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  • Title: Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds
  • Author: Geoff Johns George Pérez Scott Koblish
  • ISBN: 9781401223243
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Superstar writer Geoff Johns and legendary artist George Perez deliver the Crisis of the 31st century as the Legion of Super Heroes reaches out for help against a powerful foe they can t beat alone From the moment Superman landed on Earth until the end of time, the Time Trapper has sought to erase Superman s impact on the universe But the Legion of Super Heroes have alwaySuperstar writer Geoff Johns and legendary artist George Perez deliver the Crisis of the 31st century as the Legion of Super Heroes reaches out for help against a powerful foe they can t beat alone From the moment Superman landed on Earth until the end of time, the Time Trapper has sought to erase Superman s impact on the universe But the Legion of Super Heroes have always been there to stop the relentless villain Now, one Legion isn t enough as the Time Trapper taps a twisted mirror image of The Boy of Steel from a parallel Earth long dead Superboy Prime Who will answer the Legion s call for help With ties to INFINITE CRISIS, FINAL CRISIS and the history of the DCU, this tremendous miniseries is not to be missed
    Geoff Johns George Pérez Scott Koblish
    Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4 During that time, he also began his comics career writing Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E and JSA co written with David S Goyer for DC Comics He worked with Richard Donner for four years, leaving the company to pursue writing full time.His first comics assignments led to a critically acclaimed five year run on the The Flash Since then, he has quickly become one of the most popular and prolific comics writers today, working on such titles including a highly successful re imagining of Green Lantern, Action Comics co written with Richard Donner , Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Infinite Crisis and the experimental breakout hit series 52 for DC with Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid Geoff received the Wizard Fan Award for Breakout Talent of 2002 and Writer of the Year for 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 as well as the CBG Writer of the Year 2003 thru 2005, 2007 and CBG Best Comic Book Series for JSA 2001 thru 2005 Geoff also developed BLADE THE SERIES with David S Goyer, as well as penned the acclaimed Legion episode of SMALLVILLE He also served as staff writer for the fourth season of ROBOT CHICKEN.Geoff recently became a New York Times Bestselling author with the graphic novel Superman Brainiac with art by Gary Frank.


    Dan Schwent
    Superboy-Prime arrives in the 31st century and quickly continues his vendetta against Superman and his legacy, busting the hundreds of villains out of Takron Galtos, and storming Earth with the Legion of Super-Villians. Superman arrives in the 31st century to join the Legion of Super Heroes in their time of need. Will even the help of two parallel universe Legions be enough to stop Superboy-Prime?As I said in my review of Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Legion was one of my favorite [...]

    I didn't find this book the easiest to follow but I think that is mainly due to the fact there are A LOT of characters in this story. I think I had heard of about four of them before this book so this review is from the perspective of a total newcomer to the Legion of Super-Heroes. It's the 31st Century. The United Planets, a planetary U.N. Is becoming strained as various xenophobic attacks have been carried out by Earth Man and the Justice League (no, not the ones we know) on aliens living on E [...]

    Geoff Johns lost me at Superboy Prime. Everything after that was a hard sale.

    I honestly know very little about the Legion. I'm sure that I would have understood a lot more of what was going on and been a lot more invested in the characters if I had. But Geoff Johns can write a good story, even if I'm in the dark going in. Ok, there may have been a little too much alternate dimension stuff going on, but even with big, huge stuff taking up most of the space, there was still interesting, smaller scale stuff (you know, like character and relationships) that actually kept me [...]

    3.5 starsI didn't realize it when I grabbed it, but this is the one that brings back Kid Flash and Superboy. For that reason alone, this is worth reading, because both of those guys come back in a cool way.Other parts of the story did seem to lean a tad toward the campy side. I had a hard time taking Superboy Prime seriously, even when he was totally destroying everything. He just seemed like a really cranky kid who needed a napor a spanking.P.S> I'm still trying to decide if the ending (with [...]

    I read this because I thought it'd tie in a little with Final Crisis. Turns out, it doesn't. At least not in a way that I could tell. It's a Legion of Super Heroes story, which is fine except I've barely read any Legion stuff so I literally barely knew any characters. It also didn't help that the story involved Legion members from multiple earths so there were A LOT OF CHARACTERS.That's not really a criticism of the book, that's more down to me and my lack of Legion knowledge. I didn't mind the [...]

    John Cook
    Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight: this series has nothing to do with Grant Morison’s controversial event, Final Crisis. My guess is that DC editorial decided to stamp Final Crisis on the covers of Legion of Three Worlds (LoTW) in an attempt to sell more books. So, do not let the taint of Final Crisis influence your judgment of LoTW, the two stories are entirely unrelated. In fact, the last issue of LoTW shipped months after Final Crisis had concluded. Whew, now let’s hop [...]

