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  • Title: The Mask of Destiny
  • Author: Richard Newsome
  • ISBN: 9781921758539
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback

  • The life of Australian teen Gerald Wilkins changed forever when he inherited twenty billion pounds and a mystery to solve In The Mask of Destiny, Gerald believes his enemy Sir Mason Green will be put in prison for murder Instead, Gerald is accused of murder himself He ll have to find the last of three emerald caskets to clear his name The search takes him, Ruby, Sam, aThe life of Australian teen Gerald Wilkins changed forever when he inherited twenty billion pounds and a mystery to solve In The Mask of Destiny, Gerald believes his enemy Sir Mason Green will be put in prison for murder Instead, Gerald is accused of murder himself He ll have to find the last of three emerald caskets to clear his name The search takes him, Ruby, Sam, and Mr Fry to Paris, Rome, Athens, and Delphi They discover Delphi once held the greatest treasure on earth It could still be there, waiting to be found by someone good Or evilAnthony Horowitz fans will love the extreme adventure, exotic locals, and illustrations in The Mask of Destiny, the rollicking conclusion to the Archer Legacy trilogy.
    Richard Newsome
    Richard Newsome lives in Australia and has worked as a journalist for daily newspapers, radio and TV as a consultant with one of the world s foremost strategy consultancies and as communications director of a multinational media company Richard s debut novel, The Billionaire s Curse, won the inaugural Text Prize for Children s and Young Adult writing, as well as the Esther Glen medal, New Zealand s oldest literary award The book is the first volume of a trilogy, and has been sold to publishers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey The book started as a bedtime story for his children and it took Richard ten years to get around to finishing it The second book in the series is The Emerald Casket.

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    This book is so excellent! It is a must-read!!! It contains advebture, murder and a little bit of love!! It's the best book out of all of them!

    Cyann Halley
    The Mask of DestinyBy Richard Newsome. Like Flowers in Spring.I would say when the author wrote this book he stood true in building characters that were equivalent to both their personalities and action. Take Gerald for instance. He was a normal teenager who was living a normal life until he found out his grandmother had died and left billions and a secret family legacy to protect. He moved from worrying about his homework to worrying about his life. Although he was forced to grow up quickly, an [...]

    *First posted to my blog rlsharpe.wordpress/The Mask of Destiny is the third book in The Billionaire Series. We rejoin Gerald and his two closet friends, twins Ruby and Sam, on another adventure as they seek to unlock Gerald’s family secret. We have been to London with Gerald and his friends, we’ve been to India, and this time we are taken to France, Rome and Greece! This is an aspect that I really love about this series. I feel like I’ve gone on a world tour in the comfort of my favourite [...]

    Emma Woudt
    The Mask of DestinyThe Mask of Destiny is a great book full of adventure and excitement. I liked the book because it gives you an opportunity to try and solve the mystery. One thing I didn’t particularly like was the author didn’t describe some things as much as I would have liked him to.A main problem the character had was he was charged for a murder of the man who had tried to kill him, twice. The police were following him wherever he went. It is the third book in a series called the billi [...]

    I love this series I recommend it. This one is my fave of all of them

    A fantastic book. I highly recommend this series! :)There is a new book coming out that I cannot wait for!

    Last one! I love the Archer Trilogy! It all ends.

    This series started well and ended well. Good job Richard Newsome.

    This is the final book in the Archer Legacy trilogy and I'm so very sad to have this wonderful adventure and mystery series end. It started with "The Billionaire's Curse" when normal 13 year-old Gerald Wilkins inherited his great aunt's fortune- and all her enemies, continued on through "The Emerald Casket" with Gerald and his friends in India trying to solve the riddle of his family's secret, and ends with "The Mask of Destiny".Gerald's arch enemy throughout the series, Mason Green, has been ca [...]

    An end to the grand adventure.Pros: VISUAL MOVIE MAKING. There are some great action scenes and setting in here!Cons: Timing. Sort of felt like the end just came out of nowhere and it was done.Though this could also be a testament to finding a book at the right time. Started reading this one before my appendicitis. Then trying to get some time to read as I was recovering (the medicine made me feel quite sick, then I was just trying to catch up at work) I tend to enjoy books more when I can rea [...]

