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  • Title: Girls on Film
  • Author: Zoey Dean
  • ISBN: 9780316734752
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

  • Girls on Film is the wickedly funny and risqu sequel to the bestselling A List that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati Seventeen year old Anna pronounced Aaaanah Percy has moved from posh Manhattan to the even posh Beverly Hills, California, where she s living with her estranged dad for the rest of the school year wGirls on Film is the wickedly funny and risqu sequel to the bestselling A List that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati Seventeen year old Anna pronounced Aaaanah Percy has moved from posh Manhattan to the even posh Beverly Hills, California, where she s living with her estranged dad for the rest of the school year while her mother travels to Europe with a friend.The fast times of Beverly Hills most beautiful and glamorous people drive the page turning action of this irresistible, stylishly written novel.
    Zoey Dean
    The author of The A List series and How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, which has been renamed and turned into a TV show known as Privileged on the CW in September 2008 Zoey Dean s books are produced by the media packager Alloy Entertainment, which created Gossip Girl, The Clique Series, and The A List and sold them to Little, Brown and Company Zoey is currently working on The Talent series She is also working on The A List Hollywood Royalty Zoey Dean divides her time between Beverly Hills, California, and her favorite small islands in the Caribbean.See also Cherie Bennett

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    Lauren R.
    Read: 2005ish. Reread: 8/2017. A bit more action in this one. Anna is kinda annoying, Sam is intriguing, Dee is a moron, and Cammie is a raging bitch. Pretty excited to see what comes next because I definitely don't remember. I'm cranking through these even faster than I hoped!

    I didn't really enjoy this book; it was a little boring actually. The main character, Anna seemed like she was a little too perfect. She never really messed up or anything. It wasn't a very memorable book; overall I would give it a two. There were very few interesting parts, and the others were actually quite boring.

    ❤ Leelynn (Sometimes Leelynn Reads) ❤
    There is a difference between old money and new money. When someone thinks of old money, they think of New York City, the Upper East Side, and all those powerful businessmen and women with their hands in everything. Basically, think the world of Gossip Girl. Now, new money is different. New money is Hollywood actors and models and all those people who rose to fame recently. There’s no family history of owning property or starting businesses from the ground up. No building an empire or a legacy [...]

    Hilary LiDestri
    I read this because I had a teen-ager living in the house at the time so here is my review for parents.Sex, "so much emphasis on superficial things and cliche judgments," the epidemic of poor little rich kids, sexual aggression in school-age girls, rehab, underage drinking, intense nastiness toward others, the television program "Friends," total opposition to the present female in father's life, preoccupation with sex, complete lack of respect for one's self and parents, pills, drugsIssues Touch [...]

    Well, if I was ashamed to admit that I liked the first A-List, I should be doubly ashamed to admit I enjoyed the second almost as much. Yes, the name-dropping of luxury brands is annoying. And nothing really happened in this book, until the very end. But there's something satisfying about these super-rich girls with their screwed-up families and superficial friendships. Maybe it is just the gossipy-ness of it. Reading the books is sort of like sitting in on a group of teenage girls dishing about [...]

    Where found: Barnes and NoblePositive: I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first A-List book. I liked getting to know Anna's family more, and the arrival of Susan, Anna's sister, added a lot more substance to the storyline. The ending really surprised me but in a good way. I loved the way Anna finally decided to take charge of her life.Negative: I didn't like the movie project part, and I felt like it was just more unnecessary flaunting of the wealthy world they live in. I also hated the whol [...]

    this book may contain content that parents may not like for kids our age. check with parents first.explicit content

    This was the other book that I read in February, which I thought was very entertaining even if it was stereotypical. I can see myself borrowing the next one. It is like my binges on reality tv. I just read it for entertainment. It does not have any redeeming qualities to it. You do not read this book like a “classic” that you can learn something from, the “deeper meaning”. You read it, because it is dramatic and you want to know what happens next, am I right?DISCLAIMER:I promise to be br [...]

    Stefanie Witkowski
    This book was really interesting because it tied up the ends from the first book.

    How I Came To Own This Book: I owned the first A-List and liked it (remotely) enough to pick up #2.The Plot: Anna Percy moved to LA to start a new life - and after the fateful events of Book #1 and Hollywood spawn Sam Sharpe's New Years party, she's doing just that. Each book in the series spans a ridiculously short amount of time (about a week to two weeks per book) and in this one, Anna is grappling with a new internship at her father's girlfriend's agency, the return of her fresh-off-the-reha [...]

