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  • Title: Charlotte's Creek
  • Author: Therese Creed
  • ISBN: 9781743319178
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback

  • After a couple of years working in a privileged private school, Lucy Francis yearns for adventure So when she hears about a job teaching four children on a massive cattle property in North Queensland, she decides to throw caution and her teaching job to the winds.When Lucy arrives at Charlotte s Creek Station she finds a family in crisis To make matters worse, the foAfter a couple of years working in a privileged private school, Lucy Francis yearns for adventure So when she hears about a job teaching four children on a massive cattle property in North Queensland, she decides to throw caution and her teaching job to the winds.When Lucy arrives at Charlotte s Creek Station she finds a family in crisis To make matters worse, the four children she s been charged with educating are very spirited, not always cooperative, and dismally behind in their schooling.To Lucy, the only person who seems to be keeping Charlotte s Creek afloat is the family s gruff stockman, Ted With his support and encouragement Lucy throws herself into the day to day activities of the station and makes excellent progress with the children.Though Lucy and Ted s feelings for each other grow, Ted can t see any future for them because of his lack of prospects As the family divisions at Charlotte s Creek prove insurmountable and the property looks set to be put on the market, Lucy faces returning to the city and leaving Ted behind.By the betselling author of Redstone Station, this is the story of a strong young woman stepping into the unknown, trying to make things work, and finding love.
    Therese Creed
    Therese Creed grew up in Sydney, one of nine children From an early age she loved horses and a dream of one day living in the bush After leaving school she became a primary school teacher for four years before deciding to take a break and spend some time riding a trail from Victoria to Queensland During a 5 month pit stop she met a local farmer, Cedric Creed, who joined her riding further north to Cooktown After marrying Cedric Therese became involved in the running of the family cattle station She now knows a fair bit about fighting fires, pulling windmills, driving trucks and tractors, shoeing horses and fencing She now divides her time between helping out on the station and bringing up her four young children Her first novel, Redstone Station, was a bestseller.


    Dale Harcombe
    Three and a half stars.After an altercation at the snobbish school where she has been teaching, Lucy Francis takes a job as a governess at Charlotte’s Creek Station in Queensland. Her job is to teach the four West children on the huge cattle property, but over time she takes on other jobs as well. The family is in disarray, the wife Mel and husband Den seem to be always at each other’s throats and the children behind in their schooling. I thought Mel was portrayed very well as a woman who ha [...]

    While marketed as a rural romance, and there certainly is a lovely romance, CHARLOTTE’S CREEK is much more than that, it is about life on the land in the 21st century, and the hardships faced today, which are not that much different to our early farmers; isolation, droughts, floods, money flow and family dramas. There is also a new threat on the horizon which looms highly as a sub plot and that is the threat of the increasing foreign ownership of our farms and potential implications for food s [...]

    Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Feeling stifled and restless in her teaching position at a privileged private school, Lucia Francis quits and impulsively accepts a position as a governess on a remote property in North Queensland. Arriving at Charlotte's Creek, Lucy is met by the brusque Dennis, sharp tongued Melissa and four rambunctious children more interested in being seated on a horse than in a classroom. Though feeling overwhelmed, Lucy is nevertheless determined to rise to the challenge and slowly earns the respect of th [...]

    Alison Forrest
    An enjoyable Aussie outback romance. A light read but one you kept wanted to keep reading. However, I found the ending a little rushed.

    Penny Miller
    Really enjoyed the storyline. Was a bit slow to start with but I liked how the story concentrates on Lucy's and her adventure into a new way of life leaving the romance aspect rather subtle.

    Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    Lucy is a teacher at an exclusive private school in the bright lights of Sydney. She longs for a sea change, so impulsively decides to leave her teaching position and life in Sydney to become a governess to a family with four young children. The family are located in the North of Queensland on a remote and expansive cattle property. Lucy finds immediate challenge in the location of her new workplace. This is due to the sheer remoteness of the location and the children too, who clearly detest bei [...]