    The Mask of Destiny is the over-the-top smart and action-packed conclusion to The Archer Legacy trilogy. Readers who enjoyed the first two books will be thrilled to finally resolve the mysteries, and have all of their lingering questions answered. This exciting story reads like a young teen version of the movies National Treasure or Indiana Jones--the European locales are exotic and the clues are cryptic, all leading to the big final reveal of the true nature of the Archer family legacy that Ger [...]

    so much heroic action and stuff. the twist though is real at the end or is it?This book, following on to the other two Billionaire books before it (read them.), continues the story of Gerald, Ruby and Sam. They find themselves in France, and are lead on a treasure hunt through the entire world. This is a good read for all ages starting at about 9, and i would give it 5/5 for ingenuity. And the twist or is there one?

    Newsome still does a great job of believable action and character building while maintaining an creative imaginative story line. In the third one he ramps up the growing relationship between Gerald and Ruby, although Gerald seems a bit dense about it. The trio learn a great deal and meet some new friends and some enemies while on their latest hunt. These are great action adventure fun reads Along the lines of Dan Gutman's "Genius Files" and "39 Clues".

    I loved it! Not only do you pick up a few educational things here and there, I loved the characters, they were ALL funny and cool and smart. When bad things happened it wasn't because of a brain dead mistake, sweet action and a bit of mystery like the others. And I'm totally cool with how it ended! I'm gonna miss this series!!

    The ending seemed a bit rushed otherwise would have given 5 stars. LOVE this series. Very imaginative take on history. Sam seems a bit more stupid in this book, though he does manage to every once in a while pull something brilliant out of thin air. Wonder how far the will they/won't they start to have feelings for each other last between Ruby and Gerald?

    The final book in the trilogy focused around unassuming billionaire Gerald comes to a rousing conclusion, with more crazy plot twists, more fantastic world travel, & more danger - as well as some historically interesting stuff that might just get kids excited about reading further on Ancient Greece. This would be a great series to recommend to fans of "The Thirty-Nine Clues" or "Conspiracy 365".

    This is a VERY good book, not scary like something's (a.k.a half human WOLVES, I'm still haunted). It is a good sense of humour and some of the characters are very convincingly evilor not. Not too many murder and blood I guess, it is one of my favourite books! I wish to have the whole collection.

    This series has been excellent. I think I enjoyed reading it almost as much as my daughter! Love that the Ruby character is such a strong role model, but not in a boring way. Boys or girls who love a good adventure mystery with a fair dollop of humour, and who want more than the dumbed down Wimpy style books, will love this series. Can't wait to read the new one, Crystal Code.

    What an action-packed book! It kept moving from start to finish - even the characters only had short breathing spaces. Nice twist in the end too, which I won't reveal here because then it would ruin the story for all those other fans out there.Well done Mr Newsome - you did it again! Now I have to read book 4 to figure out why there's a fourth book in a trilogy!

    This was a lot better than the first one and seemed to move at a faster pace for me. I still had a hard time getting into the characters though. I think the grumpy Mr. Fry was my favorite character and he was hardly even in this one.

    if my son would take a recommendation from me, I'd offer this series the archer legacy is fast paced and easy to read. only negative is that Newsome doesn't provide enough clues to figure out the mystery, you just have to experience it.

    This book kept me on my toes the whole time. All the twists and turns in it kept me flipping the pages franticly to get to the next page. :) It was so convincing at the end with Sam & Ruby, I nearly fell for it!I'd give it a double thumbs-up!

    A fun read and a believable conclusion to the series.

    Susan Lepore
    Light, quick and fun. Give it to adventure lovers - maybe even young Percy Jackson fans - not as intense, but some mythology.

    a thrilling ending to an AWESOME series

    More twists and turns - is nowhere safe? Another great read in this series.

    A satifsfying but not very mindblowing conclusion. An overall blah series

    Fun Trilogy!

    RiverinaRegional Library
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    Tracy Hollander
    Easy read (for me) and some fun Indiana Jones type adventure.

    • Free Download [Humor and Comedy Book] ð The Mask of Destiny - by Richard Newsome ✓
      445 Richard Newsome
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