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  • Title: Murder at Myall Creek
  • Author: Mark Tedeschi
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  • One of the most shocking murder trials in Australia s legal history, and the tribulations of the man who conducted it In 1838, eleven convicts and former convicts were put on trial for the brutal murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in New South Wales The trial created an enormous amount of controversy because it was almost unknown for EuropeansOne of the most shocking murder trials in Australia s legal history, and the tribulations of the man who conducted it In 1838, eleven convicts and former convicts were put on trial for the brutal murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in New South Wales The trial created an enormous amount of controversy because it was almost unknown for Europeans to be charged with the murder of Aborigines It would become the most serious trial of mass murder in Australia s history The trial s prosecutor was the Attorney General of New South Wales, John Hubert Plunkett It proved to be Plunkett s greatest test, as it pitted his forensic brilliance and his belief in equality before the law against the combined forces of the free settlers, the squatters, the military, the emancipists, the newspapers, and even the convict population From the bestselling author of Kidnapped and Eugenia, Murder at Myall Creek follows the journey of the man who who arguably achieved for modern day civil rights in Australia than anyone else before or since.
    Mark Tedeschi
    Mark Alfred Guido Tedeschi, AM, QC born 1952 is an Australian barrister, law professor, photographer and author He has won numerous awards for his photography and has been featured in galleries throughout the world including in the State Library of New South Wales, the New South Wales Art Gallery, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, and the National Library in Canberra He is the Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales and the Head of Chambers of the 84 Crown Prosecutors He is the founder and president of the Australian Association of Crown Prosecutors and a visiting professor at the University of Wollongong As a prosecutor, Tedeschi is best known for the prosecution of numerous high profile cases in Australia including the 2006 conviction of Dr Suman Sood for illegal abortion and the Backpacker Murders committed by Ivan Milat in the 1990s.Tedeschi is the author of two books, one on law and the other on photography In 1980, he co authored Law of International Business in Australia with Dr P.J O Keefe He released a book of photograph in 2012 entitled Shooting Around Corners which featured over twenty five years of his photography.Tedeschi is the author of a true crime book called Eugenia, published in 2012 by Simon Schuster, which tells the story of Eugenia Falleni, a woman of Italian and New Zealand background who lived in Australia as a man from 1898 until she was charged with the murder of her first wife in 1920 In this book, Tedeschi describes the tortuous life that Eugenia Falleni led as a woman trying to lead life as a man in a society that did not understand such things He describes her murder trial in Sydney in 1920 in which she was prosecuted by the first Senior Crown Prosecutor, William Coyle KC Part of the book describes this very complex and interesting trial, and Eugenia Falleni s life after her trial.Kidnapped will be published by Simon Schuster in 2015.


    5★“The stockmen did not need to use their precious ball and powder on their victims when they could just as easily dispose of them by sword or by crushing them. The gully was filled with the screams of the victims and the war cries of the horsemen as a thick cloud of dust kicked up by the horses became intermingled with the blood and mangled bodies of the Wirrayaraay. The stench of death was everywhere.”I had heard of this event because I lived in the region at one time, but all I knew was [...]

    This book is shocking! I mean it's contents. The book is set mostly up in the area in which I live at the moment - Bingara near Inverell in NW NSW Australia. It is hard to fathom how so many indigenous people could be slaughtered and yet the community was not outraged. Tedeschi gives a great account of John Hubert Plunkett the then Attorney General and the fight he puts up to have the murderers brought to justice. But still the killings continued. I found this book was not as easy a read than hi [...]

    Elaine Searle
    An interesting account of the life of an unsung hero of Australian law and governance. John Hubert Plunkett seems to have been largely forgotten by history and Mark Tedeschi is on a mission to remedy this. The trial of the perpetrators of the Myall Creek massacre is a central part of Plunkett's career as solicitor general and attorney general of the young colony of NSW. I do think the title is misleading - perhaps a subtitle referencing Plunkett would be a good idea?

