Free Read [Sports Book] Á Dream Snow - by Eric Carle ä

  • Title: Dream Snow
  • Author: Eric Carle
  • ISBN: 9780399235795
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover

  • It s December 24th, and the old farmer settles down for a winter s nap, wondering how Christmas can come when there is no snow It is in his dream that he imagines a snowstorm coming and covering him and his animals named One, Two, Three, Four and Five in a snowy blanket But when the farmer awakens, he finds that it has really snowed outside, and now he remembers somethinIt s December 24th, and the old farmer settles down for a winter s nap, wondering how Christmas can come when there is no snow It is in his dream that he imagines a snowstorm coming and covering him and his animals named One, Two, Three, Four and Five in a snowy blanket But when the farmer awakens, he finds that it has really snowed outside, and now he remembers something Putting on his red suit, he goes outside, puts some gifts under the tree for his animals, and presses a button near a Christmas tree, creating a most surprising musical treat for children everywhere Few in number are the parents who have made it through their toddler s years on just one copy of Carle s The Very Hungry Caterpillar Dream Snow has similar ingredients a simple story, lively collage like illustrations and a fun gimmick for little hands Time This is a simple, well told story about a simple farmer Viewers will want to get their hands on it The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books Carle fans and toddlers learning the basics will enjoy the gentle text and creative design features Booklist The pictures are in Carle s trademark richly colored and textured collages that capture the snowy magic of Christmas Kirkus Reviews
    Eric Carle
    Eric Carle born June 25, 1929 is a children s book author and illustrator, most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which has been translated into over 30 languages Since The Very Hungry Caterpillar was published in 1969, Eric Carle has illustrated than seventy books, many best sellers, most of which he also wrote, and than 71 million copies of his books have sold around the world.


    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Wonderful tale of giving - children will warm to the simple lesson taught and enjoy the interactivity offered by the book.

    () Recomendado para crianças a partir dos 3 anos, Sonho de Neve estimula os pré-leitores a contar e nomear animais, através de repetições. Outro aspecto a salientar deste livro, que é apanágio na maioria das obras de Eric Carle, é possuir uma vertente interactiva. Neste título, algumas páginas têm janelas para destacar, espreitar e descobrir imagens escondidas.()silenciosquefalam/

    The preschoolers in my class really enjoyed this book. They liked guessing which animals were under the snow. They thought the animal names were hilarious (one, two, three, etc.) and of course, a tree named tree was just too funny for them. The button at the end just made their day, and they had to press it several times.

    Children will probably enjoy the interactive nature of this book. Lift the snow-blanket (flaps) to discover what farm animals this farmer actually has. Also, there's a fun musical surprise at the end. However, this book really didn't do to much for me and doesn't live up to some of Carle's other glorious books, in my perspective.

    The story plot to this wasn't anything special, but the illustrations and creativeness in this book was amazing! Highly recommend it!

    Loved this Christmas story by Eric Carle. My kids love that it utilizes numbers and they can read along with me. They also really enjoy the flaps to open on each page.

    Britt Guild
    I love to read this book as winter begins and snow covers everything like a white blanket as the book describes. It is a fun interactive book as each page has a plastic overlay that covers up the animal or farmer with white falling snow. Each animal is named a number, so it's a great book for counting and naming animals. It is also a book about kindness and bringing the holidays to everyone in a special way.This is a unique book that allows students to interact with the book as they turn each pa [...]

    Fritz Loehrke
    Cute story with nice repetitive counting and one, two, three, four, five big flaps like on an advent calendar to open to view the animals.

    I have always been a fan of Eric Carle, So when I saw this I had to get to get for my Goddaughters. This book is so great for young kids, it teaches them about hard work and to be kind to animals, but it also teaches counting and a few basic farm animals. I love it. I will probably reread this book every Christmas.

    Laura (Book Scrounger)
    A fun Christmas book for preschoolers, and #15 on my "25 Days of Christmas Books" blog series: theproblemsite/book-s

    Eric Carle book with a push button of music at the end. Not sure it gets better than this for a three and a six year old! The story line was a bit lacking, but the beautiful illustrations won me over.

    Beautiful art. Lovely story. Peppermint tea and honeyed bread. Falling asleep dreaming of snow. Waking to snow. Presents for animals. Great book!

    Brooke Seidel
    Title: Dream SnowAuthor: Eric CarleGenre: Non-fiction Concept bookTheme(s): Christmas, winter, dreaming, counting, farmsOpening line/sentence: On a small farm there lived a farmer. He only had a few animals. Brief Book Summary: There is a farmer that lives on a farm with his animals named One, Two, Three, Four and Five. He takes a nap and dreams of snow pilling up on him and his five animals. When he wakes up he sees snow everywhere and realizes that he is not dreaming! But he soon realizes that [...]

