Metatron," not "Metraton," (though inside, I giggled to think of an angel whose name suggests "Metric Ton") and it's a manila folder, not a manilla folder, as the red squiggly line under it should have told you in your word processing software. It was cute for what it was.

    This was a rubbish read. The guy who wants the girl is in an accident with the old school bully and thanks to an angel's mistake ends up in the bully's body and ending up having to convince the girl if who he really is. It was poorly written, all the events were a bit ridiculous and difficult to believe. Although not necessarily a "real life" book I would have liked the story to be plausible.

    Jennifer Greene
    This was kind of corny. You know exactly what's going to happen but you read anyway just because its a fun little story. There was a problem, the writer screwed up the names a couple of times which made me backtrack. So if you're writing a story about a spirit being transferred into another's body, try to keep the names straight.

    Jenna Anderson
    This is a fun, cute novelette available in ebook format for only $0.99. (At the time of this review)The writing and editing were top notch. I breezed through this story in less than two hours. I very much enjoyed Ms. Olinger's scenes in heaven - so funny! If you like chick lit or fluffy, fun romances, pick this one up. You'll be glad you did. ~ Jenna

    Lorian Jones
    hmm wat can i said bout this bookit not bad bt sumtime i get a lil confusedbt still i just cnt stop reading til i kno do she recognized the one she love and the funny part is the real john appear in someone else bodywow i really want to read that part and also i want to kno hw it end between rori and jack the spirit:)

    Michelle Wiles
    This book was another freebie on the Kindle. I enjoyed it, but found it a little on the short side. I did think Norman was hilarious though and it was reasonably funny.Not bad for a freebie, but the question is, would I pay for it . probably not.

    Whoa-ly crap that was short! I think I might have read that in about an hourbut I did at least totally enjoy it :)

    Cute, short story. Read this book in a few hours, but it was definitely a fun little read.

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