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  • Title: Conversations with Rabbi Small
  • Author: Harry Kemelman
  • ISBN: 9780449245279
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The girl appeared, unannounced, at his cabin door, wanting to know if the Rabbi would convert her to Judaism It was vital to her forthcoming marriage, she said And so began Rabbi Small s investigation into the magic, the mysticism, the truths and the fables of the world s oldest religion.
    Harry Kemelman
    Harry Kemelman was an American mystery writer and a professor of English He was the creator of one of the most famous religious sleuths, Rabbi David Small.His writing career began with short stories for Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine featuring New England college professor Nicky Welt, the first of which, The Nine Mile Walk , is considered a classic.The Rabbi Small series began in 1964 with the publication of Friday the Rabbi Slept Late, which became a huge bestseller, a difficult achievement for a religious mystery, and won Kemelman a 1965 Edgar Award for Best First Novel The Rabbi Small books are not only mysteries, but also considerations of Conservative Judaism.


    Jamie VW
    This was my Yom Kippur reading and it was a fittingly evocative and, at times, infuriating. Unlike Kemelman's other Rabbi Small mysteries, this book reads as a Judaism 201 placed in the confines of a conversation between his most famous character and a young couple, one secularly Jewish and one interested in converting. It is a smart, complex look at Judaism from a Conservative perspective (though with sometimes smarting jabs thrown at both Reform and Orthodox beliefs and practices). However, it [...]

    Sari Lynn
    I remember really enjoying this book when I read it 25 years ago. The author provided an interesting way to explore the meaning and rituals of Judaism, within an interesting fictional story. (However, I could see the ending twist coming a mile away.)

    Rabbi Small takes a break from sleuthing to instruct a woman who wishes to convert. Good summary of the tenets of all factions of Judaism.

    fantastic Jewish apolgetic

    This was really just an excuse to write about Judaism, there isn't much of a story in it at all.

    L. Lee Whitlock
    I've always been curious about Kemelman's Rabbi Small books, and I stumbled across this one with an interesting premise. Rabbi Small does not stumble onto a murder; instead, he stumbles across a young Christian woman who has fallen in with Jewish man, and she wants to convert to Judaism and marry her man. He counsels her first alone, and then her not-so-observant Jewish boyfriend comes with questions of his own.I am currently counseling with a Jewish woman who desired to become a Christian. I ha [...]

    Kilian Metcalf
    While on vacation, Rabbi Small's wife is called away to care for a sick relative. This leaves Rabbi Small on his own at a resort hotel. His stay is livened by the questions of a young woman involved with a Jewish man. She is interested in the young man's religion and turns to Rabbi Small for answers to her questions.On their return to Barnard's Crossing, the couple makes plans to marry. This upsets both sides of the family equation. They turn to Rabbi Small to sort out their dilemma, and he can [...]

    This was not a mystery but a discourse on the current(at the time) thought of the Conservative movement's interpretation of modern-day Judaism.ough as the good rabbi states both in the mystery series and in this book there isn't really a cohesive dogmatic approach to Judaism. It's told in story form, but not as a mystery and it is very interesting. I borrowed it from my local library but after I finished reading it I decided to buy a used copy from ebay. Definitely recommend if someone is a Chri [...]

    Scott L.
    Fascinating book. NOT a murder mystery, in case anyone sees the author and title and thinks they are going to be reading a cozy. Mostly Rabbi Small expounding on Judaism. In truth, I thought that I knew a lot about Judaism before reading this book; yet I learned much, much more. I would recommend this book to people who wish the learn about Judaism; but if the reader is looking for a murder mystery they are likely to be greatly disappointed.

    I really think this is an excellent book - especially for Jews that never really learned all the details about being Jewish. I like Rabbi Small's explanations for the most part

    Genau was ich mir immer gewünscht hatte, ein Rabbi Small ohne Kriminalfall. Wunderschön.

    Rickard Karlberg
    Någon roman är det inte, men en informativ text om judendomen. Passagerna om Israel och om feminism är svaga. Annars är det en fin dialektisk diskussion om judendomens praktiker.

    I am sooo conflicted about this book. There are parts I'd give a 5 and parts I'd give a 2. The first 1/3 or so that is basically Jewish apologetics without getting into Christianity is fascinating. I enjoyed better understanding what is distinctly Jewish and also where Lutherans (ELCA) are in a fair amount of sync - such as with a value on learning and questioning - using the minds God gave us, as well as the idea that what we do here matters, not just in the by and by. (Though I do believe in l [...]

    This is an unusual item in the Rabbi David Small mystery series: There's no mystery or crime to solve, the entire book is a pretext for discussions of religion and faith. Which is a good thing, the digressions on Jewish religion were among the things I liked best in the other Rabbi Small novels anyway. Don't expect much from the other characters or the plot, they're really just there to make Rabbi Small talk.Overall, a very encouraging view of Jewish religion, and it looks like Kemelman put a lo [...]

    David Burkam
    Not a murder mystery but a fascinating series of conversations between fictional detective/Rabbi David Small and two young people.The 30 years since this book appeared probably wouldn't change much of the content of these conversations today (no surprise given that these traditions have developed over thousands of years), except for two areas: (1) the role of women and (2) discussions about the state of Israel.At the time of this book's appearance, women were for the first time being admitted fo [...]

    I didn't like this book as much as I liked the other books, however it was interesting to know all the things that the Jewish people actually believe. In the end Rabbi Small still uses his deductive reasoning to solve a mystery - he uncovered something important that no one else involved knew about one of the main characters - and it changes their life forever.

    Rose Blum
    Love Rabbi Small:) This is one that I had missed after the Monday Tuesday Wednesday the Rabbiries. This book is a bit tedious unless you are really into religious practices, however, Mr. Kemelman presents a truly informative analysis of Judism & other popular religions.

    Rebecca Huston
    One of the best books on Judaism that I've found. It also gives some of the best reasoning as to why Jews don't eat pork. Presented in a fictionalized setting, the questions and answers are not fictional at all.

    I have read this book years ago but it is certainly worth reading again. While being in novel form, it is more a dissertation of not only Jewish, but Christian, beliefs that anyone can understand.

    Very educational. Factual information conveyed via fictional story.

    • Free Download [Cookbooks Book] ✓ Conversations with Rabbi Small - by Harry Kemelman ✓
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