    At Beverly Hills High, Anna Percy finds herself in the midst of girls all crazy over the guy whose name she doesn’t want to even hear, Ben. Sam and Anna partner up to make a short film related to the main ideas and themes of the novels they are reading class, so it must show interaction between new money and old, different relationships, etc. Sam will direct and Anna will write the screenplay. The movie is to film at the spa, Veronique’s. Anna finds herself in a relationship with Adam, a rea [...]

    Jessica | Booked J
    FULL REVIEW HERE: bookandbroadway/2d soon to be here: bookgirlThe A-List crew is back for seconds in this installment of the best selling series. It’s hard for me to believe it’s as old as it is, but in spit of its age it is still hilarious and oozes shallow rich-kid-plots goodness. Zoey Dean ups her game for this number and doesn’t disappoint fans with where she takes this glamorous series.Often hailed as Gossip Girl for California teens, The A-List is one of the most popular young adult [...]

    Since the first was pretty decent. I decide to give this sequel another tried and boy was I wrong. I don't have problems with this rich-girls books. But this second book disappointed me a lot. The main character Anna, is boring and bland. She's too Mary-sue(we are reminded at how perfect she is by some of the characters!) and her relationship with Ben(another boring character) seems to unbelievable. They don't have any chemistry and it's hard to believe she likes him.There is no plot to this boo [...]

    Katherine Marple
    I was looking for something that would lift the "reading binge" that I've been feeling over the past few months. I've been reading a lot of really bad books lately and it's beginning to get me down. But, I found "Girls on Film" by Zoey Dean to actually be very good! It is a light read- one that you will remember the characters after being introduced once. There are issues with sex, addiction, alcohol and the ever so relatable issue of LOVE. L-O-V-E. When is it true and when is it just lust? Then [...]

    Rachael Quinn
    A couple of thoughts right off the top of my head on this one:1. I seem to remember my cell phone showing when I missed a call a decade ago and I am sure that these girls have something more advanced than a Razr.2. The number of times that I thought the word "stalker" compared to the number of times it came up in the book? Something ridiculously close to 50 to 1.3. I spent a lot of time calling people very bad four letter words while I read that.Onwards!Girls on Film picked up right where A-List [...]

    Anna Percy is having many troubles in her life. Love life, Sister trouble, and friendship troubles. Anna is still not over Ben and is having a difficult time getting over him. Even though she broke up with him she is mad because he would always ditch her and not show her that he has respect. She and her friends believed that he was going out with her for some sort of advantage(easy to get stuff.) Even though her friends turned on her they were right it was for advantage and not really liking her [...]

    Tiny Pants
    Anna, Sam, et al. decamp to Palm Springs to create a film project for school and continue the utterly non-compelling Anna-Ben romance from the first book. Like so many other upper class-focused contemporary YA series, this book continues to make F. Scott Fitzgerald roll over in his grave with gratuitous heavy-handed references to "The Great Gatsby." As in book one, the pace is excruciating, though since the characters are back in school and the narrative mercifully does not follow them to class, [...]

    Marisa Panuczak
    This book was the sequel to the book “The A-List” by Zoey Dean. i found this book to not be as good as The A-List. Although it was the same characters and story base it just wasn't as good. It was more about the main character’s sister than it was about the main character. It didn't have as much focus on Anna which bothered me since she was the highlight of the first book. I also didn't like the way Anna’s good girl personality changed so much. It made me not like her as much. It got r [...]

    1) What did you like about the book/ what could have been better?Likes:change in scenery, in the first book Anna does change states but the first state's scene wasn't exactly established.Addition of a well developed character, adding in anna's sister was a very interesting choiceDislikes:The new subplot added, it was cliche and overdone. Not to mention the subplot in question shouldn't be considered an actual issue.How a relationship was dealt with: I don't like this boy he's a player, but I don [...]

    Natalie Sullivan
    Girls on Film is a really good book. It shows how determination, and hard work can pay off, and that it is only a matter of time before you can get over something. This book had a lot of characters in it, including the main character Anna Percy. She has come to beverly hills to reconnect with her dad, help her sister who is in rehab, and get over her ex boyfriend Ben Birnbaum. Who has not only followed her to beverly hills, but has come to win her back, and will stop at nothing until he does. An [...]

