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  • Title: The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog
  • Author: John R. Erickson
  • ISBN: 9781616816735
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

  • The popular Hank the Cowdog series is based on the humorous antics of the canine Head of Ranch Security In this first book, Hank and his little buddy, Drover, set out to solve a series of baffling murders on the ranch Is Hank a suspect An Outlaw Can he clear his good name
    John R. Erickson
    John R Erickson, a former cowboy and ranch manager, is gifted with a storyteller s knack for spinning a yarn Through the eyes of Hank the Cowdog, a smelly, smart aleck Head of Ranch Security, Erickson gives readers a glimpse of daily life on a ranch in the West Texas Panhandle This series of books and tapes is in school libraries across the country, has sold than 7.6 million copies, is a Book of the Month Club selection, and is the winner of the 1993 Audie for Outstanding Children s Series from the Audio Publisher s Association Publishers Weekly calls Hank a grassroots publishing phenomena, and USA Today says this is the best family entertainment in years Hank the Cowdog made his debut in the pages of The Cattleman, a magazine for adults, and when Erickson started getting Dear Hank letters, he knew he was onto something So in 1983, he self published 2,000 copies of The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, and they sold out in 6 weeks When teachers began inviting Erickson to their schools, Hank found his most eager fans Teachers, librarians, and students alike love Hank According to some Texas Library Association surveys, the Hank the Cowdog books are the most popular selections in many libraries children s sections The lively characters make excellent material for reading and writing lessons, and turn even the most reluctant readers into avid Hank fans Erickson was born in Midland, Texas, but by the age of 3, he had moved with his family to Perryton, Texas, where he and his wife live today on their working cattle ranch They have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren His advice to young writers is, Write about something you know Try to leave your readers better off than they were before.


    I know you'll never believe me, but there are some of the most hilarious books for kids out there. But you have to get them on tape or cd. the author reads them and does the best voices and makes it even better. I mean like way way better. The best is if you have or have ever owned a dog. Because it's all about this dog who does all the normal dumb dog stuff but takes it incredibly seriously. Considers himself the head of ranch security and the world might end if he doesn't bark at the mailman e [...]

    Rebecca McNutt
    I loved this book when I was a kid. Some relative bought it for me for Christmas one year and it's one of those books that doesn't try to make everything cheerful and fake, but still carries many positive messages for kids and even adult readers.

    Kayla Edwards
    I've always been a Hank fan and now my students are too! Our elementary book club just finished this one up last week and I'm excited to say that it had the best reaction yet. I was pleasantly surprised at how fascinated they were with Hank; I now have all the other books in the series flying off my shelves. My crew gives Hank two thumbs up!

    Bettie's Books

    KJ Shadows
    I had to add these books because I remember them so fondly back in my childhood. Guaranteed I'd probably laugh if I went back and read these. It sounds silly but these books inspired me to learn to write and read lots of books at a VERY early age. I read much younger because my best friend was reading these books. I remember in class we use to get our moms to buy different ones and we'd switch. I read all of them which was a huge feat, I think it went up to like a 100? No Joke. I remember I want [...]

    Now NowHank the Cowdog is supposedly written for children, but it just don't seem that way to me.Course, now, I'm not the sharpest light bulb on the block, but the subtle humor therein seems a little lofty for the average 6 year old. Course I find some of it above my 60 year old noggin. Okay laugh if you want to. But when the chips are down, you just spent your last dime on toilet paper, your wife just put your bedroll in the doghouse, ya ain't seen a rain cloud since the Yorktown armistice, the [...]

    Having read this book and each one that follows in the series, I consider myself an aficionado of Hank's adventures. Hank is a lovable--if somewhat dim-bulbed-- protagonist who captures the heart of the reader and has you rooting for him as he goes head to head with the Pete the barncat, the turkey buzzards, the resident coyotes, and the bumbling ineptitude of his sidekick, Drover. Maybe I'm biased coming from a rural background, but these books are great!

