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  • Title: Keisarin hullu
  • Author: Jaan Kross Juhani Salokannel
  • ISBN: 9789510358436
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Laajan kansainv lisen maineen saavuttanut tarina aatelismiehen vaiheista 1800 luvun Ven j ll ja Baltiassa Virolaisen kirjallisuuden moderni klassikko.Keisarin hullu kertoo vuosina 1787 1836 el neen Timotheus von Bockin tarinan Bock oli liivil inen aatelismies, joka tinkim tt m n rehellisyytens vuoksi joutui vankeuteen l hes kymmeneksi vuodeksi Tsaarin entinen hyv ystLaajan kansainv lisen maineen saavuttanut tarina aatelismiehen vaiheista 1800 luvun Ven j ll ja Baltiassa Virolaisen kirjallisuuden moderni klassikko.Keisarin hullu kertoo vuosina 1787 1836 el neen Timotheus von Bockin tarinan Bock oli liivil inen aatelismies, joka tinkim tt m n rehellisyytens vuoksi joutui vankeuteen l hes kymmeneksi vuodeksi Tsaarin entinen hyv yst v leimattiin hulluksi ja h nt syytettiin vehkeilyst keisari Aleksanteri I st vastaan.Bockin arvoituksellisten vaiheiden pohjalta Jaan Kross kirjoitti monitasoisen teoksen, jonka kertojana on Bockin lanko ja entinen virolainen maaorja Jakob M ttik Timotheuksen, h nen ep s tyisen vaimonsa Eevan ja Jakobin vaiheissa sekoittuvat kiehtovasti historialliset tosiseikat ja taitavasti luotu sepite.Keisarin hullussa Jaan Kross, kansakuntansa muistin tallentaja, tutkii puhuttelevasti vallank yt n ja vapauden aina ajankohtaisia, yleisinhimillisi ongelmia Teoksen on suomentanut Juhani Salokannel.
    Jaan Kross Juhani Salokannel
    Estonia s best known and most translated writer is Jaan Kross He has been tipped for the Nobel Prize for Literature on several occasions for his novels, but did in fact start his literary career as a poet and translator of poetry On his return from the labour camps and internal exile in Russia, where he spent the years 1946 1954 as a political prisoner, Kross renewed Estonian poetry, giving it new directions Kross began writing prose in the latter half of the 1960s, first with a film scenario A Livonian Chronicle Liivimaa kroonika which dealt with the life of the author Balthasar Russow 1536 1600 and which also became the subject of his first masterpiece Between Three Plagues Kolme katku vahel, 1970 , a suit of four novels From that time onwards Kross moved by stage nearer to our present time in history, describing figures from Estonian history, first in short stories and novell , later in novels, also in writings where he has drawn upon his own experiences The heroes of his novels tend to be of Estonian or Baltic German origin and cultured people, though on the margins of society and are usually faced with a moral dilemma of some sort.


    Scritto nel 1978, quando ancora l’Estonia apparteneva all’Unione Sovietica, in una terra ricca di storia e ancora giocoforza ostile al potere centrale, questo romanzo storico, sorretto da rigorosa ricerca e analisi delle fonti, permette rianimando uomini e ideali di conoscere -attraverso il caso particolare e il luogo specifico- l’identità di un popolo oppresso e mal governato. La Livonia, regione ora integrata nei territori della Lettonia, governata dallo zar Alessandro I, agli inizi del [...]

    Here is a conclusion I have reached: leaving the question of God aside, I certainly won't lose sleep over "the fatherland." I have seen what total devotion to it may entail. Partial devotion to it may imply treason, but a true and total devotion to the fatherland, such as Timo's, would be sheer madness. Or is there yet another alternative? Or all possibilities in this world simply alternatives? Even in the "gently swaying separate world of the reeds at dusk"? The Czar's Madman is an historical n [...]

