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  • Title: His Lady Mistress
  • Author: Elizabeth Rolls
  • ISBN: 9780373293728
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Earl Max meets Verity he sees a downtrodden servant and he proposes a shocking solution he will set her up as his mistress It s only once Verity s agreed, once Max is beginning to lose his heart to her, that he discovers her true identity
    Elizabeth Rolls
    We live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, in a beautiful lush valley full of apple, pear and cherry orchards We moved here a couple of years back, escaping from the city and it s just gorgeous The property is small, only five acres, but we have room for two small noisy boys, three dogs, two cats and several woolly things masquerading a environmentally friendly lawnmowers Before that we lived in Melbourne, which was fun, but we always wanted to live in the country and now we do.I ve been married to an ex nuclear physicist don t ask for the last 17 years and we have two rowdy little boys, commonly described as feral Most of our friends think we have far too many animals, and everyone knows we have far too many books.I grew up moving around a fair bit Dad was in the army and every few years we had to up sticks and move on I was born in England, expelled from kindergarten in Melbourne, started school in Papua New Guinea and finished school in Melbourne After taking a degree in Music Education I taught music for several years while my husband finished his Ph.D.How I started writingI had the writing bug from a very early age From the time I could read I loved writing stories Throughout my school days I was nearly always writing something very quietly, and there were several teachers who encouraged me One student teacher, whose name I have totally forgotten, when I was in sixth grade, as well as a couple of high school English teachers, Mrs Redman and Mrs Mackay I started writing my first book after I finished my Masters degree For one thing I really, really missed my thesis I d enjoyed researching it, and I loved writing it So it seems inevitable now that when I was looking for something to do in the evenings to unwind after work, I started writing again.I d been staying with an old school friend Meg is a fellow Georgette Heyer fan, and she had a very large collection of Regencies on her bookshelves Well, that was an eye opener I d had no idea anyone else apart from Heyer had actually written them By the time I went home I had an idea floating around in my brain and I sat down and roughed out some sort of chapter plan Then I started typing Six months later I had a story with a beginning a middle and an end which I sent to Meg After a great deal of talking, she persuaded me to send it off to Harlequin Mills Boon After doing the rounds of all three editorial offices and undergoing a major rewrite and extension while I was about seven months pregnant with the second small noisy boy, it was accepted for publication and published as The Unexpected Bride.Most of my writing friends have threatened to lynch me over that story at one time or another Personally I envy them for having learnt an enormous amount about writing and the industry before acquiring an editor who understandably expects you to know what you are doing.


    Contrived. Purple. Ridiculous. Not worth the time."I think I'll write a." *chucks dart at Romance Genre Dartboard* "Regency! Good, Regency. Now let's think." *spins Cliche Wheel several times* "Must mention Almack's. The word 'wanton' must appear at least several times. Bodices, check. Breeches, check. The hero needs a title - let's make him an earl. With a twin brother! Younger twin, obviously. With a limp. The heroine should be a servant! Wait, no disguised as a servant! Oooh, good, okay. Why [...]

    Laura the Highland Hussy
    2.5 stars better than just "okay" but not great either. For a free download-Not bad.I think that when you have a spunky heroine she should stay true to that. Enter Verity. her father commits suicide and she is then left penniless because the law takes everything that is his and confiscates it. That night, she plants flowers on her father's grave, and a man is there to help-Max. He takes her home, feeds her and leaves her to her uncle. She is shuffled off to said relative who takes her dignity, a [...]

    Sarah (saz101)
    Misunderstanding after misunderstanding after misunderstanding.Perhaps the greatest gift we are in possession of as homo sapiens is that of language. This is why I find it so very frustrating to see it squandered on two supposedly intelligent heroes, who surely have facilities enough to use it. Non? Perhaps that's asking too much.This is what PISSES ME OFF about novels (and I swear romances are most often the guilty parties here), where the bulk of the tension is drawn from, and the plot driven [...]

    I downloaded this book because it was free and I thought the plot sounded like one I would like. I was surprised how good it turned out to be, if I had paid 7.00 for a paperback copy I would have thought that I had gotten my moneys worth.Verity (h) was the daughter of Max's (H) camander in the army. Max had never met her until the night her father had killed himself. He did what he could for her that night, knowing that she had family coming to care for her (she was 15 at the time)and then left. [...]

    Beth F.
    It started out okay but after Max, the "hero", underwent a massive personally shift a third of the way into the book and instantly morphed from a thoughtful, concerned and respectful gentleman into a raging jackass who repeatedly jumped to illogical conclusions at the expense of the heroine, it stopped feeling romantic and just felt sad.I just can't buy into this genre cliche where emotional abuse and lack of basic communication constitutes a relationship building exercise.

