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  • Title: Seven Up
  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: 9780312265847
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Vintage hardcover
    Janet Evanovich
    Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.


    Book Review4 out of 5 stars to Seven Up, the 7th book in the "Stephanie Plum" cozy mystery series, written in 2001 by Janet Evanovich. They just keep getting funnier. And in this one, Stephanie gets a marriage proposal from Joe. But Ranger will only help her with the crazy old bail jumper on the loose if she will do anything he tells her to do. She kinda likes that. So do I. But not if she's gonna marry Joe. Come on! The antics and shenanigans are on high alert. Her family is way over the top an [...]

    Truth is, I think naked men are kind of strange looking what with their doodles and ding-dong hanging loose like they do. Nevertheless, there's the curiosity thing. I guess it's another one of those car crash experiences, where you feel compelled to look even if you know you'll be horrified.And, this is the mindset of the girl who has two major alpha men after her? I'm not saying that I disagree with the awkward boy-parts thing, but Stephanie has to be the most un-sexy girl I have ever read. She [...]

    OK I didn't add reviews to the last several books in this series because I was out of town (stuck in a snowstorm back east)& didn't get to my computer until today. I made two trips to Barnes & Noble while we were back east because I couldn't wait to get more of these books. This series in hilarious!!! Very quick reads too - perfect for passing the time in an airport with nothing else to do. I can't decide who my favorites are yet - either Grandma Mazur or Lulu. They both crack me up. I h [...]

    Tilly Slaton
    Evanovich went above and beyond when she created Seven Up!This book is filled with missing friends, death, a kidnapped Grandma Mazur and mud wrestling? Ha!Stephanie Plum and Lula are my heroes. They really make me appreciate the diversity of friendships that I have. Even when my life decides to go a little strange, I can always count on the loved ones in my life to help me giggle.Stephanie: For the better part of my childhood, my professional aspirations were simple-I wanted to be an intergalact [...]

    *** 4.35 ***A buddy read with OhWell at BB&BThis series is hilarious! Hands down, one of the funniest I have ever read, that keep on with the hilarity even 7 books into the series. We are already very well acquainted with Stephanie's family, and the consensus is that everyone needs a grandma Mazur in their life, just for giggles! Stephanie's mom is obviously going through "the change", but is doing anything and everything to deny it. And the poor Mr. Plum is hanging on to sanity by the tips [...]

    Patrick Gibson
    Bob the dog is still around. Mooner, the dejected stoner is still around—although his roommate seems to have turned up missing and Mooner just might have to move in with Stephanie for protection when the bodies start showing up. Mooner’s roommate, by the way is called Dealer because, despite his penchant for administering your standard cocaine derived drugs to the neighborhood, he supplies vast amounts of Metamucil to the senior citizens and an incredible discount. So you can see why all hel [...]

    It's no secret that I love this series, Stephanie's antics and her crazy family never fail to make me giggle and these books are the perfect thing to pick up when you're having a bad day and just need something to make you smile.You'd think that Stephanie might be getting the hang of this bounty hunter thing by now but unfortunately for her she's just as terrible as ever. Even when she's up against a pensioner things don't go to plan for our plucky heroine and her sidekick Lula. I swear these tw [...]

    Yes, I read book 6 and 7 in one day . . . I am on medical leave. It is the weekend. These books are my entertainment. So, book 7 finds us looking for an old retired Mob guy who may have killed a kind old lady. Ranger ups the heat on Stephanie by making a deal with her . . . if she wants his help it is going to cost her. Stephanie attempts to entertain the wedding proposal and out of fear of giving her mother, who comes unglued when perfect daughter Valerie returns home after her marriage crumble [...]

    Robin Conley
    Something I think a lot of people forget about this series is that it's not supposed to be literary genius. It's supposed to be entertaining, lighthearted, fun. While the basic plot of the books in this series tends to have the same set-up, what changes is the personal relationships. I think the action of the books is more of a means to an end. The characters need something to do so they are hunting down bad guys, and in the process the real story, the story of the character relationships, devel [...]

