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  • Title: Back in Black
  • Author: Zoey Dean
  • ISBN: 9780316010924
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback

  • Back in Black is the 5th guilty pleasure in this witty series that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati It s time for the Beverly Hills High senior class trip to Washington, D.C But every year the reigning A List call in sick and do their own trip to Vegas, baby, Vegas Anna joins Cammie, Adam, Sam, Dee, and Parker on the VegaBack in Black is the 5th guilty pleasure in this witty series that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati It s time for the Beverly Hills High senior class trip to Washington, D.C But every year the reigning A List call in sick and do their own trip to Vegas, baby, Vegas Anna joins Cammie, Adam, Sam, Dee, and Parker on the Vegas trip to the uber hip Palms Hotel and Casino During a hypnosis show on The Trip, the group is hypnotized into telling the truth Dee is confronted with just how whack o she s become and Adam and Cammie are forced to confess their forbidden lusty secrets When Anna s oldest and best friend from NYC, Cyn, and Anna s long time adolescent crush, Scott, show up in Vegas too, Anna finds out just how dangerous telling the truth can be.
    Zoey Dean
    The author of The A List series and How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, which has been renamed and turned into a TV show known as Privileged on the CW in September 2008 Zoey Dean s books are produced by the media packager Alloy Entertainment, which created Gossip Girl, The Clique Series, and The A List and sold them to Little, Brown and Company Zoey is currently working on The Talent series She is also working on The A List Hollywood Royalty Zoey Dean divides her time between Beverly Hills, California, and her favorite small islands in the Caribbean.See also Cherie Bennett

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    Lauren R.
    This is definitely what I expected for a middle book in the series. Not too much happens and some of the stuff that does happen (hypnotism??) is ridiculous. I was annoyed with Cammie/Adam and Anna's continued thirst over Ben. Sam is still pretty great though.

    Adam Buongiovanni
    I've never read a book that elaborated more on the exact details of the clothes someone is wearing, or the accessories they carry. It was a book that revolves around a very high end, mostly stuck-up group of friends, who have what I like to refer to as "rich people problems". The main character gives us some redeeming qualities, but besides that most characters are a tad annoying. However, I actually enjoyed this frenzy of annoyance. It took me 3 days to read this book and I was thoroughly invol [...]

    Ooooh! this book was just horrible as the last one. There is too much descriptions of each building and clothes(I though I was reading a travel's guide) and nothing happens. I didn't expect much from this book, and I wish I didn't buy it. But I'm continuing to the series, I'm wanting to see Anna/Ben. But now I don't have a favorite character in the book, Sam is just bitchy and horrible, Cammie is worse, Dee is loony and boring, Adam is okay, Parker is okay, and Anna is really boring. I have to s [...]

    Ava Loughlin
    This book not only takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood, but allows you to feel like you are actually in the book. The description and detail is extravagant but throughout the book it gets boring. This book revolves around the Hollywood life of rich people and how their life. That part is interesting but not interesting enough.

    This book described clothes and buildings way too much. WOW not good!

    Back In Black, an A-List NovelZoe Dean Seventeen year old Upper East-Side girl Anna Percy is tired of playing by her wealthy mother’s strict rules. So, to follow her heart, she moves from uptight New York to the sunny (and wild) shores of Los Angeles. Anna wants to break out of her perfectly boring personality and step into something new. Thanks to Sam Sharpe, Cammie Shepherd, and Dee Young, Anna just might get what she came for.Sam, Dee, and Cammie rule Beverly Hills High school, but when Ann [...]

    Back In Black, by Zoey Dean is about a group of friends that go to Las Vegas for a school trip. They were actually supposed to go to Washington D.C but they ditched their school and flew to Las Vegas. Adam, Cammie, Sam, Anna and Parker are all friends and they are all 18. They're seniors and it's like a tradition for the "cool kids" to rebel and go somewhere else besides the place they're actually supposed to go to. In Vegas, everybody goes through a rough time. Anna misses Ben. He's in Princeto [...]

    Dana A
    Back in Black written by Zoey Dean gives you an insight on what the high life of Beverly Hills is like. This might seem interesting for a story but I will have to disagree. Even though getting to see the rich upscale life of Anna Percy and her friends, nothing had happened that led to a good story line. Seeing Anna Percy's Las Vegas experience was a little crazy but I still felt this book was lacking. One example is that you have to read over half of the book in order for the main setting to com [...]

    Alexis L.
    Summary: this book is all about a group of teens supposed to be going on a school trip to Washington D.C. but they are going to Vegas on Dee’s, Dads privet jet. They get into trouble by the police but there parents don’t find out about it. Everything gets crazy at the end because they go to a hypnoses show and nobody knows what happened except Anna and she doesn’t want them to know what happened because they spoke the truth. When they watch it everyone gets mad at each other.Main character [...]

    How I Came To Read This Book: Danielle lent it to me.The Plot: Anna Percy and her LA frenemies are heading to Las Vegas for a week of sin and debauchery. In between a showgirl striptease contest, a mysterious casino visit, and a night with a hypnotist, each of the main girls deals with the relationships with the most important people in their lives - past and present.The Good & The Bad: Ah the A-List, back in boring form. Despite a minor upswing in plot and character development in "Tall Coo [...]

    I'm currently in finished with this book and it has been pretty good. I believe that this book is interesting but it can get boring at some points in the book. This book takes place in Las Vegas and the main characters in this book are exploring the Gambling city! These kids are wise and optimistic which makes this book interesting to read. If you are willing to explore kids that are doing what they want in Vegas this book is great for you.I believe that this book will get you on the edge of you [...]

