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  • Title: Superman/Batman, Vol. 3: Absolute Power
  • Author: Jeph Loeb Carlos Pacheco Jesús Merino
  • ISBN: 9781401207144
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

  • A new softcover collecting the blockbuster story Absolute Power, originally presented in SUPERMAN BATMAN 14 18 In this reality bending tale, Superman and Batman rule Earth with an iron fist Before long, the World s Finest Duo is sent careening through a series of bizarre alternate earths, facing an assortment of classic DC characters including Kamandi, Sgt Rock, HaunA new softcover collecting the blockbuster story Absolute Power, originally presented in SUPERMAN BATMAN 14 18 In this reality bending tale, Superman and Batman rule Earth with an iron fist Before long, the World s Finest Duo is sent careening through a series of bizarre alternate earths, facing an assortment of classic DC characters including Kamandi, Sgt Rock, Haunted Tank, and many
    Jeph Loeb Carlos Pacheco Jesús Merino
    Joseph Jeph Loeb III is an Emmy and WGA nominated American film and television writer, producer and award winning comic book writer Loeb was a Co Executive Producer on the NBC hit show Heroes, and formerly a producer writer on the TV series Smallville and Lost.A four time Eisner Award winner and five time Wizard Fan Awards winner see below , Loeb s comic book career includes work on many major characters, including Spider Man, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Captain America, Cable, Iron Man, Daredevil, Supergirl, the Avengers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, much of which he has produced in collaboration with artist Tim Sale, who provides the comic art seen on Heroes.


    Great premise, awful depiction.Three beings from the future, jump back in time to kidnap Batman and Superman as children to raise them as their own. Sounds fucking ridiculous and you'd be right.It only get's worse, but it has it's moments. I get the feeling this must be linked to a DC event? Infinite Crisis? I'm not sure as i've not read it, but there was the old Superman from the future in it, like the Supes from Kingdom come.Overall a complete mess and to be avoided.

    colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    2 1/2I thought the story had a lot more promise than what it actually ended up being. I didn't like some of the premises/psychological implications of certain aspects of the story - i.e. (view spoiler)[that certain people are either inherently good or bad, and that, even under radically different set of circumstances, their underlying core will remain. I suppose you could say that this isn't necessarily there in the story - that it's more about how the original timeline bled through into the cha [...]

    Ryan Stewart
    Jeph Loeb's third arc on Superman/Batman is ambitious but not anywhere near as good -- still not bad, though -- as his previous two efforts. It's a world that shows us several alternate timelines where changes in events have lead our heroes on different life paths, but some of them are just ludicrous. Cowboys and indians. Planet of the Apes. Etc. I can't see monkeys taking over the earth just because Bruce's parents weren't shot in an alley Anyway. There are some puppet masters behind the scenes [...]

    It stared off strong, so I thought I would really end up liking it. Sadly, not so much. I usually enjoy the Superman/Batman graphic novels, but this one just didn't do it for me. Shockingly this story revolves around a 'what if' time-travel plot. Naturally, because it's DC, it disintegrates into Crazy-Land. To

    Superman and Batman as supreme rulers of the Earth! Heroes dead and buried! Could this be true? Apparently so, because of some time travel shenanigans by a trio of villains from the future. Now I don't know if it's the novel idea (to me, at least) of seeing the DCU's top 2 male heroes in such roles and the alternate-reality around it, Carlos Pacheco's incredible art, or something else I can't put my finger on, but this book - far from being the best thing I've read - was actually a lot of fun to [...]

    Brenda Clough
    There should be more than five stars. This is at least an eight-star book. It is very nearly a perfect tour through the greater DC universe, and at high-speed, with alternate time lines, angst and grief, and a solid Superman-Batman team.

    Jerry Daniels
    In this graphic novel from DC Comics, one of a number featuring the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel, Superman and Batman fight with their respective foes, Darkseid and Ra's Al Gul, as well as three futuristic villains to restore the time line. The graphic novel also features other DC Comics super heroes who wind up at odds with the law in the alternative time line. One of them, Wonder Woman, tries to get Superman to remember.Not a bad story. It just took a while before one could realize who [...]

    So far the best of the Superman/Batman series. Really shows how close of a bond there is between Batman and Superman as well as what causes this bond. The story showcases how important the pair is to Earth as well as time itself. Also shows various connections to past comics such as "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" and "Kingdom Comes". I giggled slightly because I have recently read these two before reading Absolute Power and it just made it that much better. Overall, definitely worth [...]

