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  • Title: The Dumb House
  • Author: John Burnside
  • ISBN: 9780099582717
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

  • In Persian myth, it is said that Akbar the Great once built a palace which he filled with newborn children, attended only by mutes, in order to learn whether language is innate or acquired As the year passed and the children grew into their silent and difficult world, this palace became known as the Gang Mahal, or Dumb House In his first novel, John Burnside explores theIn Persian myth, it is said that Akbar the Great once built a palace which he filled with newborn children, attended only by mutes, in order to learn whether language is innate or acquired As the year passed and the children grew into their silent and difficult world, this palace became known as the Gang Mahal, or Dumb House In his first novel, John Burnside explores the possibilities inherent in a modern day repetition of Akbar s investigations Following the death of his mother, the unnamed narrator creates a twisted varient of the Dumb House, finally using his own children as subjects in a bizarre experiment When the children develop a musical language of their own, however, their gaoler is the one who is excluded, and he extracts an appalling revenge.
    John Burnside
    John Burnside is the author of nine collections of poetry and five works of fiction Burnside has achieved wide critical acclaim, winning the Whitbread Poetry Award in 2000 for The Asylum Dance which was also shortlisted for the Forward and T S Eliot prizes Born in Scotland, he moved away in 1965, returning to settle there in 1995 In the intervening period he worked as a factory hand, a labourer, a gardener and, for ten years, as a computer systems designer He now lives in Fife with his wife and children and teaches Creative Writing, Literature and Ecology courses at the University of St Andrews Author photo Norman McBeath


    Jen Campbell
    Holy shit. Holy shit. That is my eloquent, professional opinion. Hands down my favourite read of 2015 so far, and it's going to take a damn amazing book to beat it. Imagine Perfume, Poor Things & Lolita had a book baby. This is it, and it's bloody terrifying and brilliant.

    I loved this book! It had me hooked.It was sick and twisted.Creepy and impactful. Lots of deranged and disturbed thoughts. Not knowing the protagonist's name until the end made it more sinister.Towards the ending I was genuienly really scared. It made me so uneasy. One of the scariest books I have ever read. I really liked the book not having chapters and just having 3 main parts

    Navidad Thelamour
    "e very act of breaking the skin, of entering another human body, intrigued and excited me. I could see why people might kill for that sensationSuch people would be the victims of an exquisite curiosity"To accurately assess this novel, I would first have to say that I have honestly never before encountered such an exquisitely void soul in fiction before. It was almost like staring into nothingness, a sensation I have not felt in reading in a long while, if ever.John Burnside’s The Dumb House i [...]

    After my forays into fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction, it seemed about time to return to my go-to categorisation, literary fiction. The Dumb House is a book that has recently been re-released by Vintage in a collection of Scottish classics. It’s a book that was first published in 1997, but it has recently been getting a lot of attention on the Internet, thanks to Jen Campbell’s mention of it on her YouTube channel. It has even resulted in a new term and subsequent Twitter hashtag: #Bur [...]

    Paul Bryant
    I was surfing around for other people’s reviews of this short mad novel in order to steal their ideas when I came across the book reviewing girls and boys on Youtube, to whom I have heretofore paid little attention. And I do confess to being slightly fascinated – how these people can just switch on a camera and rabbit extemporaneously for 4 or 5 minutes about a book and then pick up another and do the same, all with a breathless perkiness and absolute lashings of Bright Red Lipstick, I can [...]

    Moja nowa ulubiona książka • To bardzo brutalna, nienormalna i dziwna historia, ale jednocześnie jest w niej coś pięknego.• Burnside ma niesamowitą zdolność do pokazywania piękna w brzydocie i brzydoty w pięknie. Zresztą często nawet to, co okrutne może być dla czytelnika interesujące - aż zaczynamy się zastanawiać czy sami nie jesteśmy psychopatami.• Język Burnside'a i jego płynność w prowadzeniu całej akcji jest nie do porównania z niczym innym. Tę książkę do [...]