    I don't get what all the fuss is about: either the folks who are completely opposed to lowly Hank or those rabid fans of his. These books are funny, but much of the tongue-in-cheek humor no doubt goes over a 9 year old's head (which seems to be roughly the target audience judging from reading level). I found the "voice" in the book (including the dead pan humor) to be DEAD ON with an old Texan looking back on his adventures. If you need corroboration of that, I'll let you read my Texan uncle's h [...]

    Lindsey Reyes
    Hank the Cowdog head of ranch security. This cowdog is a child and adult favorite. The ways this dog views his "job" and the events that take place is too funny. Hank and Grover have many exciting and entertaining mysteries. This book is fun and makes me (as an adult) laugh. Definitely perfect for chapter read alouds.

    So many good ones in this series. Growing up in Texas, this series filled my evenings and school hours with great adventures. Hank and Grover should have a home in any school library.

    I laughed more than my 8 year old son did when we read this together. Hank is hilarious! A good read aloud or audiobook choice for a long car ride for all ages.

    Michelle Isenhoff
    Hank is an Australian shepherd employed on an American ranch. Being “Head of Ranch Security,” as he proudly informs us, “requires a keen mind, a thick skin, and a peculiar devotion to duty. I mean, you put in sixteen-eighteen hours a day. You’re on call day and night. Your life is on the line every time you go out on patrol. You’re doing jobs that nobody else wants to do because of the danger.”The Adventures of Hank the Cowdog is a collection of the scrapes he gets into as Head of Ra [...]

    I just didn't like it. I can't remember when I last truly disliked a children's book. Part of it was that it seemed SO dated. It felt like it was meant to be read during the time when Bonanza and Gunsmoke were all the rage. I'm just not there anymore and can't even feel transported there by this book. Part of it was how right out of the gates it's talking about investigating a "murder" (a hen gets killed outside the hen-house). Maybe it's how Hank is so demeaning to his partner. Maybe it's how t [...]

    I am chagrined that this audiobook was recommended to me by several homeschooling parents. Yikes - I'll be spreading the word in my own HS group to stay away. I got so tired of Hank's name-calling (a mother coyote was a "hag" when she screamed at him for - wait for it - hitting her pup) and bad-mouthing every other animal. The height of humor in this book (and really, my 3 and 7 year olds were laughing uproariously) came when Hank and Drover (who is stupid, scared, and worthless, according to hi [...]

    This is difficult to rate. My son loved it and it is a good book for reluctant readers. It is about a dog called Hank who is head of security on a ranch and has an ego big enough for the job. The reason it is hard to rate is because, even though it is basically a cute book, there were a couple things I did not like. The first was when Hank and the other dog, Drover, bullied a chained-up Boxer. It was unnecessary to the storyline and did not come to a satisfying conclusion. This sort of bullying [...]

    Neil Coulter
    We'd read several other Hank books, from later in the series, and enjoyed them a lot. So I thought it would be fun to go back to the original book and see how it all started. It was kind of surprising. This book seemed more gross and less sympathetic than what we'd read before. Where the other books relied on verbal wit and clever use of dialect, this one stoops to more of a Captain Underpants level of humor: peeing, vomiting, eating gross things. Hank is always a little clueless, and mildly cru [...]

    This review is for the series. The very LONG LONG LONG series, at that. But the great thing these books is that you don't have to read the whole series to actually understand one if you pick it up. I like these, especially just for humor and light-heartedness. They might be more serious for younger readers, but personally I listened to them (on audio book. the narrator's great because they were fun. And if you do read one or two of the books, they're probably easy reading for you (especially if [...]

    Marsha Lynn
    In January my BF and I checked out a couple of our favorite children's books on a date at the library. I checked out The Goose Girl and my BF checked out Hank the Cowdog. He LOVED these books as a kid and thinks he may have actually read the whole series (there's about 30 some of them).I wasn't quite as enraptured by this book as he was. Probably because I'm reading it about 20 years too late to be part of the intended audience. I could see how a young boy or girl would really enjoy them though. [...]