    Some of the Legions of Superheroes (or their villains I confess to not knowing anything about the 30th century) travel back in time to raise Batman and Superman. Their plan goes awry, and our heroes get shunted through different dimensions revealing different bits of the DC Universe.While I love time travel, it gets far too confusing after the third issue. Carlos Pacheco's art is just great.

    Weee alternate universes that all blur into an incomprehensible mess.

    I didn't enjoy this at all. Its a basic what-if time travel story that isn't very exciting because it all goes back to normal or whatever. Or they are haunted. In my opinion, not very interesting.

    Vicenç Sanz
    Otra historia con los dos personajes “en pantalla” y en ésta ocasión dejando de lado la continuidad de la colección para contarnos otra cosa. Digamos que son cuatro números muy buenos, que se pueden leer perfectamente por separado y que nos llevan a distintos momentos de la historia de los personajes, pero vistos de otra forma.Y luego está el número final, mucho más típico y con menos interés, pero divertido de leer y repleto de acción.Con los cinco números conjuntos nos queda una [...]

    Rayco Cruz
    Este cómic, que empieza muy bien, poco a poco se convierte en una historia confusa y muy random en la que los personajes van actuando a remolque de la situación, con comportamientos que no se entienden bien y no están justificados. Por ejemplo, (view spoiler)[¿por qué recuerdan o saben cómo debería haber sido la línea temporal "normal"? (hide spoiler)] No tiene ningún sentidoEn la parte técnica, en cambio, es muy bueno. Con Pacheco y Merino a la cabeza del elenco, logran una gran obra [...]

    João Batista
    2.5* pela premissa.E se as vidas de Bruce e Clark tivessem tomado um rumo diferente a partir de seus momentos iniciais? Um mundo com 'Gêmeos Hitler', conforme o Arqueiro Verde. Tudo por causa de seres do século XXXI. Boa premissa, mas desenhos simplórios e uma personagem chamada Tio Sam que é a "encarnação viva do espírito humano" (??) Colisão de várias realidades; alianças perigosas; um mundo sem Batman.Se já não bastassem os "tradutores"/editores da Eaglemoss.Br: "a ponto DA verdad [...]

    Me ha gustado y entretenido. Pero creo que una premisa tan interesante como unos Batman y Superman alternativos transformados en villanos, da mucho más de sí. Echo en falta más desarrollo de este mundo, ver los efectos en mayor profundidad, y sobretodo más desarrollo de la personalidad de ambos personajes. Parece que son solo dos marionetas que se mueven al son del titiritero que las maneje, cuando en realidad tienen mucha personalidad y carácter. Recomendable, pero mejorable.

    This trade collects Superman/Batman (2003) issues #14-18.Brave visionaries have risked much to go back set the world on it's proper path. One governed by the only beings fit to rule - Superman and Batman. Absolute Power has a wonderful premise and does some great things with it. The new status quo, reasons behind it and the twist it gives to the dual internal narrations Loeb established in the first two volumes are all very compelling and well done. It also ends strongly, building in the last tw [...]

    Although it had an interesting premise and wasn't a bad read as far as the standard time-travel-causing-alternate-histories goes, but I wish the art could've been much better, and the credibility of how much of an extent that Supes and Bats basic decency and innate heroism could've been changed just based on the circumstances of how and by whom they were raised sort of strained it a bit for me (which was also my sticking point with the whole "Flashpoint" story-- as good as it was in some ways, I [...]

    The World's Finest duo become the world's deadliest in this third collection of the Superman/Batman title. A trio of villains from the 31st century decide that the best way to shape their future is by altering the past. Going back to a Kansas space landing and a fateful Gotham alley, Saturn Queen, Cosmic King, and Lightning Lord decide to adopt Kal-El and Bruce Wayne as their own children. Murdering other potential heroes before their time, the trio succeed in molding Batman and Superman into al [...]

    Thomas Moudry
    I vaguely recall reading—and enjoying—this storyline when it was merely Superman/Batman 14-18 nearly a decade ago. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up the hardcover at my local bookstore and finally got to sit down with it this weekend. It's still awesome—not just because it's a time travel story, a genre (?) I love, but also because it cuts a fairly wide path through the heart of the DC Universe. Um, the Post-Crisis-on-Infinite-Earths/Post-Zero-Hour/Pre-Infinite-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint/Pre-N [...]