    4.5 stars.After futher consideration, I have raised my review of The Dumb House from 4 to 4.5 stars because well it was very very good. I had previously never heard of John Burnside, but then I saw Jen Campbell gush about it on her channel, and I had to immediately pick it up and read it as soon as possible.This novel follows the narrator, Luke, who as a child was told the story of 'The Dumb House' by his mother. In this story, Akbar the Great filled a palace with newborn children, attended to o [...]

    Flinchingly horrifying. This is not really a novel about an experiment gone wrong while on the search for the essence of life, but of a person (possibly a sociopath) with an Oedipus complex who can't separate power from death from childhood from sex from decay from love. The Norman Bates-ish main character is a narcissist and being in his head is so incredibly disturbing--not only because he does some abhorrent things, but because it's easy to be fused to him, to almost become him, while reading [...]

    Jezivo, uznemirujuće, mračno, fascinantno i savršeno napisano! 5++

    Zuky the BookBum
    This book was nothing like what I thought it would, and for that reason, it disappointed me.I believed this novel was going to be a creepy, man-holds-children-captive kind of story, but unfortunately it wasn’t. This was far more intelligent, with lots of complex writing than I had expected, and due to that, I couldn’t really get into it. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so I feel like a lot of this book went over my head.There’s no doubt about it, our narrator is one of the most ter [...]

    4.5 starsI could not pass up reading this book, considering how much hype it has been getting in my corner of the bookternet. I have to say that I am not disappointed. Burnside delivers a profoundly disturbing book featuring an extremely disturbed narrator. The narrator of The Dumb House talks to you like a friend, a confidant, in his journey to discover the nature of the human soul. We follow him through years of "experiments" to learn about the soul, particularly focusing on the development of [...]

    Okay, so I picked this up after seeing a rave review from the lovely Jen Campbell. As a bookseller she knows what she's talking about when it comes to books, she reads very diversely too, and I was in the mood to read something dark and twisted.Unfortunately The Dumb House just wasn't for me. I thought the book was going to be a lot more about what it says in the blurb, because that premise sounded fascinating, but instead it was a pointless book in which I had to follow around a wholly unlikeab [...]

    R K
    3.5Really good. I liked it a lot! Wish some description of the mother and her relationship with the father was given because I'm a bit lost on that. I didn't quite get what was going on.

    Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks)
    Disturbing, compelling and completely brilliant. Now excuse me while I go buy everything John Burnside has ever written.

    Knjižica koja me je u svakom smislu iznenadila. Oslanjajući se na sinopsis, nisam očekivao da roman bude u ovoj meri posvećen likovima (tojest jednom liku, naratoru) i njegovom razvoju – Burnsajd gotovo da sa svojim protagonistom/pripovedačem može da parira Hambertu Hambertu po nivou dvosmislenosti pripovedanja i onom posebnom osećaju šarmantne jezivosti kojom zrači. Isprva mi je bilo malo mrsko da čitam, jer očekivao sam nešto drugo (sinopsis!), ali impresivno je to što Burnsajd [...]

    When I began The Dumb House, it reminded me somewhat of John Fowles' The Collector and Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory. Regardless, it was so much creepier. Chilling from the very start, The Dumb House is as compelling as it is bloodcurdlingly disturbing. Horribly fantastic, and creepily believable is the narrator, Luke, whose ideas are undoubtedly sickening but related to paper so well by Burnside. Tautly written, and powerful. A memorable and fantastic book - one which I loved due to its scope an [...]

    Closer to a 3.5From its synopsis and the reviews I'd seen, this book sounded like it was going to be a solid Five Star Read for me. Unfortunately, while I did enjoy it and there are some disturbing scenes, it was a little too slow for me. My favourite thing about this book was definitely its linguistic subject matter - some of the questions raised were just mind-bendingly fascinating and it really made me want to dig out my old uni textbooks!Video review: youtu/B4Ujz1BqTaw

    Alice Lippart
    An utterly fascinating character study of a very disturbed man. Wonderfully written and enticing.

    4.5/5starsholy crap that was so fucked up.But I LOVED it.Okay, so, I'm not totally sure why but this book really reminded me of "The Vegetarian" by Han Kang - or, maybe not the book, but the FEELING I got from reading it. It's sort of beautiful, analytical, and entirely fucked up, and I found myself enjoying it immensely.This book follows a man (Luke? I think? We only got his name once or twice) who is a bit obsessed with language. He believes that, without language the body does not have a soul [...]