    This book had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But I liked it nonetheless.This book followed the conventions of the romance novel more closely than most I've read in recent years. The structure of the plot was very simple:1. Protagonists meet under extreme circumstances2. Years later, protagonists meet again. The heroine, Verity, recognizes the male lead, Max, but he does not recognize her. Verity has remembered him fondly from that first meeting, and she has a warm spot in her heart for him.3 [...]

    The first chapters are among the best of the book. The heroine is likeable and well-rounded, and there's clearly a lot at stake for her. The hero is a bit of an alpha male, but he's kind and thoughtful to her, so who cares? There's a hint of mystery, there's almost a bit of suspense I got this book as a free download, and after the first few chapters I really thought I was in for a treat. And the writing's good throughout the book. Prose, characters, pace - I have no complaint about any of those [...]

    This book was absolute torture to get through, but not because of the bad writing, hole-y plot, or one-dimensional characters.On the contrary, the writing was good (I didn’t care for the British word-use, though), the plot didn’t resemble Swiss cheese, and the characters had so many dimensions it made my head spin.I loved the female lead. Verity was a wonderful character, so strong I ended up admiring her. After so many blows life's dealt her, others would crumble, she on the other hand, dus [...]

    Okay. It was free. I want to start by saying that. It was a free download through the Kindle store and it sounded promising. It wasn't terrible, exactly, but it was terribly contrived. Genteel, impoverished Verity falls in love with the Earl of somewhere when she was 15 and he showed her an inkling of kindness after her father died. 5 years later, she's being used as a servant by her uncaring guardians/Aunt and Uncle when the Earl shows up at their house. A series of half-truths, lies and misund [...]

    This started out with so much promise. I loved the heroine's bravery. The hero was kind and condsiderate. Then it all went to hell. After Verity's Big Secret is discovered by Max, she became a simpering, spineless fool. He became a giant horse's ass. One misunderstanding after another and I wanted both of them to be bitten by a viper and die a slow death. The hero's reason for not wanting a wife and child was ridiculous. Her inability to communicate with him was so frustrating. Even after they f [...]

    I was trying to think what this reminded me of, and then I got to the heroine speaking achingly. Of course with its rambling plot, schizophrenically-characterized, tender one minute, cruel the next hero and endlessly suffering heroine, it has everything I least like about Judith McNaught. I have a weakness for the suffering heroine and the hero who makes her suffer, so I actually could have enjoyed this, if only it had been as short and as tight as a Harlequin Presents. The need to stretch every [...]

    2.5 stars. May be one of the best opening chapters I have ever read. Alas, the story became so frustrating I now have several book-shaped dents in my walls.

    As a confessed book addict, a free book is like a free hit of a drug to me. Who could possibly turn down a novel for free, much less one from the famous Harlequin romance novel series? (Thank you Barnes and Noble for your free Nook Books) Follow along as I share my unique experience in reading one of these intriguing romances, His Lady Mistress, and feel free to comment below if you share my experience or feel otherwise.Our heroine, Verity Scott, is caught in a sad state of affairs. With her fat [...]

    Somewhere between a 2.5-2.75I'm not sure what sub-genre this book would fall under. But it's the "jerk of a husband hurts the wife so much that he breaks her spirit, and then she freezes him out and then he does everything he can to make it up to her" genre. I love them. One book where this is really done quite well is The Velvet Promise. This was also one of those: "You thought I didn't want YOU?? I thought you didn't want ME" books. With multiple and I do mean multiple other misunderstandings [...]

    Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    I'll start saying this one was free with some others at harlequin's web. I read the other books first so I was expecting this one to be as awful as the others. Now, you'll also have to be in the mood to suffer with Verity and put up with Max's mercurial ways.Max is all tortured, honorable, mean, responsible and many more contradictions while Verity is all martyr and sweetness.You'll have to forgive me because this one was my first historical (and I don't know much about the old continent's histo [...]

    I'm trying to think of an appropriate word to describe how I feel about this book, and I'm coming up blank. I don't want to insult this writers hard work - obviously it got published so someone thought it was good. Just not me. I'm going to go with "I'm glad I got this for free because I didn't finish it."Note to author: it is much more appealing when a character is consistent in their actions.

    This was my favorite from this author. I read this one first, and though there are some issues with this asshole hero, I was totally invested emotionally in the story, which is a good thing. I went on to read several others by her and just barely remember them, while this one, I can still remember key scenes and details. I'm not sure I could've loved a hero quite as obtuse as this one, but I do enjoy reading books that make me feel thing strongly.

    I love Regency romance. LOVE them - a lot. This book though, was terribly redundant and annoying. I finished it just so I could tell people how bad it was. The only thing I liked about it was the prologue and that there was a happy ending. Who needs an unbelievably stupid hero and a heroine who's too afraid to say what's on her mind? I don't, that's who.