    Children's Christmas literature needed a contribution from Eric Carle, and this quiet tale of a farmer tending to his five animals on Christmas is just what I would have expected from him. The art is colorful and exotic, exciting and innovative even after so many years of Eric Carle originals, and the story has the feel of a second nativity, combining the eternal majesty of the Biblical manger scene with a celebration of Santa Claus's exemplary generosity as he tours the world to bring us gifts [...]

    It’s Christmas but where is the snow? As the farmer sat down in his chair at the end of a tiring day, he dreamt of snow. Inside of his dream, the snow covers him and all of his farm animals with a white blanket. It was a peaceful dream and when the farmer woke up, he was surprised to see that snow had actually fallen outside. Quickly putting on the proper clothing, he runs outside grabbing a box and a sack for which he had already prepared. He seems to be in a hurry. The animals, safe in the b [...]

    Elissa Still
    Dream Snow features a simple farmer and his five animals- all named one, two, three, four, and five, who wonder how Christmas is coming without snow on the ground. One night the farmer dreams of a huge blizzard that covers his fields, and when he awakes the next morning his dream has come true. But the snow coming isn’t the only Christmas surprise the famer has up his sleeves for his animals. The reading level for this book is kindergarten through 2nd grade. Comments/observations: This is a fu [...]

    Alexis Espinosa
    Dream Snow is a book about an old farmer with five animals who has a dream that it snowed and covered all of his only animals. Comments/observations: The reading level of this book in kindergarten to second grade and the themes include winter, farms, and Christmas. My emotional readers response is that it is a good story and when I was reading it I wasn't sure how the book was going to end which was new when it comes to children's books. Eric Carle also did a good job illustrating this book with [...]

    Holly M
    This is one of my favorite picture books of all time. It is about a farmer who owns a small farm with five animals. Every day when he is done tending to his farm he goes back to his house to prepare and eat his favorite meal. One night he falls asleep and dreamed that he and all of his animals got covered with a blanket of snow. When he awoke from his dream he saw that it had snowed while he was sleeping, so the farmer put on his warm clothes, grabbed a box, and rushed outside. He decorated the [...]

    Laura Hines
    I have this book at home and really enjoyed learning about the author,Eric Carle, through a project. This book provides such magnificent illustrations and even include a light up image towards the end. Eric Carle does a great job of creating a holiday story that is captivating for young children. The plot of this children's book is that an old man who lives on a farm falls asleep on the night before Christmas. During his nap he dreams of snow trickling down and covering his farm. When he wakes u [...]

    Another Carle riff on creating a book that kids can interact with; this one has transparencies of snow that get overlaid over a farmer and his 5 animals (names 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and a button at the end that plays a little tune. MicroMort really enjoyed it and it has the usual cozy, warm feel of a Carle book.

    My children love this book solely because of the sound button you can push at the end. Other than that, they do like to look at the pictures. But seriously. They just push the button over and over again.

    Amanda L
    Again, he's getting by on his illustrative vision alone. The story is downright lazy.

    Lovely book for small children.

    We love Eric Carle at our house, but this one was a let down. While the book is beautiful looking, the story itself is odd and doesn't make much sense.

    I really liked the illustrations, but found the clear snow pages and the button for music a little gimmicky. Also, reading a book that is used, the snow pages were wrinkled and the page for the button was not sitting right, so those things are technical issues, and without them you see that the story is a little thin.

    Themes include counting, identifying animals, and interactivity.Plastic lift-the-flap pages and a musical battery pack can either be seen as making the book more interactive and attention-getting for kids, or more cynically, as a bid to make the book more expensive for the adults buying it for them.

    You can't go wrong with Eric Carle! This shortish board book has wonderful language and gorgeous illustrations. It has some pages with lift-the-flaps, and teaches counting and animal identification. Love it!

    I love it when traditional books are a little out-of-the-box, that they surprise you. I had a few surprises with this story, and I can see why it is popular among children, especially this time of year.

    Great art as always. Like many of Carle’s books, the story is simple but the design adds a lot of fun to the reading experience. Kids will have fun guessing what’s under the snow and my daughter loved the magical twinkling sound of the tree at the end.

    Jo Oehrlein
    This is vaguely a holiday book because the Farmer decorates a tree at the end.The illustrations are classic Eric Carle with the additions of transparency pages to give a snow overlay to things.Littles will enjoy finding out which animals One, Two, Three, Four, and Five are.

    • Free Read [Sports Book] Á Dream Snow - by Eric Carle ä
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