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  • Title: Time Enough for Drums
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780816712694
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sixteen year old Jem and her servant struggle to keep things going at home in Trenton, New Jersey, when the family men join the war for independence from the British king.
    Ann Rinaldi
    Ann Rinaldi b August 27, 1934, in New York City is a young adult fiction author She is best known for her historical fiction, including In My Father s House, The Last Silk Dress, An Acquaintance with Darkness, A Break with Charity, and Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons She has written a total of forty novels, eight of which were listed as notable by the ALA In 2000, Wolf by the Ears was listed as one the best novels of the preceding twenty five years, and later of the last one hundred years She is the most prolific writer for the Great Episode series, a series of historical fiction novels set during the American Colonial era She also writes for the Dear America series.Rinaldi currently lives in Somerville, New Jersey, with her husband, Ron, whom she married in 1960 Her career, prior to being an author, was a newspaper columnist She continued the column, called The Trentonian, through much of her writing career Her first published novel, Term Paper, was written in 1979 Prior to this, she wrote four unpublished books, which she has called terrible She became a grandmother in 1991.Rinaldi says she got her love of history from her eldest son, who brought her to reenactments She says that she writes young adult books because I like to write them.


    Jessica Prescott
    This was an excellent read. Yes, I didn't 100%, completely approve of the romance here--but you know what? In the end, that hardly MATTERED. Because, as with all Ann Rinaldi books . . . this is about so much more than just romance. This is why she's my favorite historical fiction author. She takes what most other writers would just make a conventional "love story," and she crams in so. much. more.Such as: - Rich, realistic family dynamics. I absolutely loved Jem's relationships with both her par [...]

    Michelle Isenhoff
    Ann Rinaldi has become a household name in YA historical fiction, and this is one of her most acclaimed books. It’s been on my reading list for some time. The year is 1775, and fifteen-year-old Jemima Emerson is a headstrong young lady. She’s not a bad child; she simply doesn’t think before she acts, and Mr. John Reid, her tutor (and a hated Tory), is determined to turn her into a lady. She resists with everything she has.But war has a way of making one grow up. Jem’s brother, Daniel, fu [...]

    There were some great moments in this book. I loved how Jemima would, in the middle of a mind rant about how much she hated her tutor John Reid, mention his good looks, or muscular armsHe was beastly and I hated him. We did geography and French and Latin and sums for four hours while Raymond's letter sat between usOh he knew he was handsome, all right. He strutted about the room when he lectured on geography or listened to my French and Latin pronunciation, ever aware of the breadth of his shoul [...]

    I thought this was quite good, but felt that the romance between Jem and John Reid resolved too quickly. I enjoyed the romantic tension that was sizzling between them at the start but by only about 1/3 of the way through they'd declared their love for each other and he'd nicked off leaving her pining for him at home, NOT as fun! Although on that note, he did seem to enjoy excercising his power over her a LITTLE bit too much, plus the fact that he was nine years older than her and she was only 15 [...]

    I finally wrote up a review of this book! It's an old favorite! I wrote it up for my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing (and, it looks/reads better there, because all the HTML is viewable! :) )Time Enough for Drums is the one of three reasons I decided in 8th grade that it was okay to read and enjoy more than murder mysteries. (Robin McKinley is reason one and two but more on that later.) Because this book is one that I credit with vastly expanding my literary horizons, I'm going to tell [...]

    I LOVED this book!!!!!! All thanks to dear Kelsey, who gave it to me as a wonderful birthday present! It was such a refreshing breeze to be able to read a really good book after the last two I read, which were both pretty poor. But "Time Enough For Drums" was excellent; Ann Rinaldi did an AWESOME job of making it suspenseful and dramatic--and romantic too:) I would highly recommend it!

    This was such a great book! All of the historical facts were acurate, so that naturally made a history nerd like me really happy. I loved John and Jem's relationship, as well as her relationship with her brothers. This book was such a good read!