    Lauren K
    The second novel by Aussie author Therese Creed, Charlotte's Creek is another rural story about a strong young woman in rural Australia. While I wasn't blown away by Creed's first novel Redstone Station, I was completely absorbed in the story of Charlotte's Creek. A combination of interesting characters, genuine outback community ties and a love of the land that made it difficult for me to put this book down.Lucy Francis (presumably in her mid 20's) throws in her teaching position at a posh Sydn [...]

    Actual Rating - 4.5 starsAnother great Therese Creed book! Her first story, Redstone Station, is one of my favourite books, and this one did not disappoint. I loved it so much I don't know how well I can write about itEverything about the story, from the first page to the last, was amazing. The characters, the setting, the events. They are just just so well described you can create a vivid picture, the characters are all well developed and relatable, and most importantly, they were loveable. The [...]

    Jill Robertson
    'Charlotte's Creek' by Therese Creed is city-girl-goes-to-country tale. Lucy is hired as a governess to four unruly children, falls in love with the life and learns to be a country girl. There was a lot going on in this novel including a ghost story that never really went anywhere, family division over succession, the reality of living in an isolated community, and very detailed descriptions of learning to ride a horse, making a fence, feeding the chooks, mending a windmill, mustering, weaning t [...]

    Paula Clark
    A great insight into life on a cattle property and the issues surrounding succession planning. I did feel the twins were a little too wise and knowledgeable being only four years old, however that was minor in the overall story line.

    Dianne Sidebottom
    real Australian story of man on the land and inheritance and those who wonder where our food is going to come from. The storyline is very true to life for many who are on the land. Townie's/ city people verses land/bushies is a wide gap and along with who stays on the land if you sell up who will buy. Some of the conversations in the story brought back memories of language I haven't heard for a while. Being in a school the difficulties of getting kids to come to school regularly even though I'm [...]

    Oh my gawd Loved this story Loved Lucy loved ted and even loved Mel I think the write wrote this book in a fab way a lot to cover but you got to know the characters You learn things about rural Australia but it's not written in a way that over explains , And not just the plain they lived happily ever ending Thank you A new fave genre And a deffo new fave author Next one will be a paperback so I can share Would even gift this book It's that good !

    Kelly Dawson
    Another fantastic book from one of my favourite authors. I fell in love with Lucy on the very first page, and although Ted didn't say much, he was one of my favourite characters, too. And my heart broke for Mel. Such vivid descriptions of life in the Australian outback, I could almost picture myself being there, riding along on horseback with Ted and the ringers.This is definitely a book I'll be reading again!

    Dale Pearce
    Anyone that has lived and worked in country Australia will enjoy this book.Lucy works at a prestigious school in Sydney but decides to have a life change and takes a job on a cattle station in rural Queensland teaching 4 children. Lucy moves into a volatile situation where the family she works for are still 'under the thumb' of the parents. Excellent book. Hard to put down

    This was one of the first Australian rural romances I read. Loved the book and couldnt put it down. Enjoyed the characters and the setting. The only downside for me was there wasnt enough romance when they finally admitted their love for each other. A bit more romance would have been nice!

    Excellent read, Therese has captured & conveyed, in a thoroughly entertaining way, the reality of life on an outback property. The story is told with the authenticity of someone who has experienced it.

    Cate Martin
    Enjoyable read and interesting learning about life in rural Australia on a working farm but would have liked to romance it up more with her relationship with Ted. Would have been interesting hearing about his thoughts too.

    Susan Dawson
    Loved this beautiful story! Tears & laughter (lots of laugh out loud moments!) Just a really beautiful read! A must read this one!!!

    Jo-Anne Smith
    Fantastic read with some real great charter's in the story. can't wait to read another one of Therese book's

    Kez Mckenzie
    Ok, this is now my favourite book I have read!! Was just perfect, sad, funny, romance, it had it all.

    An easy read. An interesting account of succession planning on farming properties . I also enjoyed the description of farm work on a large property. Both main characters were gentle and believable.

    Tanya Boulter
    loved this book, got to a point where I didnt think there would be happy ending. there were tears

    I LOVED this book. Being from Sydney myself and loving everything about the country, it was so easy to picture myself in Lucy's shoes.

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