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  • Title: Cimmerian City
  • Author: Rae Lori
  • ISBN: 9780979367472
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

  • Today, corporations are the new aristocracy A laundry list of side effects accompanies almost every new drug introduced on the market What if these side effects changed us Imagine waking up in a futuristic world were corporations are the new aristocracy The world has been divided into 2 hemispheres and 2 races Humans and quick tough skinned vampire like creatures thatToday, corporations are the new aristocracy A laundry list of side effects accompanies almost every new drug introduced on the market What if these side effects changed us Imagine waking up in a futuristic world were corporations are the new aristocracy The world has been divided into 2 hemispheres and 2 races Humans and quick tough skinned vampire like creatures that are children of the side effects of 20th century pharmaceutical experimentsDracins Imagine dying as a humand waking up as something else This is the life of Raven Blackheart, a formerly bored college student turned agent for the Tech Corporation, the largest corporate entity in the Western Hemisphere Vice President Tyler Deamond, directs Raven as a go between and the last hope for the unification of Humans and Dracins As deaths start occurring within the corporation headquarters, Raven notices someone is working their way up the food chain Alliances are questioned as Deamond s intentions aren t quite as noble as they seem A figure emerges from Raven s past who may have all the answers to the disappearance of her father Cimmerian City is a futuristic sci fi thriller where government has become big business, pharmaceuticals carry a veil of ghastly side effects and a third world war is brewing between the two races RelaxIt s just the 21st century.
    Rae Lori
    Throughout her writing career, Rae has written comic book and film related articles which have appeared in online publications such as Comic Stack, Suite101, CinemaGap and Dark Moon Rising As a result, her alma mater s English course chose one of her articles as an example for how to write an article She also served as editor and contributing writer of her school newsletter For her contributions to the newsletter and her leadership, she has won various Success Leadership awards sponsored by her alma mater where she received her BA in Media Arts Animation.Her manuscript, Hotel Sunset, won an Honorable Mention award in the 73rd Annual Writer s Digest Writing Competition Under various pen names, she has written books, novellas and short stories that run the genre gamut of science fiction, fantasy, short roman noir and paranormal romance and many waiting to drip onto the page.A fan of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock, she also has a love for film, vampires and visual storytelling which she couples with the art of the written word to tell her stories While penning her works, she loves to create artwork that explores her strong female characters and the men in their lives.Rae also has a reader profile where she posts her favorite reads and recommendations at Feel free to add or follow her user show 12

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    Shay VanZwoll
    Side Effects may include side effects of side effects. Taking other medication to alleviate these side effects may cause more side effects with side effects of their own. Current known side effects of taking this medication may include death. Or apparently being a vampire.Cimmerian City is set in a future where governments have dissolved and corporations are now running the world. At some point in the last however many years, Tech Company bought out a pharmaceutical company. Now, this pharmaceut [...]

    What a bargain for free and a great new author find. I enjoyed this novel so much that I have purchased the first book in the Ashen Twilight series. I enjoyed the world building in this one and appreciated it had some innovative ideas and concepts. This novel has tragedy (which doesn't overwhelm or dominate the tale), romance, deception and intrigue. A great first and promising work from this author.

    Full review at: urbanparanormalRaven Blackheart has her life taken from her. She and her love were minding their own business when they were viciously attacked by what folklore would call a vampire. Fast forward a decade and everything has changed. Coolest thing that made me giggle? Sound waves in place of water in your shower. Freaking freaking cool! I just WISH that could happen. Anyway, when Raven 'blinks,' she's in the future and being used by an ambitious guy with a lot of money, a lot of p [...]

    At twenty-three, Raven Blackheart has finally made it to college after taking several years off once finishing the dregs of high school. Almost failing a class she should excel in, her teacher says she needs to manage her time better, but how do you manage time you don’t have?For the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Cimmerian City in it's entirety. You won't be sorry.

    It was ok, but I felt the author was trying to hard to make the main character important and stuff. If the people who need the main character apparently are so powerful and amazing then why is the main character needed? I got about almost half way through the book. The book just was not to my liking. Advanced copy from netgally.

    Tamara Philip
    So I have a little crush on Russell Li!!! so watch out, Raven!! and i'm still not over Jack!! but such a great read. I was hooked from page 1!! and I won't lie that I was slightly attracted to Daemon because I love a good villain and he was one of the best!

    Left a review on but I technically gave it 3.5 stars. It got good towards the end.

    The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    I have been waiting for this one for AGES and I hear it's finally available. Hoo-ray!!!

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