    Kori Smith
    I thought this was a(n) incredible book. This book is about how Anna and her friends, Sam, Dee, Adam, Parker, and Camilla (Cammie) were supposed to go on the senior trip to Washington D.C but, instead, they went to Las Vegas. They had a tacky Vegas contest and Camilla decided to show off. They went to a hypnotist show where their deepest, darkest secrets were revealed. They all went through ups and downs and experienced all of the crazy activities that gave Las Vegas its name: Sin City.This book [...]

    Amber Ventura
    Back in Black, an A-List novel was an OK book.I'm thinking because I didn't read the first 4 books before was the reason it was just OK. I couldn't really connect to any of the characters, but the only character I really wanted to know more about was Anna. I wanted to know more about her and Ben and what what was the reason they split up. Of course at the end of the book they reconnect finallyd then thats what wants you to get the next book to read, to see what happens with them as a couple. I d [...]

    This series was okay, but get's tiresome after, like, the 2nd or 3rd book. eventually it's all about name-dropping, mentioning hip clubs, talking about how much money people earn and how to be mean to people who aren't earning 60 million every minute. Plus the constant chatter about the clothing (who designed it, how much it costs what kind of cut and the fabric it's made from and when and where the characters got it) AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it gets soooooooooooooo annoying, as well as the mentions ev [...]

    Hannah Debruin
    This book was okay. I have been reading this series for awhile. After this book I realized the series isn't going anywhere good so I stopped reading them. The book its self was entertaining, but wasn't a book that I couldn't put down. It was a very easy read and didn't take a lot of thought to read it. Overall I probably would not reacommend this book to anyone because there are a lot more books out there to read that would be more worth your time. I think Zoey Dean is a talented writer. I would [...]

    this book was ok. still happy to see no discontinuities (maybe she switched editors?). The bit with the hypnotist was mildly entertaining, but the book is still a bunch of rich kids trying to find their jollies. dee finally really cracks up which was overdue. the cammie and adam relationship is so saccharine it makes me want to vomit. and despite having guys constantly falling for her anna runs back to ben forgetting the fact that they "fell in love" over the course of like a week and that he cu [...]

    It took me forever to get through this book, but it's probably one of my favorite A-List books so far. It's about Anna, Cammie, Sam, Dee, Parker, and Adam skipping out on the senior trip to Washington D.C. and instead going to Las Vegas. My favorite part was when they went to the hypnotist. It's really funny. I still can't stand Cammie though. But I love that Ben comes back at the end of the book!!!

    Gina Buccellato
    I had no clue it was a series. The back of my copy said they accidentally get on a plane to Vegas instead of DC and one gets mistaken for a pop singer. I thought the writing was a little juvenile; there were grammatical errors, the wording was off, like it wasn't proofread. I'm all for fiction but 17 year olds going to Vegas? There was a lot of famous designer name dropping and it got old real quickly. Quick read, very easy to follow.

    Isla Chiu
    These people are HIGH SCHOOL KIDS? Get freaking real. Also, Cammie is 18, right? Please tell me she is 18 because I'm already like WTF with her strip-tease as it is. Also, Ben, AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH.

    The main reason I am still reading this series is because I want to find out what happens between Ben and AnnaThis book had very little Ben and Anna drama and therefore I can't give it anything higher than 3 stars As far as the rest of the story went, this book had pretty good drama, but nothing like the last book. This series is an awful addiction

    After going to the Oscars, Anna decides to go with the A-list crew to Vegas instead of the senior trip to Washington. Once they get there secrets unfold and Dee is put into a psych ward. Anna meets up with Cyn and Scott. Anna has always had a crush on Scott but he makes it clear that he is not interseted. Anna tries again to recindle the fire with Ben and he comes to Vegas for Anna.

    Alexandria McCarthy
    This book was good, if you are into that type of "Gossip Girl" type book. I don't read the Gossip Girl series, except the first three, or watch the tv show but I do like this series. It doesn't make me want to run out and buy the next book in the series, but if I happen to go to the library again I will probably get it.

    Abandoned after two chapters. I'm sure I've read worse YA books, but because they were set on the East Coast, I'm more enthralled. Perhaps because I grew up in LA, the scandals here don't interest me.

    Instead of going on the boring senior trip, the whole gang jets off to Vegas: Anna, Sam, Cammie, Dee, Parker, and Adam. But what will happen when Anna's longtime crush from New York shows up (with Anna's best friend, who happens to be his girlfriend), and Dee has a mental breakdown?

    Alistair Ramirez

    This book was great.It was about Anna and her friends skip senior class trip to Washington D.C. and heads to Vegas.They check into a fabolous and the drama begins before they can get settled.Eveyone visits a hypnotist-to-the-stars.While they are under a spell the most deppest secrets are revealed.

    It seemed to drag in a lot parts. I skimming a lot. There just wasn't enough excitment or drama. I mean they're in Las Vega aren't they supposed to be having the time of their life. Instead it just sounds like a regular old club in a regular old city. The exciting part was in the last fifty pages.

    Probably my least favorite book out of the series. This had the most boring parts & scenes tended to drag on more than they should have. Cyn, Scott, & Anna were boring and predictable in this one. Great drama though!

    Huh. Maybe it was just me but I really enjoyed this book, ha. Probably my favorite one in the series. I love the whole hypnosis thing and the Scott-Anna thing. I didn't expect it all and I was pretty surprised.

    I was disappointed with Ben. :| He's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooser!This book was full of SEX and TEENAGE DRAMA. Though the two words together is okay with me, the story was awful.I mean, fuck. K. Never mind.

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