[PDF] ↠ Unlimited á Hexes and Tooth Decay: A Short Story : by Nancy Fulda á

  • Title: Hexes and Tooth Decay: A Short Story
  • Author: Nancy Fulda
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • A grumpy rock fairy crosses paths with an impolite witch, and trouble ensues This is an extremely short story, but funny enough to be worth it.
    Nancy Fulda
    Nancy Fulda is a past Hugo and Nebula Nominee, a Phobos Award winner and a Vera Hinckley Mayhew Award recipient She is also a recipient of the Jim Baen Memorial Award She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Machine Learning She also loves dancing.


    Patricia Hamill
    Funny and worth a read.This one literally took me about two minutes to read, but it had me laughing and smiling. It's a clever take on the origins of a certain mystical being much loved by elementary school children.I can say that it is rare for me to rate a short story with five stars, but this one deserves it. The plot is well developed, the characters (three of them, it is a short after all) vivid and strange, and the parting shot at the end is fantastic.A winner for adults and kids (I'd say [...]

    Super quick read, but awesome ending! I definitely want to read other works by this author. She's one to look out for. Highly-recommended.

    Maria Schneider
    This is quite short, but it's got a nice twist. Should have seen it comingbut didn't!

    From (looneylunaravenreviews):When you were a child and still naïve enough to suspect anyone other than your parents took your shed baby teeth in exchange for some monetary reward, did you lay awake at night and hope to catch a glimmer of the mystical tooth fairy? Like most children, did you picture a beautiful woman? Or like me, did you picture some sort of shadowy figure that made necklaces out of said teeth? Well, Nancy Fulda provides a delightfully entertaining alternative to either imagini [...]

    Highly original (and absurd), this is an amusing punchline fleshed out into a story. It's extremely short but the length suits the tale being told. It's fun and gave me a chuckle, but is more a well told joke than a beloved story for me. That being said, the imagination shown and writing style are very impressive and I will definitely be seeking out more from the author (hopefully in genres more to my tastes).If you are more into comedic stories than I am it will likely resonate more.

    A rock fairy is minding his own business when a witch crosses his path. His bad temper gets the best of him, and he ends up with a hex upon him that causes his teeth to disintegrate. Now how is he supposed to eat his sandwich?This story is very short, but so very worth the read. The writing is witty and snarky, and the pacing and events are classic fairy tale construction. I loved the surprise ending - count me in the "should have seen it coming, but didn't" camp.

    This indeed a very short story - it appears longer than it is on the Kindle because almost a third of the length is promotions and other short snippets of the author's other work. The story itself was charming and fresh though, and it worked as a short story. I would love to see a fully fledged novel based on the concept, or a series of short stories set in this world from this author.

    Here is a story written in first person I really enjoyed and wished it was longer! I loved it. This would be a great story to read in the dentist chair while waiting for the local anesthetic to kick in. You will love the sarcasm and attitude of this little rock fairy! Editing and formatting are spotless.

    Lovely surprise to run across this cute story among the kindle freebies. Made me laugh and I didn't see the twist at the end coming. Very very short but it really was the perfect length for the tale.

    Fun but very short read. It was available on SmashWords for free, so I downloaded it and read it in literally a few minutes. I cannot see paying 99 cents for such a short short story, but for free it's certainly worth a (quick) read.

    Short story concerning an elf (?) who angers a witch by telling her she has rotten teeth. Soon his teeth fall out. Dentures crumble. What's an elf to do but get a job that means access to lots of teeth.

    Super short we're talking not even long enough to finish with a quick snack. I wouldn't pay anything for something you can finish in a few minutes, but if it's still free, it's a cute little fairy tale.

    Unusual, entertaining and quite unique. A recommended quick read.

    Sarah Wright
    Interesting read. I wish it was longer, but it was still a good read!

    I love cute fantasy short story books like this


    Nicki Jacobs
    One of the cutest things I have ever read. Quick and great for the young and young at heart. Edited nicely too! Very creative.

    Very cute short story on the possible origins of the tooth fairy.

    Kayla Eklund
    This was a cute, short story.

    Very interesting and fun to read!

    Anzu The Great Destroyer

    Cute short story

    Adorable very, very short story. I wish this had been longer. It would have been nice to know at least a little something about the characters. I will definitely read something else by this author.

    Free on and very short. But really, really, good.

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited á Hexes and Tooth Decay: A Short Story : by Nancy Fulda á
      238 Nancy Fulda
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