    Ann Rinaldi was my jam when I was twelve, and this book was my very favorite. There was NOTHING more romantic than Jemima and John's scenes together (other than maybe Anne and Gilbert), but the story was also dramatic and heart-wrenching and multilayered, with complex characters struggling to survive terrible things The family's relationship, pulled apart by war, is so well drawn. As a teen, I appreciated that Ms. Rinaldi didn't make the period feel sugar-coated or romanticized, and it's books l [...]

    The book is definitely geared toward a younger audience and I kind of enjoyed the break from thinking and just reading. I had read the book in 7th grade for a book report and enjoyed it then - it's different reading it now as a 21 year old, mainly, I think, because the main character, Jem, reads a little differently.Jem, now, reads to me as younger then the 15 to 17 years portrayed, which may work for younger readers who need to connect with her, but now, she reads much younger, closer to 13. He [...]

    I think I got obsessed with Ann Rinaldi in the fifth grade. Pretty sure I went through a phase where I read every book the library had from her and waited with bated breath for new ones. I don't love her books quite as much as I did then. I haven't read any of her books written since 2008 or so. Despite the love affair ending, Time Enough for Drums will always hold a place in my book affections. Now that I think more about it, I had a love/hate affair with her books. There were some that I loved [...]

    Rank in My Top Ten: # 3Why in My Top Ten: I think this is one of the best historical fictions of all time, though I'm sort of biased because I kind of grew up with this book. I first read it when I was 12 and have read it at least 25 times since then. It is a young adult novel, so the book's themes are tailored for that age group. However, the story of how the revolutionary war affects a 16 year-old girl's family and friends still captivates me every time, even 13 years later. The love story is [...]

    The only thing I didn't like about this book was that the main character, Jemima, was supposed to be "spirited". Unfortunately her "spirited" actions were mostly outright disobedience. Other than that, the romance is sweet and clean, the dialog is well written, and the characters are very likable. I do remember writing in my journal that if I were the author I would have made Jemimah hate Mr. Ried a lot longer than she did, because that part of the book was the best. :) That's just my opinion th [...]

    This is a well written historical romance set in Trenton during the Revolutionary War. The characters come alive as well as the war during that time period. Jemima, a teenage girl, wages constant war with her tutor, John Reid, a supposed Tory. Her brothers are Patriots who go off to fight with Washington, her sister is married to a British officer, and her mother secretly writes pro-rebel essays for the paper. Ann Rinaldi is a real expert at telling an interesting and compelling fictional story [...]

    Rachel M.
    I love this book! Of all the Ann Rinaldi books I've read, this is definitely my favorite! Unlike most of her other novels, it isn't depressing, although there are some sad parts. John Reid is an awesome character, while Jemima is annoying for most of the book. However, she becomes more mature as the Revolutionary War progresses, and by the end of the novel, she becomes a lady. I think it's really cool that Rinaldi's son and daughter posed for the cover of this book as John and Jemima.

    Such a good historical novel. My favorite of Ann Rinaldi's. She is an amazing history writer. When I was younger I used to scale the library for any new books by her. She was my favorite writer and I still reread my favorites that she has written. This book is about the Revolutionary War in New Jersey. It sort of has a Pride and Prejudice undertone (but most good love stories do). An awesome book.

    This is one of my favorite books. It is a heartouching novel about a young girl, Jemima, who is going through her teenage years during the Revolutionary war. She faces many challenges - one of which is trying to understand how her parents can befriend her tutor, John Reid, who is known as a Tory and has strong ties to England. She faces the challenges of the war, love, friendship and family.

    I read this back in my teens. Jemima is a young girl during the Revolutionary War. She is being tutored by a family friend who is a tory which infuriates her. As time goes by she stumbles across some information that changes her whole world and how she views it. It's a wonderful book filled with drama and wistfull romance.

    emma grace
    Really liked it!!! I did feel that the writing was a little undeveloped; some parts seemed a little choppye author probably didn't spend a lot of time writing it.I really did enjoy the story though; Jem and John were so perfect for each other!!!! ;)

    My childhood favorite, this book has had a lasting impression on my adult reading habits.

