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  • Title: Cells at Work! 1
  • Author: Akane Shimizu
  • ISBN: 9781632363565
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback

  • A BLOOD PUMPING JOBStrep throat Hay fever Influenza The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished Fortunately, she s not alone she s got a whole human body s worth of cells ready to help out The mysterious white blood cell, the buff and brash killer T cell, the nerdy neuron, even the cute little platelets everyoneA BLOOD PUMPING JOBStrep throat Hay fever Influenza The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished Fortunately, she s not alone she s got a whole human body s worth of cells ready to help out The mysterious white blood cell, the buff and brash killer T cell, the nerdy neuron, even the cute little platelets everyone s got to come together if they want to keep you healthy
    Akane Shimizu
    SHIMIZU AkaneName in native language


    David Schaafsma
    A completely unique manga from the perspective of science/health. Red blood cells, white blood cells, killer T cells, infectious diseases. . . urons, platelets, as CHARACTERS in the series! Because bodies fight off disease invaders, we get manga-like battles between all these different germs/bacteria. It’s essentially an entertaining educational manga series about the human body. Some of the cells are personified or anthropomorphisized (the good cells), and some of them are just monsters (the [...]

    Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Cells at Work is an imaginative way to learn about how the body's blood system works. Although educational, it is also fun - plenty of adventures and even a potential love interest between our hard working red blood cell protagonist and the mysterious but powerful white blood cell agent who protects her. As can be seen from the cover, all the cells looks like people but the bad guys (infections, bacteria, germs, viruses) all look lik [...]

    Chihoe Ho
    "Cells at Work!" is literally the story of cells at work. But these body cells of ours take humanoid form and are in this fantastical world that is our body, which is constantly invaded by foreign agents. A pollen allergy causes hysteria, an influenza virus turns cells to zombies, a scrape wound reveals overlooked heroes - these set off a chain reaction that introduces us to a range of cellular characters. Our protagonist Red Blood Cell is spunky and White Blood Cell is a brooding potential love [...]

    Stewart Tame
    Even by manga standards, this is an odd premise. Depicted on the front cover are Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell, and through their adventures, we get an anime style tour of the circulatory system populated by anthropomorphic cells of various sorts--macrophages, killer T cells, platelets, etc. Red is plucky, cheerful, and determined. White is mysterious, and deadly in a fight. There seems to be no major story arc. Each chapter introduces a new facet of the world these two inhabit, teaching u [...]

    Bogi Takács
    If you are Hungarian and about my age, you have probably grown up watching the French cartoon "Il était une fois la vie", which teaches you about various health conditions by showing the adventures of anthropomorphized cells inside the body.This is exactly like that, except gleefully throwing a bunch of manga tropes at the premise.Now googling this, it turns out it was a French-Japanese-Swiss-Italian co-production, so maybe the author was familiar with it? In either case, this comic is signific [...]

    Hannah Heath
    This is the best. Seriously. So clever and fun and educational in the best possible way. The depictions of each cell/organism in human form is spot on.Particularly the platelets. They're adorable. Full review coming to Constant Collectible soon.

    Absolutely delightful. I learned things! I felt affectionate towards my immune system! I wanted someone to be supervising those platelets!

    It was pretty tedious at the beginning, but as I got used to the "characters" it became easier to follow. I loved the cedar allergy chapter. Very entertaining. I'm not sure a concept like this can go the long haul without faster development of relationships between characters.

    Utterly bizarre, but fun and strangely informative. This is, in actual point of fact, a manga starring personifications of different cells in the human body, so you can learn about the human immune response to various stimuli in the midst of giant (and somewhat bloody) manga battles. I've read informative comics before, but this is something else entirely.

    Light, fun, and educational with a few laugh-out-loud moments thrown in for good measure.

    Japanese people are really creative and innovative, even cells can be humanified, and those plots in shojo, shonen and funny manga could be applied to it, and the thing is, every thing just make sense! I love the artwork, very cute! But sometimes it can be quite tedious with all the information dumping. 3.5 stars! oh, and White Blood Cells are crazy but cool!

    LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions)
    Cells at Work is a semi-educational series that takes place inside a human body and stars a bunch of anthropomorphized cells. Red Blood Cell is a cheerful delivery girl who takes oxygen to cells (I suppose they’d qualify as the “ordinary folks” of this world) and carbon dioxide back to the lungs. There are lots of potential dangers along the way, so different kinds of White Blood Cells protect everybody. One recurring character, for example, is White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) 1146, who is pa [...]