    John Mccubbin
    This was a disappointing story, as although I didn't expect Jeph Loeb to keep the level of quality of the previous volumes forever, I never expected the quality to drop this far. Now before I go any further the story isn't terrible, as it was very interesting, with a brilliant concept. At the same time I don't think the concept was executed right, as it just didn't feel right to me, feeling too false and a bit forced. Loeb did however do a good job of keeping the suspense and drama up in the sto [...]

    A really interesting look at how things might have been if Superman and Batman were taken away from their Earth parents and raised by a trio of time-traveling "superheroes" to become the absolute rulers of Earth. It also talks about the consequences of trying to alter a timeline, and reminds us of how easy it would be for these two to "turn to the dark side," as it were. So much hinges on Superman's adoption and Batman's loss's rather heartbreaking. Fans of this duo may also really enjoy the bon [...]

    I am usually a big fan of alternate universes but this one, or series of them, mostly made me sad. It's been too long since I read the first volume, I can't recall the issue with the old Superman, but I'm glad things got cleared up for him. Overall the story was okay but it didn't really hold my interest. If I wasn't reading it as a graphic novel from the library I might not have bothered to get the issues because the characters weren't quite right (as to be expected in an AU) and not in a way I [...]

    Basically, this is an Elseworlds story in which Superman (before the Kents find him) and Batman (from the Crime Alley right after his parents are killed) are taken by some villains from the future and raised as absolute rulers of Earth. Unlike other DC's Elseworlds stories, this one is set in the canon comics continuity. The art is great, but I found the story itself not very interesting. If you're interested in more Elseworlds stories where Superman isn't raised by the Kents, I recommend 'Super [...]

    Bintang Pramodana
    buku terbaik dari seri ini. bercerita bagaimana bila ketika clark sampai dibumi dan ketika orang tua batman dibunuh, mereka dibawa ke masa depan oleh para super hero kejam di masa depan. mereka dibesarkan sebagai anak. memperlihatkan keadaan ketika superman dan batman membunuhi teman2 mereka sendiri, dan ketika justice league hanya sebuah dongeng.buku yang keren dengan cerita bagus. kehadiran dan kematian para justice league lainnya seperti wonder woman, green lantern, the flash, dan ice man, me [...]

    Jeph Loeb has always had really big ideas when it came to comics. Here he offers many different "Elseworlds" where we get to see what would happen if certain events never happened. While the story doesn't actually have any ramifications it was fun to follow. As enjoyable as the story was, the art by Carlos Pacheco, was incredible. I have always been a big fan of his and this reads like the DC version of his work in Avengers Forever. Overall, while the story itself is clichéd, the book was a goo [...]

    This graphic novel was a little bit different, at least to me, because it explored the concept of nature vs. nurture in superheroes. Essentially the story revolves around the concept of Both Batman and Superman being raised as brothers from children by a couple of time travelers. While it sounds cheesy the plot is excellent in the way it displays the character of both superheroes as iron clad. They’d choose to do what is right no matter what, which in this case involves sacrificing their own h [...]

    Time paradox Think " what if " certain key points in your life that you knew that because of it, you are the person you are today. But what if you could change at least one if them, how would your life be different? And would you change it if it bettered your situation? But you do you would be someone different. This story grabs all previous books and finishes it with a great ending. Thought I would not like it, but amazingly I did. The illustrations were not of my taste, but it did the job.

    superman and batman go back in time and change an significant event then in the future the whole world has been changed and the ruler darkseid (an enemy of superman) has control of the world.i would compare this book to, the girl who owned the city because they both obvoiusly "owned something." i would rate this book 5 stars because it is a book of classic heroes and action i would recomend this book to comic book lovers and others who love action.

    Amanda Giasson
    I wasn't really a fan of this one. It didn't grab me in the same way that Batman/Superman crossovers typically do. I felt that the story was weak and could have been a lot better. I found the story quite boring for the most part and I really didn't care what was going to happen to any of the characters, including Batman, who I typically love. I hope the next volume in this graphic novel series will be better.

    I think this volume's hard to accept because we're told that characters like Superman and Batman have an intrinsic goodness that prevents them from becoming evil. Here, both characters go from oppressor to liberator within a couple of pages. Other than that, this narrative is still fairly enjoyable.

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