    Kross is one of the better writers you've never read. An Estonian who I believe is still alive albeit ancient, he wrote his only two long works that have been translated into English (this and Professor Marten's Departure) under Soviet rule, managing to disguise a vicious and oftentimes funny critique of their authoritarian ways by writing about Estonians under the Tsar. The Czar's Madman is about Timo von Bock, an actual Estonian nobleman, who has the gall to criticize the Tsar's authoritarian [...]

    I was prepared to give Kross the benefit of the doubt because I have a soft spot for Estonia. It turns out there was no need This was dazzling, one of the best books I have ever read. Timo von Bock - whether he was truly mad or not - is a man after my own heart, but with a thousand times the courage. The book as a whole is a wonderfully readable mix of tragedy, comedy, historical commentary and the touching life-stories of of beautifully-drawn characters, and raises some challenging questions to [...]

    A brilliant novel written as a diary. Rich in 19th Century Estonian and Russian history. Vivid descriptions of the Estonian landscape, and one of the most compelling novels I've ever read. No spoilers, just a recommendation: anyone interested in Estonia who doesn't know of Jaan Kross, get this book. Anyone who loves 19th Century Russian Lit, read this book for a very unique perspective. Anyone who likes to read novels written in non-standard narrative formats, this is one of the finest.

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    …la storia non si ferma mai e i sogni dei sognatori sono destinati a venir sognati di nuovo, ancora e ancora…Una vicenda, tre differenti punti di vista. Il primo è quello del narratore, Jakob Mättich che il giorno in cui suo cognato, Tito van Brock, torna a casa dopo 9 anni di prigionia inizia a mettere per iscritto in un diario tutto ciò che gli è accaduto e di cui è stato testimone per poter meglio comprendere eventi che appaiono oscuri. Jakob tiene il diario dal 1827 al 1855 ma si di [...]

    Nancy Oakes
    don't worry: no spoilers hereFirst, let me say that I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical fiction, and not what often passes for historical fiction; i.e romantic novels set in an historical period. The Czar's Madman is not an easy read and demands patience and thorough reading, so if you're looking for light historical fiction this isn't the book for you. Otherwise, if, like myself, you enjoy fiction set during the Czarist period in Russia (which lasted, actually, through 1 [...]

    Laura Vilbiks
    Varem oli mu eesti kirjanduse lemmikuks Krossi "Wikmani poisid", kuid "Keisri hull" ületas selle taseme. Päris uskumatu, et suurem osa sellest raamatust on tõestisündinud lugu ja Timotheus von Bock reaalselt saatis oma radikaalse manifesti Aleksander esimesele ning oli seetõttu vangis. Mõne lugeja jaoks on jäänud küsitavaks, kas Bock on siis hull või mitte. Minu arust oli algusest peale selge, et ta on täie mõistuse juures geeniusest revolutsionäär, kes on lihtsalt oma ajast väga [...]

    Kristjan Lukk
    Mul tuli seda raamatut lugedes silme ette tohutult palju paralleele praegusest eestlaste sallimatuse laviinist. Neid, kes on identifitseerinud end kosmopoliitsete liberaalidena, peetakse hulludeks. Tõsi küll, mitte keisri, vaid suure osa ühiskonna poolt. Ühiskond, kes on ise vabanenud orjusest, mille protsessi kirjeldatakse "Keisri hullus", tahab oma isiklike kannatuste orjusesse jätta kõik neist erinevad inimesed. Kuigi raamat kirjeldavat ka 1970. aastate nõukogudevastast meelsust, ei sa [...]

    Daina Valeine
    Stiprs sociāli - filozofisks stāsts par ideāliem, principiem, svarīgo un nesvarīgo dzīvē Sākotnēji varbūt lasījās lēni, bet iejūtoties atmosfērā - par grāmatu varu teikt tikai pozitīvu! Tāda mūžīgā Minhauzena jeb donkihota tēma.

    MariaStefania -Маша
    3.5Che tortura. Ho impiegato quasi 2 mesi a leggere questo libro. "L'infinito" tempo di lettura influisce sicuramente sul giudizio che esprimo sul libro. Purtroppo gli devo imputare l'avermi fatta sprofondare nel mio orrendo blocco del lettore di agosto e la colpa sta nella bravura dell'autore di avermi fatto odiare con tutta me stessa Jakob, l'autore del diario.Comunque un libro più che buono che mi riprometto di rileggere in futuro per dargli una migliore opportunità di lettura.