    -from back of the book-Anna Percy came to LA to learn how to have a good time. Then Ben Birnbaum and his amazing disappearing act turned out to be anything but. Now Ben's making a huge play to win Anna back. And she's doing everything possible to forget him, including spending the weekend with her former nemesis Sam Sharpe at Veronique's--the tony desert spa. Anna knows she should act with her head, but she's on a mission to start acting with her heart. The question is: If she does forgive Ben, [...]

    Paige B
    I simply loved reading this book. The first book for me was a bit iffy but this book totally drew me into reading the rest of the series and other book written by Zoey Dean. It's a very easy read and I probably finished it within hours of getting the book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a juicy, easy, and drama filled young adult book.Main Character, Anna Percy, works together with Sam Sharpe to make a film based on The Great Gatsby. So together they make a getaway to a spa were only [...]

    Celine Parker
    I have to be honest, this book took a long time to get through. Girls on Film is book 2 of the A-List series, though I read it without reading the first book. The story centers around Anna Percy, a rich teen who moves to California and interacts with the 'popular' clique and cute boys of her high school. In this book, Anna and a snooty girl are partners for a school project and decide to make a dramatisized (spelling?) film about the lives of the Beverly Hills folk. In the midst, Anna finds hers [...]

    This is the second of the a list series. It talks about Anna Percy and her life in Beverly Hills. She's trying to forget Ben Birnbaum and soon find out she can't. To help her forget, she starts hanging out with a boy named Adam Flood. He's a really nice guy and really starts liking her. She starts liking him-at least she's fooling herself into thinking that. Anna also has to deal with the fact that her sister is out of rehab and Anna doesn't think her sister will stay sober that long. Especially [...]

    This book was great! It had a surprising twist at the end. I was frustrated with the main character, Anna, because she kept denying her true feelings of her ex, Ben, who was trying to win her back. She could be very rude and inconsiderate at times, even though she felt as if she was doing the perfect thing all the time.Girls on Film was interesting. There were some great cliffhangers at parts, and other times there were boring descriptions and emotions. I like the way the author creates a distra [...]

    I mostly liked this book better than the first. The drama was more interesting andjust more. The revelation of why Susan needs rehab was especially dramatic. And Anna finally start making some of those changes she moved to LA to do. In addition we also get a little more in depth info of side characters that will become important. I especially liked that this book picked up right where the last one left off so there was no confusion. So at this point you're probably asking why I only gave it 2 st [...]

    2nd in the A-list series. Anna is trying to get to her new life in Beverly Hills. She is trying to get Ben Birbam out of her head after he ditched her on New Years eve. She is also dealing with her sister Susan right out of rehab and her new intership. Cammie is trying to get Susan drunk to hurt Anna. Anna is working with Sam on a movie, and because Sam is not use to having a real friend, thinks she may be gay because she really cares for Anna. By the end of the book, Anna gets back with Ben wit [...]

    Ana Silva Rosa
    Prose style: 4Plot: 3Depth of characters: 4Originality: 3Entertaining: 3Emotional Reaction: 4Intellectual Stimulation: 3Some parts were so boring I didn't care at all about what was happening - things like hotel descriptions. I hate those, ugh. Also, Susan, Anna's sister seemed to be the main character of this 2nd book?? And that's awful because I don't like her a bit, she's so bitchy and a terrible sister. Adam's cool, I like him, but he should have appeared more.On the bright side, Cammie (my [...]

    In this book, Anna Percy is faced with love troubles, sister troubles, and so-called "friend" troubles. First, Anna has a hard time getting over Ben Birnbaum. She had just broken up with him in the first novel because he left her on his father's yacht on New Year's Eve without even texting her about where he was. She thinks that the reason he leaves her there is because she was not ready to have sex with him.I can connect to Anna because sometimes my friends are friends with people I don't like [...]

    It's like oatmeal, not the good apple cinnamon kind either. The plain, bland kind.It was alright. Not amazing, not great, not bad or horrible but just alright. The plot, the characters, the writing, they were all decent but nothing memorable.I picked this up for $1.75 so I can't complain. Though if I had spent more than that I'd be feeling ripped off. I bought it because I remembered reading the first book in the series. I didn't try to recall what the first book was about and if I had I would'v [...]

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