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  • Title: The Miracle of Forgetness
  • Author: Robert Farrell Smith
  • ISBN: 9781562362355
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback

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    Robert Farrell Smith
    aka Obert Skye


    I am surprised each time I read a book of Robert Smith's. Other than a few times where he is clearly trying too hard -- he's funny. The characters are colorful but usually not over-done and the writing is funny. His metaphors and similes are usually fresh and interesting and he often avoids cliche comparisons. An entertaining book with an okay love story. I just wish the letters between Rivers and Gray were in the book to create more build-up to their relationship -- some romantic chemistry befo [...]

    Wow. I really disliked this book and that doesn't happen for me. Some of the characters were likable enough. The rest were one directional. The plot was over-the-top, predictable, and was full of inane flashbacks that didn't have anything to really contribute to the story. The main character had way too many epiphany moments involving paragraphs of erratic thought. It's not a knock on Robert Smith - I actually liked Baptists at our Barbeque - but this one fell short on so many levels.

    Gray Stevens finds contentment, some really comical characters, and a UFO when he invests in his long-lost, never knew he had, Uncle Stick's business (convenience store) in Forget. He'll even find true love when he answers an add in a church bulletin to become a pen pal--I really like the name Rivers!

    WOW. This book starts off with a small, slightly odd humor and it only excells from there. While some of the book made me go "hm, really? are you kidding me?" I really enjoyed it. If I can finish a book and then continue to think about it days after then it must be good or really, really bad. But in this case it was good. Good as in good humor. Very entertaining!

    This was a fun farce. Every character, except Gray, was colorful and quirky, and the situations were sometimes silly. But it all works together to make a fun book. I like that the story is set in the general locale of "Baptists at our BBQ". Some of those characters are referenced, but only Bob makes a repeat appearance.

    I naturally steer clear from mormon fiction, but my dad read this book and really liked it so I thought I would give it a try. And actually, I ended up really enjoying it. The author definitely has a sense of humor and successfully pulled off a plot that was both fun and witty. This was an easy read with a humorous spirit to it.

    Terribly funny. Maybe even funnier and more eccentric than Baptists at Our Barbecue. The characters are so odd and quirky, you know that they had to be based on real people. Just hope none are based on me. Robert F. Smith is one of the few writers that can write LDS humor that istually funny.

    A fun, clean, cute bunch of non-sence that some how all fits together and uplifts you a bit. One of those books that sneak a lesson in without you knowing it. I wish the author would write more books.

    Christina Davis
    I love the Robert Smith books. They are light, funny (laugh-out-loud funny!) And really help me laugh at the sillyness of Mormon Culture. They are never offensive, and always zany. He is one of the most creative authors around.

    Another hilarious lds-humor book. Could use another edit (mistakes in books drive me nuts!) but otherwise definitely worth reading. 100% clean.

    Very clever. I loved this one. I think it goes along with Baptists at our BBQ.

    Fun reading with a twisted sense of humor. Funny and interesting with a great ending. Would make a great movie. Smith also wrote Baptists at Our Barbeque.

    quick read

    Andrea Featherstone
    I finally found this book! It was a great read when I was a teenager. Im looking forward to reading it again. I have a sense of humor so I laughed quite a bit.

    Raymond Spitzer
    I really liked it. It obviously followed Baptists at Our Barbecue and allowed us to meet some old friends. The humor and wholesomeness are hard to beat.

    Silly, but funny.

    Not very well written, but I had to finish to see what happened.

    Poor editing but a really fun (& funny) story.

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