    Being a life-long fan of the Legionnaires, it felt like my whole life had been leading up to this cross-over event. Finally we learn the relationship between the original Legion, the reboot Legion, and the threeboot Legion, plus we learn the fate of Super-Boy Prime.However, just as it answers many question, this series raises an equal amount of questions to leave you frustrated and confused in the end. Geoff Johns is the king of ret-con, and this collection is undeniable proof of that. He has ta [...]

    The Time Trapper retrieves the rogue Superboy and sends him into the future to defeat the Legion once and for all. Superboy then proceeds to free all the Legion's foes and unite them, much as Superman inspired the original Legion. The Legion responds by summoning their other incarnations. As a fan of Abnett & Lanning's version, I was glad to see them back, but they are all pretty interchangeable in the end. Perez's art is decent but he is no longer one of my favorites. He is known for drawin [...]

    3.5 stars, but in this case I'll round the stars up rather than down, if only because George Pérez' art is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. There's a lot going on in this book, with a lot of characters, but speaking as someone who read it when she didn't know a lot about the legion, I'd say it's still possible to know what's going on, if you also know what's going on in the DCU at that point. Sometimes, it felt like a little too much was going on, and there was so much action it felt a little crow [...]

    David Melik
    It is interesting so far, but `three worlds?' They could have gotten away with two: the current one may have been changed back to the Silver Age. Actually, the 1984 - 2006 one sort of changed back to Golden Age history--modified. I guess DC did a similar thing in '06, but broke with Golden & Silver Age history (e.g. Batman, not in this comic, started out with a PC, not some oldskool car.)LoSH is interesting: it is superheroic sci-fi often with Kal-El or Kara Zor-El (usually as Superboy, Supe [...]

    Biggest take away from this, super boy - prime is a great villain.

    Variaciones Enrojo
    Reseña de Luis Javier Capote Pérez para Zona Negativa:zonanegativa/la-legionHace ya unos meses que Zona Negativa dedicó una serie de especiales a la glosa de esta miniserie que Planeta DeAgostini ha recopilado en un único tomo y que, teóricamente, vincula a Crisis Final con uno de los grupos más entrañables de la mitología deceera: La Legión de Superhéroes. Esta reseña hace un pequeño repaso de la edición española, recomendando al mismo tiempo un repaso a los artículos monográfic [...]

    De la Legión apenas tengo leída la Saga de la Oscuridad (¿era así, la de Darkseid?) pero eso no me ha impedido sentir un cariño especial por los legionarios y querer saber más sobre ellos. Y siempre que veo que el villano de un cómic es Superboy Prime pico, tan pasado de rosca y malvado que me pareceVamos, que me lo he pasado como un enano con esta historia. Pérez enorme, by way .

    Jamie Sigal
    Great big superhero moments from the team that got me into reading comics when I was a very small child, Johns and Perez did the whole "Crisis" thing a ton of justice with this story that made me gasp, cheer, and maybe even tear up a little if I'm being totally honest.

    A bit confusing having three of the same hero running around. Superman Prime is annoying with very little motivation.

    Superboy-Prime has learned that in the future he isn't considered a major villain despite all his crimes. Now, he's setting to make a name for himself by taking on the Legion of Super-Heroes. Teaming up with the Legion of Super-Villains, Superboy-Prime battles the Legion, and it will take Legionnaires from all times and dimensions to stop Superboy-Primeif they can.Geoff Johns pens this Final Crisis tie-in and it is pencilled by legendary George Perez (Scott Koblish inks it). The story brings tog [...]

    This is a weird one to review because I don't know the Legion, and without knowing the Legion, a lot of this is just a big, messy fight scene with some dimension traveling thrown in. Superboy Prime is back, and after getting a lesson on the future from a Superman museum, he decides on a new goal - gathering villains and attacking the Legion with an eye toward destroying them.I do at least have some knowledge of the events of Final Crisis. Without that, I think I would have been totally lost. The [...]

    This comic, conceived and promoted as part of DC's 'Final Crisis' event of 2008/9 ended up with little connection to Grant Morrison and JG Jones' controversial event book, save for a brief mention in the opening pages of #6 of the main title. A tenuous connection to highly anticipated but widely ill-received event book unfortunately did not bode well for this little gem from Geoff Johns and George Perez. For me, it was great read for many reasons, being the first 'Legion' comic I'd read in 20 ye [...]