    Mistress ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist)
    Alright story, but way too many trivial misunderstandings masquerading as plot.

    Also posted at TBR Mountain Range.HIS LADY MISTRESS by Elizabeth Rolls is an enjoyable rags-to-riches Cinderella theme with some twists. I like Elizabeth Rolls' books because they usually have some quirky humor. This one is a bit dark in comparison, but still a good story.I received this ebook as a free read from the publisher, with no expectation of review.In the year of 1817, a fifteen-year-old girl follows two men who throw a dead body into a pony cart. A stranger on horseback also follows th [...]

    Author: Elizabeth RollsFirst published: 2004Length: 299 pages, locationsSetting: London and English Countryside, 1817 and 1822Sex: Explicit but not overly frequent.Hero: Major in the army, second son who had unexpectedly inherited title.Heroine: Orphaned daughter of Max' Colonel. Treated as a servant by her family.Trigger: Verity's father committed suicide as a result of ptsd and drug addiction. It is discussed frequently."He had taken her and promised protection, demanding her trust. She had gi [...]

    Verity Scott has lost everythingterally. Her mother died years ago and now her father has committed suicide, which means all his worldly goods are forfeit and he will be buried in an unmarked grave. As Verity is mourning and trying to figure out what to do Max Blakehurst, an old friend of her father's, comes as assists her in honoring his grave in what little ways they can. The young Verity instantly associates this man with safety, security, and love. But he is gone in the morning and she is se [...]

    So I found this free at the Kindle store and I thought I'd give it ago after reading briefly what it was about.I would have to say that this is by far the most depressing book I've ever read. Not the depressing where its so-poorly-written-and-has-no-good-qualities-that-I-just-want-to-burn-it, but the you-better-hide-all-the-sharp-objects-before-I go-getting-ideas. The amount of injustices performed against Verity combined with the repetitive miscommunications between Verity and Max that always s [...]

    One of the biggest lessons any couple learns is the importance of communication. Great communication in any relationship can make the difference between heartache and happiness.Max and Verity failed to learn this lesson early on. Lies, told by them and by others, form the foundation of their relationship when they meet again five years after the death of Verity's father's death. And though they were afforded many opportunities to be truthful with each other, one thing or another prevented them f [...]

    Noël Cades
    Absolutely wonderful book that deserves a higher average rating. I've read it four or five times now and can never put it down and always find myself weeping.We have a heroine, Verity, who is given pretty much the most miserable background ever. Despite this and her young years she is spirited and brave and capable of immense love and generosity.Then we have the most glorious, heroic, dark and brooding hero, Max. He's very much in the vein of Darcy in many ways, certainly setting a standard for [...]

    Verity meets the stranger who rescued her long ago, Max thinks she's a servant and asks her to be his mistress, and so on. I thought this book was really well written and I would read more by the same author. Two things detracted from my enjoyment. One, it's hard to read their first encounter as anything other than assault, no matter how much flowery language and post-dated consent it's adorned with. Two, the absolutely unbelievable and over-the-top amount of manufactured conflict (seriously, th [...]

    Gina Hott
    Verity falls in love with Max over her father's grave.This is a classic Cinderella story, sort-of. Verity is shuffled off to her uncles home after her father takes his life. Her unlce family is just a bit odd though. She's not treated as part of them she's treated worse than the servants - she's even forced to give up her name and use another. Until years later when Max comes to check on her.However, the plot does take a few steps up from that. Max wants Verity as his mistress - until he finally [...]

    Dreadful Kindle Freebie. This is a regency romance novel with an implausible plot and a simpering, whining heroine. If you like annoying, whiny heroines, misunderstandings as a plot device, a lack of communication, and Cinderella stories, this may be for you. Anyway, this novel tells the story of the orphaned Verity, who is taken in by relatives and mistreated. (Cliche). She falls in love with a mystery man who helps her as a child, only to meet him again at her relative's house (Cliche). Throug [...]

    surprisingly, i enjoyed it. i usually find books boring when the entire plot hangs on misunderstandings, but this one was decently written. its the characters who saved the story. i liked that they arent flat - i find it unbelievable when heroines are constantly spunky or silent no matter what circumstances they are under, but Verity felt like a real person to me because she knew when to speak up or remain silent. Max was also okay, not that well developed but with mistakes he made i found him l [...]

    Rebecca (everyday reader)
    Max helped Verity on the worst night of her life, helped her plant flower bulbs on her father's fresh grave and helped her home in the pouring rain. Five years later she's been in love with him all this time and her life with her relations is hell. Her relatives make her a lowly servant, they make her change her name and tell Max she's dead. He is drawn to her the first time he sees her but doesn't know who she really is. He offers her freedom if she'll agree to be his mistress, then finds out h [...]

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