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  • Title: America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle
  • Author: David A. Adler Terry Widener
  • ISBN: 9780152052515
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback

  • Trudy Ederle loved to swim, and she was determined to be the best At seventeen Trudy won three medals at the 1924 Olympics in Paris But what she planned to do next had never been done by a woman She would swim across the English Channel in fourteen hours and set a world record.
    David A. Adler Terry Widener
    Adler was born in New York City, New York He graduated from Queens College in 1968 with a bachelor s degree in economics and education For the next nine years, he worked as a mathematics teacher for the New York City Board of Education, while taking classes towards a master s degree in marketing, a degree he was awarded by New York University in 1971 In that same year, a question from his then three year old nephew inspired Adler to write his first story, A Little at a Time, subsequently published by Random House in 1976 Adler s next project, a series of math books, drew on his experience as a math teacher In 1977, he created his most famous character, Cam Jansen, originally featured in Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds, which was published that year.Adler married psychologist Renee Hamada in 1973, and their first child, Michael, was born in 1977 By that time Adler had taken a break from teaching and, while his wife continued her work, he stayed home, took care of Michael, and began a full time writing career.Adler s son, Michael S Adler, is now the co author of several books with his father, including A Picture Book of Sam Adams, A Picture Book of John Hancock, and A Picture Book of James and Dolly Madison Another son, Edward, was the inspiration for Adler s Andy Russell series, with the events described in the series loosely based on adventures the Adler family had with Edward s enthusiasm and his pets.As of November 2008, Adler has three sons and two grandsons He lives in Woodmere, New York.Information taken from enpedia wiki David_A.


    Lisa Vegan
    This is an interesting picture book biography of the first woman to swim the English Channel, with a record time. From the beginning, she obviously had a natural aptitude for swimming, and also a lot of determination and ambition. This biography covers the time from her young childhood when (and why) she learned to swim, including her early successes, her Olympic medals, and her attempted then successful channel swim, and the additional information at the end continues with what happened to her. [...]

    This is the inspiring story of Gertrude (Trudy) Ederle, who became the first woman to swim the English channel in 1926. Not only that, but she beat the record previously set! Ironically, a London Daily News editorial declared women "the weaker sex" on the very day Trudy made her historic swim. Well, Trudy certainly proved them wrong! Indeed, other reporters declared that myth "shattered and shattered forever." Quite remarkable for a young woman whose first experience in the water almost lead to [...]

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    I didn't care much for the illustrations, but I enjoyed reading about Ederle, about whom I knew very little. I liked the way Adler kept referring to other people's doubts about Gertrude's ability to swim the English Channel--doubts because she was of the "weaker sex". She showed them wrong! I also appreciated that author's note at the end, relating what happened to Gertrude after her record-breaking swim. This is a great inspirational book for young girls, especially athletes. Recommended!

    Rebecca Pridgen
    This is an empowering picture book about Gertrude Ederle who was the first woman to swim the English Channel. The book outlines how she began swimming as a young child and all of her swimming accomplishments later on in life. This book would be an excellent biography with a strong, female main character to incorporate into a third or fourth grade classroom.I could see myself using this book to deepen my students' understanding of plot due to the suspenseful story of Gertrude's many attempts to c [...]

    America’s Champion Swimmer: Summary: This is the story of Gertrude Ederle, an Olympic swimmer. She was born in 1906 during a time where the woman’s place was it the home. Gertrude’s place was in the water. Her family called her Gertie and everyone else called her Trudy. She first learned to swim when she was seven years old and she caught on quite fast by observing and learning from her fathers interesting techniques. Right away she loved to swim and became a part of the New York Women’s [...]

    This is a good book it talk about a girl’s dream is to be a good swimmer, but at that time people don’t think woman can be a good swimmer but she never give up. One time the town she live, make a swimming race, swim in the cold water and she win, and then people think maybe she can create the highest record. So she leave the town go to another country for swimming race. When other person doesn’t believe you, don’t give up do the best to show them you can do it.

    Jackson Wu
    This book name is “GEETUDE EDERLE”by Terry Widener , this book is talking about a girl love swim so her father teaches she how to swim / In the beginning , the girl win in her first swimming race , she is the first place . In the middle , this girl have the second race , this is a very big race , but in that day the weather is bad , it is raining , all the people with out her are leave, but she did’t leave . In the end , she finished the game and was respected by all.

    David Adler does a great job and telling this story of Trudy Ederle in an age-appropriate fashion. Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel, helping to change the mind of a nation on its view of women. Again, it is told in a way that will be easy for children to understand.

    My 7 year old (and me!) loved this story of how "Trudy" overcame many obstacles to swim the English Channel. We especially loved the details and illustrations that added to our understanding of the experience. Fantastic page of notes from the author at the end of the book add to the story.

    Susan Honthumb
    Great book for kids of both gender.

    Title: America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude EderleAuthor: David A. AdlerIllustrator: Terry Widener Interest Level: K - 2Grade Level Equivalent: 3.4Lexile® measure: 580LDRA: 28Guided Reading: MTopics: * Character and Values * Culture and Diversity * Social Studies * SportsSummary: Trudy Ederle loved to swim. And she was determined to be the best. At seventeen Trudy won three medals at the 1924 Olympics, in Paris. By the time she turned nineteen, Trudy had set twenty-nine U.S. and world records. [...]