    The Czar's Madman is a historical novel set in the 19th century in Livonia (now split between Estonia and Latvia), when the Baltic States had been invaded, enslaved and absorbed into the Russian Empire. Jaan Kross lived through a time when Estonia was invaded by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet USSR. His family were well-off and German speaking, expected to side with the Nazis; he did not. (He just managed to miss Germany's earlier occupation in WW1 by being born too late, and I do not know what [...]

    Atticus_jem_scout Angela
    Un romanzo che si basa su fatti realmente accaduti e che ci trasporta in terre per lo più sconosciute, nelle campagne estoni dei primi decenni dell''800. Una storia narrata in forma di diario, divisa in resoconti di vita quotidiana e in eventi di più grande portata. I paesi Baltici ancora sotto l'egida zarista fanno da sfondo alle imprese di Timo Von Bock, uomo colto e coraggioso, pronto ad esprimere pareri rivoluzionari in onore della verità. Piacevolissima lettura.

    Cristina - Athenae Noctua
    Un diario, la storia di Timo von Bock, un tempo amico dello zar, ora accusato di alto tradimento e graziato perché sospetto di insanità. L'inseguimento di una verità che si cela nella Storia. Ma, soprattutto, una narrativa magistrale, capace di ricreare le atmosfere dell'Ottocento e il sapore della grande letteraturahenaenoctua2013/

    Vede, io sono pazzo e di conseguenza posso dire la verità Kross è il primo scrittore estone che mi capita di leggere. In rete leggo che è stato uno dei massimi esponenti della letteratura del suo paese ed è stato un simbolo per i suoi compatrioti durante il regime sovietico. Il pazzo dello zar è un romanzo storico. Il protagonista è il barone Timo von Bock, personaggio realmente vissuto ed esponente di una delle più importanti famiglie della nobiltà tedesco-baltica. Il barone raggiunse u [...]

    Nathan Albright
    From time to time, as the mood strikes me, I enjoy reading the occasional historical novel [1]. Since this particular novel was written by an Estonian and contains a great deal of historical context about the situation of Baltic Germans during the Tsarist period, as well as the early attempts by native Estonians to develop a national literary culture, I thought this would be a good novel to read in order to gain some understanding of the literary culture of Estonia in general, even if my inabili [...]

    Ülle Hilep
    Jupp Eestimaa ajalugu on nüüd hulka värvilisem. Eriti hea, et lõpus on välja toodud, millised on tõestatud faktid ja saab eristada, kust algab fiktsioon. Siit jagub mõtlemisainet pikemalt.Huvitav, et päeviku väljamõeldud autorist peavad tema ümberkaudsed rohkem lugu kui tema ise. Tal nagu puuduks usk enesesse, ja selle alalhoidlikkuse tõttu jäävad paremad otsused tegemata. Samas, tänases maailmas me olemegi oma valikutes palju vabamad ja päris sama mõõdupuuga ei saa mõõta.Lä [...]

    De circa eerste 100 pagina's zijn magistraal en vormen, gesitueerd in het tsarenrijk van de vroege negentiende eeuw, een perfecte metafoor voor de democratiseringsdrang in Estland (en de Sovjet-Unie) vanaf het einde van de jaren 1970. Na dit hoopgevende begin, dat meer dan 5 sterren waard is, bloedt het verhaal echter langzaamaan dood. Ineens zijn het oninteressante beslommeringen en net zo saaie alledaagse dagboekkrabbels die de klok slaan. Een teleurstellend plot na een fantastische intro.

    Калоян Захариев
    Една интересна книга за историческата личност Тимотеус фон Бок, дело на напълно непознат за мен естонски автор Яан Крос. Историята ми хареса, а естонската литература е наистина приятна изненада. Освен чисто художествената стойност трябва да се отчете и историческото ѝ съд [...]

    Laurelin Tengel
    That was surprisingly good.