    Rêveuse Eveillée
    reveuseeveillee/2Un manga qui traite le sujet du système immunitaire comment passer à côté ??!! C'est avant tout par curiosité que j'ai eu envie de tenter ce manga, et je ne l'ai pas du tout regretté ! Les Brigades Immunitaires adopte le point de vue des cellules du corps humain : notre héroïne n'est autre qu'une hématie (un globule rouge) un peu maladroite et au sens de l'orientation inexistant. Elle passe son temps à se perdre dans le corps humain dans lequel elle vit. Elle croisera [...]

    So I knew going in that this would be weird, but this still reaches a level of absurdity that makes me say, "Only in manga."Cells at Work! is anime Osmosis Jones, if Osmosis Jones was more goofy, mundane, and fact-based. This thing is so educational, it includes little fact boxes on just about every page to explain exactly what the real-world parallel of each scene is.The art is exactly the kind of art you think of when you think "manga," and if it weren't for the biological theme to the story a [...]

    I was quite surprised with this book. Granted I only got it as it was on sale for 99pbut it was pretty fun. There is no actual linear story, the only thing connecting each chapter is that a certain Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell just happen to be in the same place when a disaster strikes in the human body. I would definitely recommend this for a more younger reader, especially those interested in biological science as this book is very educational. It has taught me so many things I had forg [...]

    Joe Santoro
    I was greatly intrigued when I saw this existed a manga that takes place inside a person? Really, though, it's more like an After School Special than anything a fun story with all the different cells anthropomorized to show you in general terms how the body fights off infections.Great as a 4th grade biology assignment, but not all that fantastic as a work of fiction. Fun concept, though.

    Red blood cells, white blood cells, T cells, and platelets all work together to fight off disease in the body! This is easily one of the most understandable manga volumes I've ever read, and that's saying something, since it's explaining science. I learned more from this than I did from years of health and science classes. Entertaining and educational, plus the platelets are so cute!

    Very funny and educational. I like how they repeat information about cells to help it stick in your head.

    Gillian Dawson
    Oh Japan, is there nothing that you won't eventually turn into a manga character?

    Matt Piechocinski

    amazing, science manga.

    Cells anthropomorphized as people?! The human body as a world that germs are trying to infiltrate?! Yes, yes, yes.

    Rachel Smith
    This book has an odd premise--cells depicted as characters at work in a human body. From having to learn about pretty much all the cells presented, I know this is no easy task--and yet, the volume manages to pull it off.Cells at Work! is delightfully silly while still being pretty accurate, scientifically speaking. Being a manga, you'll find a lot of anime/manga related parodies, and also a lot of humor involving the functions of the cells. I pretty much have to give this five stars because the [...]

    It made me smile :)

    It’s red blood cell AE 3803’s first day on the job. She’s just delivered her first package of oxygen to the outer limbs, and is about to take a package of carbon dioxide back to the lungs. Unfortunately, she gets caught up in a pneumococcus invasion. White blood cell U 1146 is on the job with his teammates, but one germ manages to escape into the bloodstream. The two cells meet up later as RBC gets lost on the way to the lungs, and WBC decides to escort her back due to the current danger. [...]

    Lady Entropy
    I don't know what to say. I am in love with this series. It's ridiculous, it's outrageous, it doesn't make much sense but OH MY GOD I couldn't put it down. I laughed. I laughed more. I paced myself not to just outright read the entire thing.It's crazy. It's absolutely silly, but oh my god I couldn't put it down. I had to have more, and I loved every single insane, ridiculous, unbelievable moment. I love how it pokes fun at itself and the Japanese habit of anthropomorphising everything, so it goe [...]

    The true tale of the cells of the human body at work, fighting off pneumonia, influenza, and allergies!May be dramatized for effect.I couldn't find the actual PB edition, so I'll just leave it as the Kindle one.This was pretty fun. The sneeze missile was probably my favorite thing. And one learns about the cells of the human body. Or, y'know, in my case, relearns because it's been a while since I've learned this stuff, and I've forgotten most of it.

    Luna the God of Food
    This book. Perfect combo of manga and science. Taught me more than science class did! XD

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