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  • Title: Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement
  • Author: Robin Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780394705392
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback

  • Here is the first comprehensive collection of writings from the Women s Liberation Movement, including articles, poems, photo graphs, and manifestos This anthology captures the range of problems being considered by the new feminists, and the variety of approaches to analysis and action Over fifty contributors, all women, write about how the 51% minority group is used aHere is the first comprehensive collection of writings from the Women s Liberation Movement, including articles, poems, photo graphs, and manifestos This anthology captures the range of problems being considered by the new feminists, and the variety of approaches to analysis and action Over fifty contributors, all women, write about how the 51% minority group is used and abused by the major institutions of our society marriage, the family, church, courts, the media, welfare, the schools, the professions, business, and industry A section on the psychological and sexual repression of women attacks the freudian view of the female, and discusses the problems of the aging woman, abortion and birth control, prostitution, the persecution of lesbians Black women, a Mexican woman, high school women, ex New Leftists, housewives, and seasoned feminists speak from their experience in tones that range from detachment to outrage ARE MEN REALLY THE ENEMY A Questionnaire by Jayne West, from No More Fun and Games True or False __ Woman s work is never done __ You can t tell a book by its cover __ Housework can be fun __ A female dog is referred to as a bitch __ One of the degrading terms that can be applied to a man is son of a bitch Multiple Choice 1 Most rapes are committed by a women b children c men perverts d I am unable to distinguish rape from ordinary sexual relations 2 Which do you prefer being called a lady b woman c female d girl e none of the above 3 If I could do away with anything I wanted, the first thing I would do away with is a the family b the state c private property d menstrual periods e all of the above Essay Discuss the variations in tone possible when asking a male druggist Have you Tampax Super
    Robin Morgan
    An award winning poet, novelist, political theorist, feminist activist, journalist, editor, and best selling author, Robin Morgan has published 20 books, including the now classic anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful Random House, 1970 and Sisterhood Is Global Doubleday, l984 updated edition, The Feminist Press, 1996 with the recent Sisterhood Is Forever Washington Square Press, 2003 A leader in contemporary US feminism, she has also played an influential role internationally in the women s movement for than 25 years An invited speaker at every major university in North America, Morgan has traveled as organizer, lecturer, journalist across Europe, to Australia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, China, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Pacific Island nations, the Philippines, and South Africa she has twice 1986 and 1989 spent months in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, West Bank, and Gaza, reporting on the conditions of women.Her books include the novels Dry Your Smile Doubleday, l987 and The Mer Child A Legend for Children and Other Adults Feminist Press, 1991 nonfiction Going Too Far Random House, 1977 , The Word of a Woman Norton, 1992, 2nd ed 1994 , and The Anatomy of Freedom Norton, 1994 Her work has been translated into 13 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Sanskrit Recent books include the poetry anthologies Upstairs in the Garden 1994 and A Hot January both Norton , as well as the memoir Saturday s Child Norton, 2000 , and her best selling nonfiction piece The Demon Lover The Roots of Terrorism Norton, 1989 2nd ed with a new introduction and afterword Washington Square Press, 2001 Her novel on the Inquisition The Burning Time was published in 2006 Melville House , and Fighting Words A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right in 2006 Nation Books.As founder and president of The Sisterhood Is Global Institute and co founder and board member of The Women s Media Center, she has co founded and serves on the boards of many women s organizations in the US and abroad In 1990, as editor in chief of Ms magazine, she relaunched the magazine as an international, award winning, ad free bimonthly, resigning in late 1993 to become consulting global editor A recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Prize for poetry, and numerous other honors, she lives in New York City.


    No one remembers this one anymore. It helped me to stay and continue to believe in the written word, though I do not now hold that belief50years is a long time to read!As radical and old fashioned as this is, I'd still encourage young women (and old) to "peruse" it, and every once and again, read hard.

    I'm re-reading this now, and it's remarkable to me how fresh so much of it still is, that is if you look past the 1970s-era lingo. That's not necessarily a good thing. What came as the greatest surprise, after 40 years of being indoctrinated by the myth of the humorless feminist, is just how witty and snarky the movement sisters could be.

    Modern Hermeneut
    This would be worth picking up for the SCUM manifesto alone (far more witty and self-aware than you might expect). But reactionary demagogues only represent a handful of the diverse voices that resound beneath the large ideological tent of this collection.It's hard to know whether it's good or bad that, nowadays, we need to reread a book like this to remember what our mothers -- or mine, at any rate -- fought so hard for.More important, this is a good book to have around for picking up them uppi [...]

    Lest we forget,every woman's ability to own a home, have a credit rating and have a crack at an executive position is due to the sacrifice and hard work of the feminists of the 60's and 70's. This book is a time piece and testament to their efforts. You go, girls!