    Attenzione: si sconsiglia la lettura di questi libri sui mezzi pubblici, o in mezzo alla gente in generale, per non attirarsi occhiate confuse dalle altre persone mentre state ridendo come degli scemi leggendo dell'ennesima avventura di Nonna Mazur.No senti Janet, non puoi continuare così. vorrei leggere anche altri libri ma se molli una bomba nell'ultima riga e mezza del libro, io come faccio??La storia è sempre la stessa: Steph, nel bel mezzo di falliti tentativi di recupero del MA di turno, [...]

    Is it possible to give zero stars? This book was awful. One of the few times in my life where I thougth to myself, "I could have written this same story and same characters myself, and it would have been much better." Does this woman even have a college degree? Did she go to SLCK? Salt Lake Community Kollege? Please don't read this book, you will get dumber. The main character is unlikeable, a tramp, and an embarrassment to women everywhere. America needs to do better than this book. You know wh [...]

    This was another roll-on-the-floor-laughing-helplessly entry in the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie's after another ancient mob-connected FTA who seems to have an uncanny ability to disappear even when she seemingly has him in her grasp. The plot revolves around the disappearance of a mob guy's heart. It was removed after his recent death and thereby hangs a tale. Amidst it all, Stephanie's perfect sister turns up with her two kids, in from California where her perfect husband has just taken al [...]

    Toujours aussi bon.J'aimerais beaucoup que la mère ait un rôle un peu plus important dans un des tomes suivants, car elle a un potentiel comique assez immense comme personnage !Sinon, encore une fin hummmm. Mais heureusement cette fois j'ai prévu : j'ai le tome suivant entre les mains ! NA :)

    What I like the most about Stephanie Plum series is the continuity of characters; Grandma Mazur, Lula, Morelli, Ranger and Stephanie, Stephanie's mother and father. But storywise, I get the feeling that all books are the same. This one was however a bit less entertaining than the previous ones.

    Those who have yet to discover Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and her weird relatives and relationships are missing a huge treat or living in acave. I recommend beginning with the first in the series, One for the Money, but Seven Up stands alone quite well.Grandma Mazur has finally gotten her driver’s license, bought a red Corvette, and lost the driver’s license for too many speeding tickets,all in the space of five days. The scenes at the dinner table are always my favorite with Stephanie’s [...]

    There isn't much to say about these books other than they are so funny! I love Grandma Mazur and the whole cast of zaney, crazy characters!

    All Stephanie had to do was bring in Eddie DeChooch. He is an old man who is basically blind, hard of hearing, and is so depressed he doesn't want to leave his house how hard can that task be right? Wrong! As always, Stephanie underestimates her catch and is left looking like an amateur bounty hunter. Soon she learns that her Grandma has a connection to Eddie and it's one that Stephanie wishes she would never have heard about. Too much information about sums it up. To top all that off DeChooch i [...]

    Jake Rideout
    My favorite part:"That's the dumbest load of shit I ever heard," Lula said, biting into a chicken thigh. She stopped talking and chewing and opened her eyes wide. "Urg," she said. Then she started waving her arms and clutching her throat."Are you okay?" I asked.More throat clutching."Whack her on the back," someone offered from another table."That doesn't work," someone else said. "You're supposed to do that Heimlich thing."I ran around to Lula and tried to wrap my arms around her to do the Heim [...]

    Not my favorite, but enjoyable nonetheless. Totaled car? check. Viewing at Stiva's? check. Bad guys? check. Hot guys? check and check. Random guys breaking into Stephanie's apartment? check.Quips about NJ and all its beauty? check.So, what's different? Stephanie is trying on wedding gowns and her previously perfect sister is trying on lesbian for a while. Moon Man and Dougie are missing, a mobster has a heart attack, and there are a pair of old Italian ladies that makes Grandma Morelli look like [...]

    Yowza! Life is complicated for Stephanie Plum. First there's Joe Morelli, who only has to touch her neck to send fire to her doodah. Then there's Ranger, who makes her stomach clench and her toe's curl. Though she is sort of engaged to Joe, neither of them are ready for the Big M, and now Ranger has just offered Stephanie a very indecent proposal in exchange for his aid in bringing down Stephanie's latest skip. Stephanie isn't sure what shoe will drop next, but she's about to find out.Hi-lights [...]

