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  • Title: Soup Day
  • Author: Melissa Iwai
  • ISBN: 9780805090048
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover

  • On a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup At home, they work together step by step to prepare the meal While the soup is cooking, they spend the time playing games and reading Before long, Daddy s home and the family sits down to enjoy a home made dinner This book celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal aOn a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup At home, they work together step by step to prepare the meal While the soup is cooking, they spend the time playing games and reading Before long, Daddy s home and the family sits down to enjoy a home made dinner This book celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal and sharing in the process.
    Melissa Iwai
    Melissa Iwai is the children s book author and illustrator of Soup Day She has also illustrated numerous picture books, including Let s Go to the Hardware Store, Truck Stop, a 2014 Bank Street Library Best Book, Hush Little Monster, B is for Bulldozer, as well as many others All of her books may be viewed at melissaiwai View daily work on Instagram at instagram melissaiwai1


    What a sweet little book! I loved the warm, caring home and the fun, attentive mom and the love of cooking that just rises up from the pages like delicious steam from a bowl of soup! ;-p Though the text is fairly sparse and the illustrations are a bit cartoony at times (it is a board book for young readers), I felt that every word was chosen with skill and the illustrations conveyed all the right emotions. I just loved the little things, like how the girl watches her mother chop vegetables for t [...]

    Cara Byrne
    A great read for my toddler who is more and more interested in helping me in the kitchen.

    If I were a youngster, I'd give this one a 4 because it seems as though readers can almost smell and taste that delicious vegetable soup, made from fresh ingredients found during a shopping trip. I also love the fact that all the tasks are shared between mother and daughter, and because of this and the attitude both bring to their labors, what might be considered to be a chore by some becomes an adventure or at the very least a labor of love. The author chooses words that are just right--and par [...]

    I love this simple story with its descriptive language. First the child describes the vegetables she and her mother bought at the farmer's market. Then her mother chops the ingredients into tiny squares, circles, cubes and confetti. We hear noises, "sizzle," Ssssssss!" and "Mmmm!" and pick out which pasta we'll add to the pot--angel hair, farfalle, rotini, elbow macaroni, pastina, fettuccine or alphabet. I had not idea SOUP DAY could be so much fun. But now that I do, I'm so glad Melissa Iwai in [...]

    Sarah Wilson
    Really loving her books. Great simple step-by-step story with a recipe at the end. Perfect for a winter day.

    4.5 starssuch a cute and heartwarming book. This would be a perfect read for those chilly fall and winter days. my two-year-old really enjoyed this book.

    Eliot Reads
    A recipe as a picture book, brilliant! Fun to read and great for practicing naming and counting vegetables. Pretty cool to find a book about an activity that I actually enjoy doing with my son too.

    This will be fun for a Preschool Storytime.

    Angie Quantrell
    Adorable book about cooking soup on a snow day. Recipe included!

    A Allen
    I love that this book encourages children to be invested in what they are eating and how it is prepared. Such a fabulous book about quality time together and eating good food.

    So sweet.

    Colorful book about a little girl and her mama shopping and making a tempting and delicious vegetable soup. Even includes a recipe!

    A little girl loves soup day when she helps her mother shop for veggies and helps her make delicious soup. There's a soup recipe in the back of the book.

    Alyssa Crowley
    Plot Summary/Personal Response: Soup Day is a book about a little girl and her Mommy who set off to the grocery store to gather ingredients for the soup they are going to prepare for dinner. The little girl helps to make sure each ingredient is just right and then embarks on the cooking journey to help make the delicious and healthy soup the two are going to prepare together. As the soup simmers in the pot, the little girl and her very attentive mommy, read stories and play together in order to [...]

    Maggie Hahn
    Soup Day, a Baker's Dozen book, is about a little girl and how she helps her mom to make soup. They go to the grocery store and pick out the ingredients together, then they go home and wash and cut the vegetables together. Then they start adding ingredients to the big bowl of soup. While they are waiting for the soup to cook, the little girl and her mom play together in many different ways. Then, they check on the soup and the little girl gets to pick what type of noodles she would like to put i [...]

    Caitlyn LeBeau
    Soup Day by Melissa Iwai is about a family who cooks soup for dinner on a snowy day. The mom and daughter go to the store and buy all the ingredients to make the soup. The daughter watches her mom cut up the carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and zucchini. The put all the ingredients into a pan. While they are waiting for the soup to be done, the mom and daughter play games. When the soup is ready and the dad comes home, the mom and daughter clean up their mess and go into the kitchen [...]

    Emily Benner
    Plot summary: This book is about a young girl who helps her mother cook soup for dinner. First together they go to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the soup, and after that they return back home to wash all of the produce off and cut the vegetables. Then, they start to mix all the ingredients together and start cooking the soup. While the soup is cooking, the little girl and her mother enjoy playing various types of games on the floor. Before they go check the soup, the little girl r [...]