    Sarah Little
    This book is fantastic! It is a compelling biography about a girl who was a pioneer for her time. The story takes place in an era where being a female was tough, but being a female athlete was even more challenging. Gertrude Ederle fights the constraints of her expected gender role and becomes an outstanding swimmer. She is the first female to ever swim across the English Channel and becomes a role model to girls and boys around the world. America's Champion Swimmer would be a great story for a [...]

    Laura Noto
    America’s Champion Swimmer, Gertrude Ederle is a picture book for K-4. It is a beautiful tale about “Trudy” and how she was the first woman to swim the English Channel. This book tells the story of how she learned how to swim because she almost drowned. Her father tied a rope around her waist, put her in a lake, and told her to swim like a dog! She soon became a talented swimmer and she won many races including the Olympics. Trudy won many U.S. and world records. She craved to swim the Eng [...]

    Jorie Turner
    Summary: Gertrude was an olympic medalist in swimming. She was a natural in the water. Her ultimate goal was to swim across the English Channel. Only men had done it before her and she wanted to try. Her first attempt was foiled by her coach reaching in the water and touching her. On her second try not only did she make it across, but she also did so faster than any man had ever done it before. When she arrived on land the city through a giant celebration for her achievments.Response: As a femal [...]

    An inspiring picture book biography of Gertrude Ederle from David A. Adler and Terry Widener recounts in brief the life of the first woman to swim the English Channeld set a new record! Widener's vibrant illustrations are charming. Adler succinctly presents Ederle's accomplishments in a straightforward manner, which makes the challenge of swimming the English Channel more dramatic and real for the reader. There's a nice afterword that relates what happened to Ederle after her channel swim. This [...]

    Kristin Palumbo
    I thought "America's Champion Swimmer" was a very interesting book. I really enjoyed the pictures in this book, they allowed for me to feel like I was there. I find books about sports interesting so this book stood out to me. I also enjoyed how she started the book from her childhood so we were able to see how she grew as a person and accomplished her goals. I think that Gertrude Ederle would make a great role model for young children. I also felt like I really understood what happened and how s [...]

    Kristie Y
    This is a biography of Gertrude Ederle who in 1925 was the first women to swim the English channel. The author follows her from a young girl who nearly drowned to a determined swimmer. By 1925 Gertrude had set 29swimming records when she decided to attempt what no woman and only 5 men had been able to do before. In swiming the English channel Gertrude was celebrated by as proof that women can do anything a man can do. This is a wonderful story of a woman who would not give up. I would use this a [...]

    Elizabeth Walker
    This book is a historical fiction book about Gertrude Ederle swimming across the English Channel. A main theme in this book is that hard work pays off and that women can do anything. I would recommend this book to third or fourth grade girls who are interested in swimming or sports because it teaches them about hard work and that they can accomplish anything. I ranked this book a four because I love swimming and I had never heard of Gertrude before now. It really amazed me how she was able to ac [...]

    This book is a biography about the great swimmer Gertrude Ederle. It covers her journey of learning how to swim as a young girl and then to her great journey of swimming for England to France. This would be a great book for almost any elementary schooler. This book could be used to talk about Women's rights through history as well as perseverance and never giving up. Overall this is a great read!

    Amie Sergio
    Excellent illustrations! Pictures accentuate Gertrude Ederle's physical features. Ederle is seen as a courageous and strong female who is determined to swim across the English Chanel. Vocabulary is child friendly and suitable for lower elementary readers. Illustrations reflect what is being portrayed in the text.

    This is a picture book that tells (in lots of detail) the story of the first woman to swim the English Channel. It talks about all the barriers she encountered that she fiercely broke down. It's inspiring and gives me goosebumps, yet all the while, it's short enough to be read as a bedtime story.

    Elaine Bearden
    k-4/5Great story about a woman who broke swimming records at a time that women were referred to as the weaker sex. Nice pacing, good beginning with her as a child, and great illustrations pull the reader through.

    I enjoyed reading about Gertrude Enderle's feat of being the first woman to cross the English Channel. While the text was simple, it was engaging. A good simple book for a younger reader.

    It was interesting to learn and there was a funny part when she was resting in the water eating chicken.

    This is a powerful biography that I bet will fascinate my students! According to Publishers Weekly: "An exciting story, well told; kids will dive right in."


    A very powerful book about a very strong woman, Gertrude Ederle! She was the first woman to swim the English Channel, and did it about 2 hours faster than the fastest man! A wonderful story!

    An interesting story, but a tad on the preachy side. I also didn't like the illustrations as much - everyone was kind of short and fat and choppy looking. But a nice story overall.

    I loved learning about Trudy and the author did a good job making it not boring - both my kids stayed interested through the whole book (no small feat for Emerson.)

    Nick Cherry
    I liked this book. It was perfect for our Text Set Conflict choice. Great book to use when discussing women s rights.

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