    If you've read the other six books in this series you have no reason to stop before you read this one. Many of the same characters appear in Seven UP. How is Eddie DeChooch to so hard to catch??? He's old, half blind, and crazy as hell. Well our heroine Stephanie Plum probably thinks it's like catching a greased up pig. There story is pretty interesting with more than your average twists and turns. Our best friend Bob the dog is at it again after eating some leftover chinese food that Steph and [...]

    SERIE STEPHANIE PLUM n. 7LETTURA DI GRUPPO E&lEsilarante come al solito. Lula e Bob questa volta hanno concorrenza. Il Luna è uno spasso. Con la tutina da supereroe poida morir dal ridere.Solita indagine strampalata. Ritorna la sorella dalla vita perfetta Valerie dalla California che si scopre che non ha poi la vita così perfetta. Addirittura vuoel diventare Lesbica.Stephanie intanto è alle prese con i preparativi del suo matrimonio con Morelli, ma c'è Ranger che la fa vacillare.Finisce [...]

    1. I wanted this wedding to happen SO BAD2. Steph picked out a dressA DRESS!!!3. Mooner was too much to handle in this book! More often than not, I was DYING everytime he appeared. Get it together Mooner!4. Eddie DeChooch may just be my favorite FTA so far, how he kept escaping Steph is beyond me, but I loved every bit of it. 5. Bob needs to stick around.6. He also needs to keep making visits to Joyce's yard. LOL7. Joe and Steph NEED to be endgame8. Grandma Mazur is the best character in this en [...]

    I may be sized more like Lula than Stephanie, but Lycra leggings and a rugby top - my version of her spandex shorts and hockey top - are a comfortable combination I think I'd been neglecting of late, so thanks to Ms Evanovich for reminding me of them.To the book. Glad to see Dougie & Mooner are still around - not being a dog-lover, I'm less certain about Bob - and a big hello to once perfect Valerie and her children. OK, so the latter have nothing to do with the main storyline of smuggled ci [...]

    Amanda McGill
    I really enjoyed listening to this novel while I was running. Stephanie has to go after Eddie DeChooch, which should be easy considering he is pretty old and depressed. Unfortunately that's not the case. Stephanie needs to go on a wild goose chase, which involves kidnapping, a dead body and a love triangle. Seven Up was an entertaining read (or listen), which is all I need on my long runs. There was a few laugh out loud moments and a few surprises that I didn't see coming.

    Lisa B.
    I still find this series to be very funny. I like listening to the audio version.

    Io non ci credo che, alla settima avventura di Steph, io rida ancora come una matta. Al contrario di quanto accada di solito, qui procede tutto di bene in meglio :PE in occasione di questa mia scoperta, ho fatto uscire il mio estro e mi sono cimentata nella stesura di una bella canzoncina ok, magari non è proprio che l'ho inventata di sana pianta :'D (per l'allegra canzoncina - si prega di non aspettarsi MOLTO - aspettate che butti giù qualche riga sulla trama di questo settimo capitolo della [...]

    I know people really love this series, but I am only finding it ok. I have liked some parts of some books, but overall I'm not in love with them. In this 7th book, it's more of the same. Feed Rex, check the contents of her purse, make up her hair big, ignore the semi-serious relationship with Joe while continuing to lust after Ranger, take Grandma Mazur to a viewing, blah, blah blah. It's a cookie utter, that I actually mind less when I'm listening to than reading. I usually listen to these on a [...]

    I thought after taking a break with a few other books, I would be OK reading Stephanie Plum again. Wrong! Not a few pages in, Stephanie is once again inept and idiotic. She really annoyed me that after 40% through the book, I started skimming. I don't know if I want to continue reading this series anymore. The secondary characters are what have kept my interest but now even that is not enough to get me through Stephanie's stupidity. **Edited to addter reading this review of Book#17 on which is [...]

    Stephanie Plum has to pick up Eddie DeChooch, an ancient old man, can't see or hear well and likes to shoot at people. He's into contraband of cigarettes. This old man continually eludes the Bounty Hunters. People are disappearing including Dougie and Mooner. How is this all tied together? Plums "perfect" sister with the "perfect" marriage ends up on her parents doorstep with her children after her "perfect" husband runs off with their babysitter. Valerie decides she is going to become a lesbian [...]

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