    Today is soup day, so a little girl and her mother head to the store through the snowy streets. There they buy the ingredients for their soup, careful to choose the vegetables with the brightest colors. They pick out green celery, yellow onions, orange carrots, white mushrooms and more. Back at home, they wash the vegetables and cut them into little pieces. The little girl gets to help with a plastic knife and the softer veggies. After sautéing the vegetables, broth is added and the soup cooks. [...]

    Title: Soup DayAuthor: Melissa IwaiGenre: realistic fictionPlot Summary: It is a slow winter day. So a little girl and her mother go out and buy the ingredients for some hot soup. They pick out the freshest, brightest vegetables. After washing them, the little girl cuts the mushrooms and zucchini. Once all the veggies are cut up they start to cook the veggies. Then they pour in the broth. They play different games while they wait. They try out the soup when it starts bubbling. Momma adds spices [...]

    The pictures are extremely well done and quirky. The book focuses on a girl who looks to be Asian and her presumably adoptive white mother as they prepare a meal together. I love that the protagonists in the story are an underrepresented population of society. This is obviously not the focus of the book, but it does add something special in my opinion.This book is a great find for younger children. Kids will be drawn in by the pictures and will think it's fun to see the pictures of the foods tha [...]

    Title: Soup Day By Melissa Iwai Summary: A girl and her mother make a day of making soup.Rating: YesAges: 3-5 yearsPros: The bright collage illustrations are large and easy to see, perfect for sharing with groups. This book is filled with description that makes for easy extended educational interaction with the reader. For example, on one page the characters count the vegetables in their grocery basket and on another they discuss the shapes that the cut vegetable make: circles, squares and cubes [...]

    Elizabeth Lauver
    Soup Day by Melissa Iwai, was a great book to someday share with your own child. I would also like to have this book available for my students in my future classroom. I enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me of my own family and what my mom would do when I was a young child. I also enjoyed the idea of going to the market picking out the supplies and finally creating the soup. I also liked the aspect of having the child be patient until the soup was finished. The way the author had the [...]

    Abigail Flanagan
    The little girl and mommy go to the store to get some ingredients to make some soup. They get carrots, onions and even parsley! The little girl and her mom make the soup together and while they are waiting they have tons of fun playing and using their imaginations! They then add some noodles to the soup and clean up while it finishes cooking. As soon as Dad comes home from work, it is time to eat!Soup Day can be used to help children learn to cook and learn what ingredients are good for making a [...]

    Christine Turner
    Subjects Mother and child -- Juvenile fictionSoups -- Juvenile fiction.Cooking (Vegetables) -- Juvenile fiction.On a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together ”step by step ”to prepare the meal. While the soup is cooking, they spend the time playing games and reading. Before long, Daddy’s home and the family sits down to enjoy a home made dinner. This book celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal and s [...]

    Erin Buhr
    We love to read and we love to cook. Books that encourage a cooking project are one of our favorites. Melissa Iwai's delightful book "Soup Day" walks you through a child and her mother having a soup day. They head to the market, prepare the ingredients, make their soup, play while they wait, and enjoy it as a family. With playful illustrations and concise language, Iwai celebrates the simplicity of working side by side with the ones we love. At the back is a recipe for the soup made by the chara [...]

    Soup Day is a wonderfully illustrated children's book. What better time to make soup then a snowy day? The daughter and mother go to the grocery store to pick out ingredients. Melissa Iwai includes all the necessary steps to making a vegetable soup. My pre-k students really liked the illustrations and explanations of how things were cut and added to the soup. A great activity was reading the book and pretending to do what the characters were doing. Personally, I really liked seeing an Asian chil [...]

    Mother and daughter go to market to purchase the vegetables for soup (counting) and then chop their purchases for cooking (shapes). Before long it's time to add spices and pasta (lots of types to choose from!). There's even a recipe at the back of the book. Bright, cheerful illustrations throughout.

    This is a simple and charming little book about a mother and daughter preparing vegetable soup.I love the fact that the characters made a vegan soup--and the recipe at the book's conclusion suggests vegetable broth as an alternative to meat broths. Veg*n families--or anyone trying to impart healthy eating patterns--will appreciate this one quite a bit.

    What a fun journey through a little girl's experience making soup with her mother. Bright and fun illustrations transport the reader into the story--we could almost smell the soup! Includes recipe for the soup at the end of the book. Might be a fun combo with "Ugly Vegetables", another title we enjoyed about making soup.

    Penny McGill
    We gave this book 5 stars plus 2 thumbs up. The style of illustration plus her fantastic text made it a delight to read aloud, over and over.We kept it at home one extra week just so we could try the recipe and it was worth it.A really nice choice for the family bookshelf or a trip to your biblio.

    • [PDF] ê Unlimited ☆ Soup Day : by Melissa Iwai ï
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