    Jean Perry
    Wonderful introduction to feminist issues. All feminists were reading and discussing it in the 1970s

    I read this book as an 18 year old freshman at a catholic women's college in 1970. It changed my life for the better and baptized me into womanhood. I shortly left that nunnery. :)

    I read this book as a teenager (I'm turning 50 soon), and it propelled me into feminist thought. At the age of 22, when I returned to college, I joined the women's organization, and invited Robin Morgan to come speak at the University I was attending. It was like meeting my hero. I'll never forget taking her out to breakfast, and wanting to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. This was a life changing book for me, but I'm not sure how relevant it would be today, except in an historical c [...]

    Elaine Searle
    This book was formative and empowering to my thinking and understanding of feminist issues when I read it in the 70s. In fact, I think it was life changing in that it articulated what it is that women deal with.

    A good collection of feminist writings from the 60s and 70s. I've read a lot of feminist essays and thought I understood what feminism was at that time. I learned so many new things.

    2nd wave 101--in a good way

    BAM! The politics of orgasm is something everyone should read. Male or female.

    This is one of the first books of the second wave of the women's movement. Very important collection.

    A classic! And, the nostalgia! A huge part of my life and also friends of mine at the time contributed articles. (It came out shortly before I met them.)

    I was probably the only person who read this for the sex. Well, I was ten. On second thoughts, I didn't read the sex, I devoured it and read it over and over and over. I can still recall key ideas, the writers denouncing all sorts of bits of pornographic literature, which I thought were just so sexy. I don't know where it comes from, but in particular there is a line about a girl eagerly attached to the end of a penis being like a hooked fish and no amount of proseltysing in the analysis of how [...]

    VERY worthwhile. When I first started it, I was taking it as a historical book, and was interested in learning about the women's movement at that point in time. What was interesting (and depressing) was that I often forgot I was reading a book published in 1970.Abortion is still a political issue. We still have bridal culture, we still have Miss America. There's still the problem of child care, and there are not nearly enough women in leadership roles in the workforce. And women are still underp [...]

    First as a general statement, I found this book was still relevant to the development of my feminist thought. With a collection like this you get a diversity of voices, which I appreciate. There is a boldness in second wave writing that was missing in feminist thought for a long time with the cheerful populist 3rd wave and extremely complex academic 3rd wave. Only recently with intersectional feminism in online spaces have I seen anything close to this kind of brave facing of the world and radic [...]

    Some of the essays in this anthology were a little dry for my personal taste, but this book is an EXCELLENT look back at the women's lib movement. I get the feeling that feminists my age (what wave are we on now? Third? Fourth?) forget our roots, apathy & complacency set in, and we end up conceding more than we ever intended. This is a good book to pore through and remember that the fight has come a long way, but is far from over.

    A- Great history of 2nd wave

    Karin Lippert
    Started the revolution


    Love the variety of viewpoints in this collection.

    Nicolas Lontel
    Une fascinante anthologie de textes écrits à la fin des années '60, début années '70 où (pas mal) toutes les femmes parlent de pas mal tous les sujets. On parle de la place des femmes dans les jurés, de l'enfantement, du racisme, du sexisme, il y a des chansons, des poèmes, des slogans, des références, des femmes de tous les horizons parlent, y compris des femmes de d'autres pays qui parle de la condition des femmes et du féminisme dans leur pays et leur perspective, des textes de tou [...]

    40+ years old and surprisingly pertinent.

    "An entire book could, and should, be written on the psychology of contraception: it would treat the place of fatalism, of power relations and communication between man and woman, of basic attitudes toward sexuality, of hostility, aggression, and punishment in the sex act, and much more."This book may seem radical, but it's also chock full of insightful views on feminism, women in the workplace and at home, contraception, psychology, what equality looks like, and who profits most from women. It' [...]

    I am old enough that when I read this book, all this was new and eyeopening and fabulous and, as we said then, "mind-blowing" This is the book which helped me start to be a real person. It was a book I and all my friends were reading and discussing, having AHA! moments about, learning that I was depressed so much because I was oppressed so much! It was the beginning of my political awareness of the status of women in the world. Phillis Chessler (Author of "Women and Madness", another life changi [...]

    Sisterhood is Powerful (1970) an anthology of radical feminist writings edited by Robin Morgan - It is the first comprehensive collection of writings from the then-newborn contemporary wave of feminism. It became a best-seller in both cloth and paperback, its red-and-white cover with the feminist symbol (designed by Morgan) becoming a recognisable graffito around the world.

    Ryan Mishap
    The classic. It is well worth reading for its own sake, but also interesting to compare the problems confronted thirty or forty years ago with today to compare and contrast. What has changed and what remains the same? Indeed, what has gotten worse in the fields of misogyny, sexism, etc.? Also checkout Sisterhood is Global.

    Check out my tumblr for the full text of Laura Furman's A House is Not a Home: Women in Publishing.

    Carrie Pirmann
    essays,women's studies

    Another big book for me from back in the day.

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