    Peta Campbell
    A really interesting book about a terrible, hidden part of Australia's history. It is awful to realise that so many massacres of the Australian Indigenous population occurred but even more horrifying to realise how few perpetrators were bought to justice by a legal and governing system that frequently condone such murders. This book tells the story of John Hubert Plunkett who had a major impact on the legislation of Australia and the equality of all persons under law in Australia. The secular na [...]

    Michael Burge
    This is an interesting book but it should probably be re-branded as more of a biography of colonial NSW Attorney General John Plunkett and his impact on the legal system of New South Wales, and less of a broad title on the Myall Creek Massacre.What it adds to the record are insights into why Plunkett moved for an immediate second trial of some of the massacre perpetrators, and how the risk paid dividends in terms of a generally just outcome.Tedeschi makes the case for a better understanding of P [...]

    This to me is a 2.5* book. I have rounded up for three reasons. 1. I feel these stories are important to a broader understanding of Australia's not so glorious past that we do not often hear about. 2. I feel this is a technically sound book, well researched and engagingly written. 3. I grew up (and still live) very close to the area where this tragic event occurred. I know this event and the impact on the communities more than a century later. However I felt this is a book about Mr Plunkett and [...]

    The murder of 28 Aboriginals at Myall Creek in 1838 covers about 100 pages. The book main focus is the NSW Attorney General John Plunkett an Irish Catholic and his contribution in establishing a non-secular governmental system, early education systems and promotion of equality for all (regardless of colour, race or religion). His actions are set within the ongoing tensions of Catholics and Anglicans, the tragedy of Aboriginals suffering from the greed of the invading settlers and the political/l [...]

    Although this book is about the terrible atrocity at Myall Creek it is also an account of the largely unsung hero John Plunkett. John Plunkett was a key figure in shaping many of the better things in our society.

    In 1838, eleven convicts and former convicts were put on trial for the terrible murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children. The trial was controversial as it was the first time white Europeans were charged with the murder of Aborigines. I found this book enthralling and very readable but I would say it was more a biography of John Plunkett, Attorney General and Crown Prosecutor in the Myall Creek Murder trail. But how have I never heard of this man who believed in equality before the law re [...]

    Megan McCormack
    The book is more about Plunkett's career, I think, as opposed to a whole book on the massacre, trial and the changes it caused or didn't cause in the early colonial period. Worth a read for history and legal buffs.

    Kimberley Crawford
    Wow. This should be a compulsory text in History subjects across Australian school Curriculums. Brilliantly researched, developed and written.

    A very good introduction to the atrocities carried out by 19th century colonialists.


    Great read about John Hubert Plunkett's life and his connection to the trial of the murderers at Myall Creek

    Interesting account of a terrible massacre of indigenous people - one of many - and one of the only ones where any of the white perpetrators were brought to any kind of justice. This was almost solely due to the efforts of then (1838) Attorney General of NSW John Hubert Plunkett. This is a very well researched and readable account by Mark Tedeschi QC and Senior Crown Prosecutor in NSW. Tedeschi focusses on the life and the many, although little recognised, achievements of Plunkett particularly i [...]

    Julian Leatherdale
    Tedeschi makes a compelling case for greater public awareness of the remarkable achievements of John Hubert Plunkett, Australia's first Catholic Solicitor-General and Attorney-General, who can justifiably be described as 'a man ahead of his time'. Plunkett's fierce commitment to the principle of equality before the law, irrespective of religious belief, was inspired by the unjust trial and execution of his Irish Catholic ancestor, Archbishop Oliver Plunkett, at the hands of the English. Extendin [...]

    Finished reading Murder at Myall Creek: the trial that defined a nation / Mark Tedeschi 03 Feb. 2017ISBN: 9781925456264The title of this book is misleading. But then again, would anyone read it if it were titled “The Legal Career of John Hubert Plunkett in the Colony of New South Wales”? And people should definitely read it, including high school students of Australian history. I doubt many Australians would have much, if any, knowledge of the reality of Aboriginals, convicts and free settle [...]

    This is very much a book about John Hubert Plunkett, and the legal action about the Myall Creek massacre. Highlights there were quite a few other massacres, and that many people condoned them.

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