    I remember loving Ann Rinaldi historical fiction as a teen, so when a podcast about childhood favorites mentioned this one I immediately ordered it from the library. I'm a sucker right now for Revolutionary War stories, fueled by my love of Hamilton: the Musical, and AMC's drama Turn: Washington's Spies. Unfortunately, or fortunately, YA sensibilities have changed a bit in the thirty years since this book was published. I found the romance and the power dynamic displayed therein to be moderately [...]

    0 stars. Negative stars. Poorly drawn characters, stilted dialogue, a lack of any kind of building setting, terrible editing. ("Thee" is an object while "thou" is a subject. "Thee" does not do anything. "Thou" does something.) Throw into it a relationship that involves grooming, an uneven power dynamic, and threats of abuse and you have yourself a 1980s children's romance! While I'm sometimes willing to concede that one can allow large age gaps in relationships and threats of physical trauma in [...]

    I wish I had read this book 16 years ago, as I think high school me would have really liked this book. It is a good book, and it seems to be a pretty accurate portrayal of the Revolutionary War and the different dynamics. Jem is spirited and head strong. A little on the spoiled side, but it's those traits that get her through. The romance is the main thing that grown up me struggled with. He was her tutor/teacher. And she was young, though it was not uncommon to be married at 16 back then. The p [...]

    I should have realized by the cover that this novel was going to be more about the romance than the history. Not that Rinaldi fudges on her history--it's just as accurate and well-researched as all of her books. But the relationship between Jem and John is too flat and predictable to occupy center stage. I think I might have relished this book when I was younger, but now I'm just old and hard-hearted.

    Throughout the story I like how there is so much drama.

    A. Tebbs
    It was neat to imagine this household in the time of the revolutionary war. It also gives some view of why America broke off from England, and just how awful it got before the end.

    *This review originally appeared here at Tripping Over Books*Oh, baby! American Revolution! I love this shizz so hard guys, I don’t know that all of my nerding out could even convey the full breadth of my fascination with it. It’s just an amazing time to me. So when I was wandering around , I happened upon some Ann Rinaldi books, and I soon discovered TIME ENOUGH FOR DRUMS, after it was strongly recommended to me by Tara from Hobbitses. I couldn’t get it from my library fast enough. Becaus [...]

    Sara Tucker
    I read Time Enough for Drums in middle school and absolutely loved it (along with just about everything by Ann Rinaldi). I picked it up again and wasn't disappointed.The history is great; the story is captivating, and although it's based on history, I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about John and Daniel and the outcomes of battles they fought in on more than one occasion.Jem's a great protagonist, and I love to see a female protagonist in a history that revolves mostly aroun [...]

    This is a great book! It was really relatable because I am around the same age as Jemima. I liked how the author chose someone like her to be the main character. A lot of people who have read this book say that Jemima was immature, annoying, rude, or bratty, but I completely disagree. Yes, she argues, doesn't listen, or act properly, but I don't think that's a bad thing. She is almost 16 when the book starts, but just because she wasn't an adult yet, that doesn't mean that she didn't have any sm [...]

    I found this to be very enjoyable and engaging. The short chapters made it hard to put down; I kept telling myself I'd read just one more chapter! The heroine sometimes did stupid things, such as disobeying her father, but she gets a little better as the novel progresses. I didn't expect this to be as much of a romance as it was. (view spoiler)[I really enjoyed that aspect of the story (although it is a bit crazy that Jemima was so much younger. I wonder why the author made there be such an age [...]

    The first Ann Rinaldi book I have ever read and I loved it. I've always loved Historical Fiction so this was a great find for me.This book begins in 1775 Trenton, New Jersey with Jem Emerson, our protagonist. From the beginning I can tell she is a head strong, strong willed, feisty girl. But it was also notable that she knew something was going to happen in the future.As the American Revolution takes full flight, Jem is afraid that her family is going to be torn apart as there is signs of rebell [...]

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