    Jacqueline Wright
    This review is for the entire Hank the Cowdog series. These books were my childhood! Wonderful and lovable characters who have such unique personalities with a (so far) endless supply of entertaining plots. Ranging from utterly comedic (humor in EVERY book, while sometimes it's the main theme) to frustratingly touching (Oooh, right in the feels!!). Minus one star simply for all the thankless torment my dear Hank has had to go through (which I suffered vicariously). Honestly a terrific book serie [...]

    I think this is one of those series that was funnier when I was a kid. I thought I'd go through the audiobooks just for fun and posterity, and I realized a few things I almost wish I didn'tThis book is full of awful western stereotypes, and Hank is kind of an assholePlus, "I'm just a worthless coyote" ? Really? awful.I like the sound effects and music present in the audiobooks though. It really made it kind of fun to listen to. I would recommend the audiobooks before the actual books though.

    Fun read aloud book. However, this book was more violent than I remembered - especially for an entry into Hank the Cowdog books. Still Jonah wanted me to keep reading and wasn't too scared, although he says he doesn't like the coyotes fighting.Reread with Clara: This book is so much fun as an audio book - it has humor for kid and adult listeners. I particularly love the introduction to Wallace and Junior. Clara was scared of the coyote fighting even at age 5, even though we reassured her that Ha [...]

    I remember when I first tried listening to this series & couldn't make out what was being said. However, after a dear friend had told me again & again how hilarious these stories are, I decided to give them another try. By this time I had been in the USA for a number of years & had grown accustomed to a variety of accents. I discovered that indeed this is a wonderful series. Tears of laughter would roll down my cheeks at Hank the cowdog's madcap adventures. Author John R. Erickson na [...]

    Monique Parrish
    8 blueHank the cow dog was a good book to read. Hank the cow dog by John R. Erickson was awesome. I say this because of hank he choose his buddy or co-cow dog Drover over the pack of coyotes and also the ranch. I love the part when hank talks like the coyotes like he says "My name hank". I love this book even if its about hundred pages long its good. I won't spoil it for you those are basic tip but the real adventure is in the book. Have fun reading Hank the Cow dog by John R. Erickson.

    Linda Rowland
    I loved this book. I know it is for younger folks but I had not read any of this series. Even with the simple stories it greatly entertains me. I plan to read the set. I was volunteering at the local library and found they do have the entire set now. I really enjoy seeing the world through this dog's eyes.

    Morgan Stout
    Hank the Cowdog books are a tradition in my family. My grandma was a 2nd grade teacher ( she's retired now), and I believe she is the one that got my brother and I started on the series. They are all great books! Some of my favorites from my childhood. They are entertaining, funny, and easy to read.

    Skylar Burris
    These books are great to listen to on CD on a long road trip, because they are amusing for the whole family. We listened to several one summer when we had a "no iPad or DVD" rule for a particular vacation. I thought it was going to be a torturous trip with whining from the kids, but they were pretty content to listen to these.

    Carol Riggs
    I LOVE this entire series! I used to read it to my daughters when they were young. Hank is a great protagonist/narrator, suffering from a big ego and very little brains. It cracks me up how Hank uses a similar word instead of the word he wants in a sentence, making for a comical effect. The supporting characters (dogs, cowhands, buzzards, coyotes) are also all well-drawn and hilarious.

    Kt Bosserman
    Oh man, I forgot how great these books are. I just bought them for my six-year-old niece and she said the coyotes crack her up, which made me remember that the coyotes might be super duper racist, so I read it again to be sure. Yeah Yeah, it's kinda super duper racist. :-/

    This was really fun. However, after you have read about 5 ot 6 in the series you have read them all. They were very predictable but funny and kids love it. Because of the predictability I lost interest.

    The chapter about the Boxer was so hilarious. Especially since I had a Boxer at the time I read it. My students love these books too. I have quite a few, and most of them are checked out at any one time.

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