    "The Czar's Madman" is a fascinating historical fiction about a man who truly stands up with the courage of his convictions. The story is told through the eyes of Jakob, Timo's brother-in-law. Jakob is both a participant and an observer in the strange happenings in his sister, Eeva and her husband Timo's lives. The ethical heart of the novel is what constitutes duty: is Timo right to sacrifice his own well being and that of his family to try to change society, or is duty to family paramount?Timo [...]

    The Livonian Baron, Timo van Bock, is a dunderheaded idealist who foolishly takes the Czar at his word of expecting to be told the truth – not recognising that the Czar’s truth and van Bock’s truth may not be the same thing. The result is that only a madman, a fool could be so idiotic to say what van Bock does; this cannot be treason – he’s a madman – but he must be isolated from those who do not recognise his views as those of a fool…. Van Bock disappears for nine years, bundled i [...]

    Ave Liis
    3.5 stars for the first 2/3 and 5+ stars for the last 1/3.

    This is a sweeping novel in the classic sense; the sort of tale you can reread every ten years and each time find new insights. There is intrigue, danger, excitement, love, betrayal. It is not light reading but it is beautiful, emotionally powerful art – and exhausting to read.Timotheus von Bock (Timo) is a nobleman, an officer, an intimate friend of the Czar and a dangerously modern thinker. He believes that monarchs have responsibility to rule fairly, that corrupt governments are invalid and [...]

    Itse kertomus on kiinnostava. Lisäksi jälkisanoissa selviää, että suuri osa henkilöistä ja tapahtumista on totta, detaljeja myöten. On luottavainen olo, että Kross hallitsee yksityiskohdat. Kirja vilisee ranskan-, saksan-, viron- ja venäjänkielisiä tekstipätkiä. Osan ymmärsin, monia en. Harmillisesti huomasin vasta loppuun päästyäni, että käännökset löytyivät sieltä. Valitettavasti en kuitenkaan pitänyt muodosta, jossa tarina tarjoiltiin. Kertomus on olevinaan "keisarin [...]

    Rowland Pasaribu
    Estonian nobleman Timotheus von Bock, friend and confidant of Tsar Alexander I, was an idealist. Not only did he marry one of his peasants, but in 1818 he wrote a memorandum to the Tsar saying exactly what he thought of him. Incarcerated in prison as a result, he was freed in 1827 on grounds of insanity but remained under surveillance. Such is the historical background to Kross' novel The Czar's Madman, which purports to be a journal kept by Jakob, the brother of Timo's wife. (An afterword expla [...]

    Siim Schvede
    Raamat kujutab üht kõrgemas aukraadis olevat ohvitseri, kes julges ette võtta sammu parandamaks Vene tsaaririigi olukorda. Timotheus von Bock tahtis Venemaal panna aluse põhiseaduslikule riigikorrale. Timotheus saatis oma manifesti keisrile enne selle avaldamist Maapäeval. Ta oli varem andnud tsaarile lubaduse talle alati tõtt rääkida ning ta kavatses seda teha ka nüüd. Tsaar ei saanud selle manifesti avaldamist aga lubada, sest tagajärjed oleks võinud keisrile endale saatuslikuks sa [...]

    Although this story, in the form of a diary, counts as historical fiction, it is grounded in fact. Jaan Kross constructed the novel according to actual records of events in a family of Estonian nobility. The brother-in-law of the main character records the consequences of dissent in Imperial Russia in an account stretching from 1827 to 1836. The building up of fiction from records avoids the anachronistic injection of modern viewpoints into bygone eras. Readers get a reliable picture of the valu [...]

    This historical novel, depicted through the journal entries of the Jakob Mattik, illustrates the complex, ubiquitous, insidious, and ultimately overwhelming power of an authoritarian regime to shape the lives and thoughts of individuals. The grave penalty for speaking truth to power - fearlessly and without remorse - is a loss of freedom, family, and ultimately, all. Illustrating the fate of those living in the shadow a great authoritarian power, this is a powerful story that sadly links directl [...]

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