    I'm kind of ashamed to admitI really enjoyed this! Maybe a little too much. I sat down and read it all straight with no break.I've never been a big fan of The Legion and it's not really that I don't like them but more that I don't know them. With the Justice League and most other teams you have maybe 5 or 6 main heroes and then a handful of subs or reserve membersbut with The League there's like 50 members and it's impossible to keep track. I knew there was some kind of Superboy and Lightning Gu [...]

    Feather Mista
    Arranqué este libro con cierta desconfianza y algo de curiosidad. Me encontré con más de lo mismo, en el buen sentido. Una historieta superheróica con varios de los clichés del géneros y unos recursos narrativos a veces bien utilizados y otras, a medio camino entre la ridiculez y lo insólito. Por momentos me aburrió y estuvo cerca de terminar con dos estrellitas, pero un final muy ingenioso y varias escenas menores memorables hicieron que la balanza se inclinara hacia el lado de la acept [...]

    Chris Aylott
    Let me see, this was two reboots ago? It's hard to keep track. It's also hard to get too engaged with this reboot's version of the ultimate threat to the DC Universe. At this point, any given epic storyline has just as many characters emerging from the graveyard as going into it, so death has become the emotional equivalent of two weeks on the disabled list. The petulant Evil Superboy doesn't help, either. Ultimate evil should not be whiny.That said, Geoff Johns delivers some nice character mome [...]

    Blake Petit
    With all the time and continuity revision of the Crisis books, few franchises feel the bite as much as the Legion of Super-Heroes. At this point, DC had totally revamped the Legion twice, and nobody was sure what the "real" future of the DCU would be. Then Geoff Johns did what he did with "Green Lantern: Rebirth" and fixed it in a powerful, engaging story that recognizes everything that came before. Not only that, but he drew on dangling threads from the previous stories to solidify what the Leg [...]

    This one's a little confusing for someone not familiar with the Legion, but it sorts itself out quickly. Unfortunately, it's yet another "800 superheroes try to stop Superboy-Prime" story, which isn't so good. The best moment here is the return of Bart Allen, and it's worth seeing how Superboy returns as well. There's a great reveal late in the story, and a fun meta-moment at the end of the battle.Even so, some of this is silly and some if it doesn't fit with its own internal logic (such as Prim [...]

    A few basic assumptions are required to really enjoy this TPB. Those assumptions are as follows1. Geoff Johns love DC history. He might muck around with it, but he loves the legacy characters.2. Being a LSH geek will helps a lot, especially as you go through the artwork for Easter Eggs.3. George Perez loves to draw a lot of characters in one book, per page, and EPIC (well he trys) storytelling.If you have those three assumptions going you'll probably have a blast with this book. Querl Dox(s) int [...]

    Really, really confusing at times, with a whole lot of expository dialogue. Aside from knowing that the Legion is a thousand years in the future, I don't know anything about them, and this features various Legionairres from various realities. Superboy Prime (temperamental sort of brat from Infinite Crisis) is the big bad of the whole series, and it draws in Superman from the present, along with a couple of other familiar figures along the way. Johns manages to get the whole thing to work regardl [...]

    Superboy Prime is out of control and not even the combined powers of the Legion of Superheroes and Superman can stop him. But by pulling in the Legions from Universe Prime and the Legion from Universe 247. But can they stop both Prime and the mysterious Time Trapper before the future world is ripped apart?The art of George Perez alone earned this book a star from me. The story is epic, if complicated, and just fun. It doesn't matter if you don't recognize many of the characters, writer Johns wea [...]

    Ed Soto
    Perez is just amazing at drawing huge epic battles. Superboy Prime is such a little prick! He's one of the most annoying villains ever which, means you love to watch him get his ass handed to him. It's funny that this series was under the Final Crisis Banner when the Crisis isn't even mentioned in this series. I figure DC decided to loosely tie it in so that John's story didn't get lost in the initial hype of Final Crisis. I like the fact that Johns ties his stories together as a lager epic that [...]

    Liked it because it brought back a couple of great characters ;) although there were already too many involved!! My god, this wasn't easy to read at all for me Definitely since I didn't know that much about the LegionAlso, pretty peculiar ending there The SB-Prime reading the FC comics I laughed out loud, because of two things: the ridiculousness of it, but also because it was pretty funny :)

    No es malo, tampoco genial. En principio me aburrió un poco pero supongo que tiene que ver que no traigo tanto conocimiento sobre la legión pero tiene un par de elementos sorpresa que son un golazo.También me cierra el destino de un par de personajes que no entendía y en general me deja la vara alta en comparación a lo fue Crisis Final, que debe ser la peor Crisis lejos.El Johns tiene que venir a arreglar todo siempre.

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