    Well geeat was one twisted little mind-fuck! Holy moly!This was an unsettling book to read. It is beautifully written and quite poetic, but at the same time, it is utterly, unforgivingly brutal and stark. Burnside doesn't hold back, so prepare yourself if you are easily sickened!I liked it how Burnside drew us into Luke's world. We are made to feel quite intimiate with Luke and his life and 'studies' - he tells us everything he wants to do with his experiments. But, at the same time, Burnside ha [...]

    James Chatham
    This book was uncomfortable and disturbing in all of the right ways. It's beautifully written and, despite the sociopathic nature of the narrator, the book is written in a way that makes you almost feel for him. Grief and its effects on the psyche seems to be a constant theme, and it was handled emotionally and effectively. The whole premise of the narrator's experiment isn't really in motion until the final third of the book, but the buildup was worth it and the climax was tense. It's an incred [...]

    phew am I glad this is over.This was the shortest book I read this month but it still took me the longest to read because. it. is. so. dull. Maybe it's just me, but the point of this book went completely over my head. I thought this was going to be a book about a guy recreating the dumb house experiment, and while that is definitely part of it, most of the time it's just about this dude going about his way. Oh and also he's a psychopath so he does a bunch of morally wrong stuff. Wow.I don't know [...]

    This is hands down the most disturbing, creepy book I have read all year. It's also beautifully written but I definitely have to agree with the synopsis. This book is NOT for the faint of heart. Holyly

    Der Roman beschreibt aus Innensicht (Ich-Erzählungsstil) die Welt eines Psychopaten, der sich für einen Wissenschaftler hält, mit abscheulichen menschlichen Sprachexperimenten die Anlage-Umweltproblematik der Entwicklungspsychologie bzgl. Sprachentwicklung erforschen möchte und eigentlich doch nur seinem Verlangen nach Macht, Kontrolle und Sadismus frönt.Die Geschichte von John Burnside geht sogar in zwei getrennt voneinander konzipierten Ebenen auf die Gen/Umweltproblematik ein, die sich d [...]

    David Ramirer
    die stärke dieses buches ist seine sprache: burnside kann wirklich erzählen, zieht mit seiner art der schilderung den leser weiter in die geschichte und schildert kompromisslos und ohne vorbehalte was er erzählen möchte. das macht das lesen dieses buches zu einem durchgängigen vergnügen, so düster und unfassbar auch die geschilderten dinge sein mögen, geht es doch (wie ja auch der protagonist erkennt) meist nicht darum was man sagt, sondern wie man es sagt, um sich seiner eigenen existen [...]

    Karen Mace
    DisturbingUnsettlingMorbidBleakHorrifyingOutstandingUniqueSinisterEvilIf you like your books to be disturbing, dark and twisted then this is one for you! I normally prefer light and fluffy chick-lit books but got this after seeing/hearing Jen Campbell's review and I now understand why she was raving about it! It's a book I shouldn't have liked and have no understanding why I did enjoy it as the subject matters are horrifying at times but it's written so well that you just get swept along in the [...]

    Armin Hennig
    Vier Sterne oder 85 von 100, das eher oberflächliche Lilian-Buch hat dumb House knapp am fünften Stern vorbei schrammen lassen. Alles Weitere in einer ausführlichen Rezi, die allerdings eher am Montag entstehen wird.

    Victoria Harris
    How can something be so twisted yet so beautiful? I don't know. Amazing.

    Emily Cait
    I feel like I would have enjoyed this more if it hadn't been so hyped up. It is a disturbing story. It is beautifully written. But over hyped by the internet. I was expecting too much from it.

    Wow. 4.5 stars. This is the most disturbing book I've ever read, and not because of its subject matter or any specific scenes - it's the execution that makes it haunting. Burnside has an uncanny ability to walk the thinnest of lines time and again - never straying from gruesome to grotesque, from rapturous to indulgent, from philosophical to pretentious. Absolutely superb writing that'll stay with me for a long time.

    • [PDF] ¾ Free Read ☆ The Dumb House : by John Burnside Ó
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